Calling Startup Presenters and Attendees -The CHAOS ASIA Satellite in Delhi” on 23 August.

[Call for Presenters and Attendees]

The innovative pitch event “the CHAOS ASIA Satellite in Delhi” on 23 August.

Chaos Aisa New Delhi

Participation is free. Why shouldn’t you join the event?

Calling for Presenters and Attendees BOTH. If you are interested in making a pitch of your story, startup and new challenge you are into currently, in the event please let me know!! The CHAOS ASIA is focusing on future innovators to promote innovation. The buzz and action from this India event will be carried to the larger event as below said in Singapore too!!


Startups, NGO, Students, Companies, anyone can apply.

IT, Art, City, Design, Business, Education, Entertainment, Any theme can be applied.

All presenters have only 3min to express themselves.

The most impressive presenter will be invited to Chaos Asia in Singapore on 25 – 26 October. (We’ll give a round air ticket from India to Singapore as prize.) You are free to apply on your own expense as well. This large event is attended not only by startups and folks from respective backgrounds, but also by venture capitalists and so on.


[Date / Time]

23 August, 1:00pm start (about 1.5 hour event)



Crosscoop INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

3rd Floor DLF Building No.9-A DLF Cyber City, Phase-Ⅲ, Gurgaon Haryana 122002



Presentation and Participation is Free.


[FB Event Page]



1. Introduction “The Chaos Asia” and Diixi
2. Introduction Today’s program and rule
3. Pitch ( 3min / pitch )
4. Introduction “Crosscoop”
5. Closing (Brief introduction 2014 Chaos Asia again)
6. Networking


[How to apply]

If you want to become a presenter, please let us know. Or please let us know on FB page.

You can send the mail mentioning reference as WirelessDuniya to Jatinder Taneja(Gurgaon), at .


[the CHAOS ASIA web site / Youtube] (4min to complete to read) (web site)

YouTube Preview Image


[the CHAOS ASIA 2013 Presenters]

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Open House for Startups at Indian Angel Network. New Delhi, 5th Sep 2013. Limited Seats, Register Now !

Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel NetworkIAN invites budding Entrepreneurs and Startups for a one-on-one session to discuss their concepts and plans. The session is designed to help budding and aspiring entrepreneurs get feedback from IAN about their direction and plans.


Each entrepreneur will be given a 15 min slot for presentation of the business plan followed by Q&A and feedback.
You are free to use a power-point presentation if you have one. If you don’t, we will be happy to listen to your ideas and concepts too. Remember, this is a feedback session and not a presentation for funding.
While you are not required to carry a presentation, it will help you if you structure your thoughts as per the guiding document. Click here:


• This is not an Investor pitch session. The intention is to review the presentations and provide the entrepreneur with a feedback.
• The Open House evaluation & feedback shall be limited to the first 25 ideas/business plans.


Indian Angel Network, 301-302, 3rd Floor, Delhi Blue Apartments, Main Ring Road, Near Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi -110029


10.00 AM – 12.00 PM: Pre-Lunch Session
02:00 PM – 05.00 PM: Post-Lunch Session

Book your slot now:

For more information, talk to Sunil on 91-96500 21006. or write to

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Exclusive Interview: Puru Gupta & Sreejith Moolayil Founders of, an eCommerce Health Solutions venture

Puru and Sreejith

This is an exclusive interview with the founders of eCommerce health solution start-up,  Puru Gupta , CEO & Co Founder and Sreejith Moolayil, COO & Co Founder

What is your site all about? What problem are you solving? What is the market size ?

Whenever you have an issue, you either speak to someone around, search online for solutions, or sometimes even talk to few experts. However, you are not sure if the information you get is credible and complete, and/or if the diagnosis is right in the first opinion, and more importantly, if the solutions will work for you or not. Once you have good clarity of the solutions, you are not sure where you would get them, and how. Finally, you also would need to know if those solutions have helped you or not by having the right measuring tool.

