Video:Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Product Demo

Jensen Harris from Windows User Experience gives a demo of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 occupies a unique place in the realm of operating systems: It’s the first major attempt at system software that’s equally comfortable in mobile devices and desktop computers boasting keyboard and mouse. While the operating system doesn’t ignore desktop input, most of its innovation centers on use on a multitouch tablets.

With the Consumer Preview release, Microsoft has beefed up both touch input, with new gestures like swiping in and out from the left edge of the screen to see a thumbnail stack of all running apps. Also new is the ability to swipe an app window down to the bottom of the screen to close it.

In fact, Windows 8 on a tablet makes far more use of the swiping gesture than the leading tablet operating system, Apple’s iOS 5 on the iPad, does. On Microsoft’s nascent system, you can even use gestures to unlock your Start screen, whereas on the iPad, you have to enter text.

Watch the Video below :

YouTube Preview Image

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