UC Browser Announces v9.0 For iPhone

uc-browserThird party mobile internet browser UCWeb, Inc. (UCWeb) has announced the release of its newest product, UC Browser v9.0 for iPhone. UC Browser 9.0 version for the iPhone users allows users to transfer files between phones and computers conveniently under the same Wi-Fi network. It’s Quick menu has been further optimized to enable faster action. To provide better customization the new Home Page allows the users to organize shortcuts on their homepage just like the way they organize apps on iPhone. It also provides one with the option to sync tabs and bookmarks for websites in UC Browser across multiple devices.

The iPhone 9.0 is designed to improve the video viewing experience for the iPhone users. Based on a survey commissioned by UCWeb in the Asian-Pacific market to study the habits of phone users it is learnt that 52.8% users prefer to watch videos on their phones rather than their PC and TV. This survey also showed an increasing tendency among users to watch videos offline, with 57.5% users often downloading videos to their phones to watch them later. Going by these statistics the new iPhone 9.0 version gives due importance to video functionality in its new feature development.

The Watch Offline feature allows users to view videos saved in their cache memory even when there is no network. The users can make use of the Watch offline feature and enjoy uninterrupted broadcast of online videos. The Cloud download function allows users to download files to UC Browser’s cloud storage (U Disk) which is available to all users with UC Browser account. The upgraded U3 Core kernel greatly improves the rendering speed of webpages and provides a better webpage display with comparatively less waiting time. It is especially enhanced to optimize the online gaming experience of the users.

In the latest version, UC Browser introduces Wi-Fi Sharing. Those who use these features can now move the files they have downloaded to devices under the same Wi-Fi network without the use of any cables. iTunes is not required to use Wi-Fi Sharing. UC Browser currently is the only mobile browser that offers this function.

In the present scenario, it is common for people to own and use many different devices to browse the web. Based on this, UCWeb has developed Cloud Sync, which is a new type of Cloud service that enables users to keep their bookmarks and tabs consistent across all their devices. With the release of UC Browser v2.0 for iPad recently, users of both these versions of UC Browser can look forward to keeping their browsing experience constant across their devices.

This version also significantly improves the homepage display functionality. By giving the users to organize shortcuts on their UC Browser’s homepage.This feature demonstrates UC Browser’s commitment to the design philosophy of ‘consistency of operation’.

Founded in 2004, UCWeb claims to have 400 million users worldwide.

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InMobi Acquires UK Based Startup Overlay Media

inmobi-logoGlobal mobile technology company InMobi has acquired UK based startup Overlay Media, experts in context aware computing. Overlay Media, which comprises of a team of data scientists, have built the Context Engine technology to deliver personalised content to mobile users. The Overlay Media team will be based from the InMobi London EMEA HQ.

Commenting on the acquisition, Naveen Tewari, Founder and CEO at InMobi said,“We are excited to add amazing talent to InMobi. This acquisition, along with Metaflow Solutions and MMTG Labs, will help us to continue to be at the forefront of delivering highly engaging content to consumers globally.”

Overlay Medias Context Engine technology can pick up, automatically, different mobile device diagnostics and other data such as battery power and user location. This, in turn, can be delivered to an application to improve or tailor how data is presented to users.  InMobi will use this technology to improve how it targets and personalizes ads to specific users.

Dr. Ian Anderson, CEO at Overlay Media said,“At Overlay Media, our goal has been to develop technology that enables mobile devices to provide a highly personal and immersive user experience. We are excited to join InMobi to further their position as a market leader in mobile advertising.”

Launched in 2007, Overlay Media is one of the leading developers of mobile data analytics based technologies.

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Indian Developers can now sell paid apps on Google Play

Google Play, the Apps market for Android mobile operating system, has added India to the list of countries from which developers can register as Google Checkout merchants. This means that, Indian Developers will now be able to sell paid applications via the Google Play Store. Till now, developers in India could publish only free applications.