Currently, the providers of such services are fragmented and in some areas, incomplete. There is no one who not only helps you identify the problem, but makes you talk to people who have faced similar issues, confirms the solutions and diagnosis, and also, helps you in providing those solutions. On top of it, you manage the entire health management piece in the backend, along with regular proactive health management checks, which we call as Health AMC.

This is what Healthy World does – as your family’s Health Management partner, wherein we offer the following services –

  • Wellness communities to engage with other people suffering from similar issues
  • Accurate information around the issues you are facing
  • A tracker to ensure measurability of every action you take or every solution you adopt
  • Validation of solutions / recommendations as second opinion
  • Providing solutions as products and services with established credibility

This would entail not only aggregating the current products and services in the market, but also complementing with the current players who are working on some of the elements above. In summary, we own the entire health management for the customer and his/her family.

All this would be currently online, due to the simple objective of quicker acquisition and better accessibility.

So far, we have a run rate of INR 1.2 Cr turnover, and been in the business for over a year. The current online model is around a year old, with 3 locations and a 15-member team. We have around 35 Corporate partners and 200 Nutritionists & Dieticians on our panel – the entire list can be seen here –


Tell us the story of how it started and the challenges you have faced?

Sreejith and I wanted to work on consumer health, and due to personal tragedies at home, we were motivated to get diagnosis and preventive healthcare at the forefront of consumer mind spaces. With this social mission of making wellness mainstream, we started healthy world. We launched in Delhi and began with distribution with the intent of owning the entire supply chain of health products, but realized very soon that our strength was in building customer relationships. This led to launch of our E-commerce platform We started searching for brands that were genuinely unique and had a key health benefit, and built a supply chain. Simultaneously, we also started the Corporate Wellness partnership with organizations, where we planned and executed activities that entailed higher employee engagement.

The need of local presence for corporate partners as well as building a supply chain for local vendors led us to launch Mumbai and Pune in July 2012

The road was bumpier than we imagined it to be – opening every location was like starting a new business altogether. More so, every channel we experimented with, had to have a fresh start and a different perspective. Due to a small team, even though each of us was multi-tasking, it did lead to a slower start as we were trying to do almost everything to everybody.  Over the past 6 months, however, due to our focus on disease management, and customer acquisition, we have seen good traction, both in consumer as well as corporate space. Our corporate partners, having seen our wellness programs, are more open to ideas, and partner with us in designing their wellness activities. This also gives us a good opportunity to acquire customers via that channel.

On the other hand, our panel of nutritionists / dieticians, where we have a win-win model, as we market their services, and provide solutions to their clients as well, also acts as a big customer acquisition channel for us.


Who are the Founders and their backgrounds?


Puru Gupta

Puru GuptaA first-generation entrepreneur, Puru comes from a defense background and a corporate experience spanning across multinationals, including P&G, ITC, CSC & Cognizant. An alumni of FMS, Delhi (MBA, Marketing), and Pune University (BE, E&TC), he has a diverse experience across India and China, including consulting engagements with local companies from China and Africa, non-profit orgs, MNCs & govt. Rated as a top expert in marketing, he also helps brands in India entry and GTM strategies for India. Puru is based out of Mumbai.

Puru’s Linkedin profile


Sreejith Moolayil

Healthyworld-Sreejith-MoolayilA first-generation entrepreneur, Sreejith comes with a diverse experience of more than 12 years in HR and Law, having worked previously with Cognizant, Tata Motors and Delphi TVS. His last assignment was working as a Head HR – Cognizant, Pune. An Alumnus of Symbiosis IMS (MBA, HR) with Masters in Labour Law from Pune university and LLB from Mangalore, his focus areas are IT & Manufacturing. He is an expert in China, having headed China HR operations for Cognizant. Sreejith is based out of Pune.

Sreejith’s Linkedin Profile



How is your site so different when there are already ecommerce websites selling similar products?

We are different on two counts –

a)      We focus on health products, and each of the products that we onboard is ratified by a team of expert nutritionists and dieticians. If they would recommend these products to their clients, we onboard them. Having said that, we do have snacks and gourmet products that might not be 100% healthy, but are a much better alternative as compared to common junk food items we consume mostly

b)      We connect local vendors throughout the country – having the advantage of 3 offices, we are able to connect local suppliers nationally, in a short span of time, without having to invest in massive amounts of inventory. Hence, we are able to keep our working capital at a fairly reasonable level


What technology platform is your site built on? Is it in-house?

Currently, we are using third-party platform – Volusion. However, we are building an in-house platform that would take care of our AMC services as well. This should be ready in the next 4-6 months


What initiatives are you planning in the next 2-3 years?

Technology is our biggest play in the short-term, coupled with enhanced customer acquisition. We intend to have a base of 10 Million customers in the next 3 years, provided we hit our milestones on time. Also, currently, we are at 3 locations, and we intend to have our own setup in 5 other key metros in the next 3 years


Which locations is it available ?

Delhi, Mumbai and Pune – we have our own offices, whereas we ship throughout India
What is your Marketing/Promotional approach?

We have strong network of Corporates and Dieticians / Nutritionists, that act as strong customer acquisition platforms for us. Apart from that, we partner with running groups (like Mumbai Running, Pune Running, Procam International) and co-promote health and fitness, by combining issues with health solutions. Currently, we are running our model on products in B2C space, and services in the B2B space (Corporate Wellness partnerships). However, we intend to integrate this with our tech platform in the next phase.


Did you raise any funding? If you want to raise funds do you want to be contacted by Investors ?

No – we are just about beginning to seek investments. Our initial feelers from known circles have been quite optimistic, but would wait till we see some more greens in the bank! J


What is the overall plan going forward?

Every reader who is reading this, To be your Family’s Health AMC!

If you have any feedback or comments do share it on the comments page.

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IAN Incubator in partnership with 91springboard presents a session on 'Finding a Co-founder' on 15th June, Delhi. Limited Seats, Register Now !!

Join this Workshop to meet and interact with Angel Investor from Indian Angel Network

Finding a co-founder can be one of the most important decisions that you take in your business.

A co-founder is more like a life partner in your journey as an entrepreneur. Many ventures fail because of incompatibility or difference of views or difference of aspirations between co-founders. Hence, it is important that entrepreneurs put adequate consideration when taking someone on as a co-founder.

In this session, angel investor from IAN and two industry experts will shed light on what entrepreneurs need to think about when looking for a co-founder.

91springboard, B1/H3, Basement, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044.

Agenda: Friday, 15th June, 2013.

1.30 PM – 1.45 PM: Registrations/Introductions.
1.45 PM – 2.20 PM: First Session, Q&A (Neeraj Batra, Serial Entrepreneur).
2.20 PM – 2.55 PM: Second Session, Q&A (Rohit Gupta – Director & Co–Founder – Miway Resources Private, an HR Solutions company).
2.55 PM – 3.30 PM: Third Session, Q&A (IAN Member – Vipul Prakash – Angel Investor).
3.30 PM – 4.15 PM: Open Discussion
4.15 PM – 5.00 PM: Networking over Tea.

More Info & Registration:

Do not miss this excellent opportunity to meet and interact with the Industry expert.
For further information please contact Sunil: Cell No. +91-9650021006, 011 4075 5716

Join this Workshop to meet and interact with Angel Investor from Indian Angel Network

Registration Fee: Rs 750 Limited seats, on first come first serve basis.
Do not miss this excellent opportunity to meet and interact with Industry experts & Angel Investors.

For further information please contact Sunil: Cell No. +91-9650021006, 011 4075 5716

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(Infographic) The Psychology of Color and Branding

A very interesting infographic published by inc42.  Colours play an important role in branding. Lets have a look at the various colors that is getting used and what does that mean.