Some of the important points that the developers have to keep in mind are:

  • The Google Checkout account that developers need to link to their Google Play developer account can only be linked once from within the developer account interface.
  • Once the accounts are linked, they cannot be removed, changed or updated. If a developer wants to do this, they will have to sign up for a new developer account by paying a fee of $25.
  • If a particular location is not yet enabled for selling in multiple currencies, developers will only be able to set a price in their home currency. This basically means that Indian developers will only be able to sell in Indian rupees as of now.
  • Also, once the price for an application is set, developers can choose to change it at any time. But once an application is published for free, you cannot later add a price to that app. Developers will need to create new app (with their Application Package File) and add a price.

Google follows the 30:70 model where it takes 30 per cent of the total app price as transaction fees and developers get the rest. And if an app sells digital goods (like in-game purchases) or subscriptions, the company takes 30 per cent of that amount as well.

Google Play is the official application store for Android operating system and compatible Android devices are allowed to use it to download applications. According to the last estimates given by Google, there are over 600,000 Android apps in the store.

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Total Ad Spend on Mobile Web Search to reach $12 billion by 2017

A recent report by Juniper Research, reveals that, the total ad spend on mobile web search will reach $12 billion per annum in five years’ time, three times the ad spend this year, which will reach $4 billion. Usage of web search on mobile devices will be driven by continued adoption of high-usage tablets, with the number of these devices in-use reaching 672 million by 2017.

One of the factors promoting high-usage of tablets is the size. Typically either 7-inch or circa 10-inch – makes performing search queries a more comfortable experience, while the fact that these devices are used more in the home or at work for longer periods also means that users will make more queries per session. For these reasons, the report found that tablet users on average make around three times as many queries as smartphone owners, and ten times the number made by users of other handsets.

The report found that, brands advertising in the mobile web search space, needed to  ensure that their websites are optimised for mobile clicks. According to the report, ad spend is wasted if poor user experience ultimately prevent consumers from going on to make a purchase. Amazon and Marks & Spencer are among the few brands that have optimized their websites for mobile clicks and are reaping the benefits.

The other key findings of the report are:

  • Mobile Search & Discovery Market to Generate $15bn by 2017, Driven by High-Value Clicks.
  • Augmented reality search is increasingly being deployed as an add-on feature, rather than a stand-alone product.
  • Adoption of discovery services for apps is driven by the high number of applications on leading storefronts, but faces challenge from big brands (with Apple acquiring Chomp, and Facebook launching app center).


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Exclusive Interview: Getit’s multiplatform location based marketplace app on mobile is a powerful local guide in India




Interview with Mr. Sidharth Gupta: CEO Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd

WirelessDuniya caught up with Mr. Sidharth Gupta (CEO Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd.) who gave us an interesting insight into Getit’s multiplatform marketplace app.

What is GETIT?
Ans: Getit is India’s leading information service provider which provides information on sellers of products and services across categories to prospective buyers.  In effect, Getit:

•    Provides quality leads to businesses.
•    Provides relevant information about businesses to consumers and also connects consumers and enables them to sell and buy used products and services through its Classifieds networks.

Getit is, thus, one of India’s largest SME channels reaching out to over 1.2 million SMEs, with sales force of over a 1000 people, annually.  Each month, more than 3 million users contact Getit through various media to conduct searches to find relevant buyers/suppliers.

What was the reason for GETIT to introduce a mobile app?
Ans: At Getit, we have always believed in providing quality information to consumers through the medium/device of their choice.  In the past, we used to do it very effectively through print and in the recent past through our voice services and online sites.  However, we believe that in the future the most powerful medium is most likely to be mobile phone and thus it makes imminent sense to distribute apps for mobile devices so as to increase our usage manifold.

What are the key features of the mobile app? What platforms is the app available?
Ans: Recently we have integrated NearMe, a key feature to our mobile app.