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Guest Post: Tips and Tricks: Become a Successful Mobile App Entrepreneur

app-developerMobile Apps present a whole new world of opportunities to be pounced upon. With lots of innovations taking place every day in all spheres of our life like medical, navigation, payments, logistics, gaming etc; no sphere of our life is left untouched by this device. But success does not come around so easily, one needs careful planning and intelligent execution to convert ideas into success.

To be a successful mobile app entrepreneur, you should have a sound knowledge of this novel domain. Rather than being blinded by the thought that the app idea is the next big thing, an Appreneur should instead focus on numbers and reasoning such as the market size, app cost, uniqueness and average downloads. In a nutshell, before developing the app, target the best while being prepared for the worst.

Before starting the actual development, create app prototype, get this tested with potential users of the app under focused group, take feedback and try to implement best features which most of the users are asking as top priority before developing everything. Instead of just asking hypothetical questions, go to the market with the prototype and ask potential users whether they would buy it and for how much.

Choosing a right revenue model for your app is not a cakewalk either. Many entrepreneurs fall for creating Lite and Pro versions of single app. This is definitely not a great idea to start with. It was a temporary solution brought out by developers when there was no mechanism for providing a trial app, and apple did not allow In-App purchase mechanism from the free apps. But now, one can do lot better by going for In-App purchase model. You don’t need to maintain two separate code bases or promote separately for both Lite and Pro versions. It’s also easier to measure the effectiveness of promotion campaigns in case of In-App purchase as compared to Lite and Pro versions.

Further, appreneurs should have a clear “Go-to-Market” strategy. They should be confident about the idea of their app, the users their app is targeting and how their app is going to win customers. It’s always a first question to any business and one should do it before starting any further planning. Once you are clear about your customers and offerings, you can move ahead. Do your calculations what should you charge, determine your market size and how would you scale up. All these calculations should be based upon the findings of the test marketing that you have done for your app prototype.

Interface and UX of a mobile application is key factor to its success. It has been and will remain an important aspect in crafting the success among users at any Appstore. Observe most of the successful mobile apps; they all have a neat and clean, no non-sense interface. If you are able to provide nice user experience, people not only use apps again and again but also recommend it to their friends also.


Now, a caution to to-be-appreneurs, there are number of mobile apps which get lost while on the way to their implementation. This generally happens because many mobile app development partners fail to give the idea proper shape and this ruin the entire show. So, you should choose your development partner after verification of its capabilities only. This will reduce the chances of your project going hay-wired.

Once your app is ready, do your best to get reviewed by maximum number of people. Try to get suggestions from your family and friends. Submit your app to various app reviewing websites. And act on these reviews. You may not get the perfect app in first attempt and need to refine or even change the functionalities of your app. Instagram is a perfect example of this. The Instagram earlier called Burbn began as check-in app that also has photo sharing facility. When they started the test marketing of this app, they found that the people aren’t checking-in the app but they are using it for photo sharing. This is where    founders of Instagram came into action and launched a revamped app called Instagram that shook the Appstore.

There are number of opportunities available in form of social media and location-based services to make your app popular. It would be foolishness on the part of appreneurs not to harness them. Social media plays a very big role in today’s businesses’ lives. They have enormous potential to bring customers at your doorstep and create the credibility of your application. Same is the case with location-based services, a number of app ideas coupled with location-based services become too powerful to resist. So, one should not forget to make its proper use while developing the mobile apps.

Another way of marketing your app to the public is to create a video of your app and upload it on YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and other video sharing sites. The video promotion gives users right idea how your app works.

Last but not the least; if you have a right idea then you shouldn’t wait for long otherwise lucrative opportunities may pass. Start working on it right now. Every opportunity waits for someone. So grab the opportunity before anybody else harnesses it.

(The above excerpts are from Mr Jitin Narang’s ideas presented during panel discussion At the Mobile Application Conference recently organized by Silicon India. Mr Narang is VP, Mobile Solutions at TechAhead, a leading mobile application development company that has to its credit the development of hundreds of successful mobile apps on a variety of platforms including iOS and Android.)

More and more an Online Tennis Store lunched by Olympian Tennis player Vishnu Vardhan and his partner

Tennishub.inIndian tennis prodigy and Olympian Vishnu Vardhan along with his friend, a tennis lover & an entrepreneur Afroze Khan have launched an Online tennis store that exclusively sells tennis equipment. It was born out of their passion of giving back to the tennis community and catering to the tennis enthusiasts in India.

“At our commitment is to help tennis players from India find the perfect tennis products for their level and style of play at affordable prices. We also help players in various aspects, to learn or improve their game through our Tennis Talk forum” says Vishnu, “We carry immense passion for tennis and love what we do and strive to fill the gaps in the market which is currently unorganized” says Afroze.

Their website also has a community forum which they call as Tennis Talk. It helps players at all level discuss about the game, racquets and other tennis equipment and also get tips from India’s top tennis professionals like Yuki Bhambr, Sanam Singh, Divij Sharan etc and ofcourse Vishnu Vardhan himself.

VishnuVishnu Vardhan – Vishnu is a professional tennis player currently ranked 2 in India, he represented India at the London Olympics 2012 by partnering with Leander Paes. He won his first Nationals title in 2008 and won silver & bronze at the 2010 Asian Games.

At, he is actively involved in strategy making, brand promotion and key decision making process.


AfrozeAfroze Khan – Afroze is a sports lover and an entrepreneur. Prior to opening the doors of, he co-founded Sparq Concepts and is the brain child behind introducing artificial ice skating in India. He cherishes his experience working at the Wimbledon and meeting the top tennis players.

He is a London Metropolitan University Alumni and oversees daily operations at Tennishub. He has played tennis at the university level and currently enjoys playing at club level.


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Exclusive Interview: Zuhaib Khan, Co-Founder,

zuhaib-khanZuhaib Khan, Co-founder,  is a finance geek turned entrepreneur. He has worked in Investment banking and Private equity firms like JP Morgan, Mape Advisory and Casa Capital. An MBA grad from FMS, Delhi, he has a keen interest in photography and is trying to hone his ‘shooting’ skills. His loves in life include travel, food and Shopatplaces, not necessarily in this order.

WD: So Zuhaib tell us what is your site all about? What problem are you solving?

 Zuhaib: Shopatplaces delivers Authentic Products from Places Famous for them to the customer’s doorstep. Hence, the tagline, ‘Famous Products. Best Buys.’

shopatplacesWe knew that Pashmina shawls of best quality originated only from Kashmir or that the best handcrafted Bandhej suits were from Jaipur. And they were in demand perpetually. The problem was of availability, quality assurance and authenticity verification, coupled with the fact that when these products were made available in other parts of the country, the good quality ones were exorbitantly priced. All because of the too many unnecessary levels in the supply chain.

We had our task cut out there and then. If we could deliver Authentic Products from Places Famous for them to our customer’s doorstep, we will be certainly adding value as a retailer. As of now, is in the Beta stage and we are already delivering our products across India.

WD: Tell us the story of how it started and the challenges you have faced?

 Zuhaib: The idea for Shopatplaces came to us in September 2011, while I was working in JP Morgan’s London IB office while Sherfur was working in the Procurement department of Cadbury (now, Mondelēz International). We used to travel a lot while working for our respective organizations and every time we visited a new place, there were regular requests from our loved ones to ‘get something unique from that place’.

And that is how Shopatplaces was born! A site which will provide unique, hard-to-get products from places famous for them to its customers. We believe we are re-imagining the way traders operated on the famed silk route once upon a time.

Setting up a robust vendor base and supply chain was our biggest challenge so we left our jobs and traveled across the country for 6 months. It was a great learning phase for us, being on the ground and meeting the people who actually create all this superb quality stuff. This was a new domain for us and similar was the case for many SMEs and artisans who had never entered into a legal vendor agreement, ever.