With this feature, whenever a user searches for something, he gets results closest to his location which is more appropriate and useful. ‘NearMe’ feature lets the user discover the nearest restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, ATMs etc. within a customized radius.
Also, Getit’s local search enables users to do the following:

i) Auto detects your current location using GPS
ii) Interactive map with directions
iii) Share businesses via email & SMS
iv) Refine your search based on attributes and location
v) Call any business with a single click/tap
vi) Save favourite listings on your device
Getit is the only company which has developed local search app across all the major mobile platforms.  Getit apps are available across iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java, Android and Windows Phone.

How beneficial is the GETIT app for the buyer and the advertiser?
Ans: From the buyer’s perspective:
i)    The app is absolutely free to use, easily available at all app stores and downloadable.
ii)    The user interface is very simple to use and the experience quite empowering as is evident from the feedback that we have received and from the 4-star out of 5-star rating average across most app stores.

Thus, Getit app becomes an avenue for buyers to be able to quickly find sellers anytime, anywhere since their mobile devices are most likely to be with them.

From an advertiser perspective, the app allows businesses to connect with consumers who are on the move since Getit app is very popular and it already has about half-a-million downloads across various channels and platforms.  Thus, advertisers i.e. businesses get more and more leads through the usage of the app.

With so many classified and local search apps available in the market, how different are you from the competition?
Ans: There are 3 distinct areas which make the Getit app stand ahead of its competitors:
i)    The depth and quality of data: We currently have more than 3 million records in our databases and we cover most cities in the country.  Each search can be refined based on specific parameters for that category and the app integrates maps and features for various devices wherein contacting the establishment is very easy.
ii)    The usability: Getit app has got great reviews across platforms and devices.  It is easy to use, simple and fast and delivers great results.
iii)    Availability across all platforms: We are rather the only app which is available across platforms.  More and more users can benefit from the power of the Getit app.

Where can I download the app from? What has been your app promotion strategy?   
Ans: The app can be downloaded from several app stores like google play, App world, Aircel/Airtel app stores, Mobango , getjar etc.  Also the same can be downloaded from online app stores as detailed below:

i)     Apple IOS
ii)    Blackberry
iii)    Android
iv)    Windows phone
v)    Java


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Expedia Partners with Nuance for Voice Powered Travel Search

Nuance and Expedia announced a new set of mobile features that will give travel and mobile device junkies something to rejoice about. That is, Nuance’s hugely popular Dragon Go! app for iOS and Android now lets people speak commands and quickly find and book flights, hotels, and more with direct access to Expedia.

Old school mobile search is fading. The majority of consumers don’t like blue links, scrolling, or pecking. Consumers want personal mobile assistant capabilities with unfiltered access to content and knowledge,” says Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “With direct access to services like Expedia, consumers can do just about anything from anywhere – even book a last minute trip with just a few spoken words

Among the command examples given by Nuance are:

  • “Available flights from Boston to San Francisco in March,” to instantly see flight schedules and pricing, and the opportunity to buy tickets directly from Expedia.
  • “Find 4-star hotels near me,” when traveling and need to book a room at a hotel closest to your current location on Expedia, and swipe over to the Yelp tab for additional feedback.
  • “What are the best resorts in Cancun?” to see reviews and ratings of the top resorts on Expedia, and see what others have to say with just a quick flick on over to the Twitter tab.

“Our consumers already love that they can find and book a flight, hotel room and more on Expedia from just about anywhere with their iPhone or Android device. And with the addition of Expedia to Dragon Go!, even more mobile consumers will have direct voice access to the best travel deals around,” adds Jeff Warren, vice president, product management, Expedia Worldwide.

The new and improved Dragon Go! app is now available for free in the Apple App Store and in the Android Market in the U.S.

Via: Mobile Marketing Watch

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Bing is now Default Search & Map for Research In Motion

At RIM’s annual Blackberry World last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced on stage a new alliance between Microsoft and Research in Motion.

Blackberry devices will now use Bing as the preferred search provider in the browser, and Bing will be the default search and map application for new devices presented to mobile operators, internationally.

Bing is also now shipping as the default search experience, and map app, for the newly released BlackBerry Playbook.

This move is likely to signal the end of Blackberry Maps, the proprietary mapping application developed by RIM.

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