Learning their challenges has helped us in working together in a better manner. For instance, now we understand that an intricate piece of Chikan apparel from Lucknow can take up to 6 months to finish. So, sourcing copies of this kind of product when we get an order from the customer is not possible at all.

We continue to face new challenges everyday and each day is exciting at Shopatplaces. Ultimate aim is always the same, keeping our customers smiling.

WD: Who are the Founders and their backgrounds?

 Zuhaib: The founding team is comprised of two, Sherfur and myself, Zuhaib. Sherfur has worked in the Procurement and Supply Chain division of erstwhile Cadbury after getting his MBA from NITIE, Mumbai. I worked in various firms like JP Morgan, Mape Advisory and Casa Capital during my career in finance after finishing my MBA from FMS, Delhi. Both of us were classmates during our engineering days in Jamia, Delhi. We are Delhi boys and have traveled across the country for our work earlier and now for getting unique products for Shopatplaces.

On the personal front, Sherfur is a Chelsea fan and an Age Of Empires junkie while I love traveling and gorging on food from different places.

WD:  Why is your site so different when there are already ecommerce websites selling similar products?

 Zuhaib: We have been true to our Raison d’être of ‘Shop At Places’. We have on our site only and only those products which are famous from a particular place. Be it Filigree jewelry from Orissa, Brass jewelry from Uttar Pradesh, Tussar silk stoles from Jharkhand, Chikankari apparel from Lucknow and so on and so forth. We make these hard to find products available to our customers and provide assurance of quality with a promise of best buy. Our idea of best buy is pretty simple, say, we have leather bags from Kanpur, we will sell them at a price which is lower than the retail price of those bags in Kanpur itself. If we beat those markets where these products are manufactured, we automatically beat retail markets in all other cities.

As far as we know, we are the first ones in India to execute this idea of ‘Shop At Places’. If we talk about physical retail, then FabIndia is our close peer. Again, we are not into handcrafted products only.

 WD: What technology platform is your site built on? Is it in-house?

 Zuhaib: The IT team has developed the site using PHP on OpenCart. The entire UI has been developed in-house.

 WD: What initiatives are you planning in the next 2-3 years?

 Zuhaib: Our short term plan is to have authentic products from all states of India within the first 12 months of our launch. We also want to increase the number of categories we offer to our customers.

Our long term plan will be to provide internationally known products like Italian leather jackets or Indonesian batik print apparel to our users. In a few years, we hope to be the most trusted retailer in the minds of our customers.

WD: Which locations is it available ?

Zuhaib: We are already delivering orders across India and have been getting orders from both Metros and small cities. We hope to start delivering internationally soon.

 WD: What is your Marketing/Promotional approach?

Zuhaib: Initial traction has come from various social media platforms. However, being in the niche product categories as we are, our initial focus will be on Offline / On-ground marketing campaigns to reach out to our target segment. Once the initial response is captured and further refined, we shall be replicating the same message via online mass mediums as well.

In near future, you will increasingly find our presence at places where our target group is, be it offices, malls, exhibitions or on online platforms.

 WD: Did you raise any funding? If you want to raise funds do you want to be contacted by Investors ?

Zuhaib:  No, we have not raised any funds. We are bootstrapping this business from our own funds and will not go out in the market for fund raising till the time we need a significant infusion.

We are actively scouting for mentors though as we believe that advice of experienced mentors is worth much more than funds at disposal. Mentors’ guidance can save us from committing many mistakes while making sure that we do not lose focus of the goal we want to achieve. We are open to being contacted by experienced industry veterans who can guide and mentor this young team.

WD: What is the overall plan going forward?

 Zuhaib: Our plan is to cover all India states within 12 months of our launch and start delivering internationally known products to our customers post that.  We plan to grow fast once we have a specific number of satisfied customers on the ground, as they will be our brand ambassadors.

WD:Your take on the current eCommerce scene in India ?

 Zuhaib: Many other experienced people are more qualified than us to answer this question. We believe that we are at the tipping point of e-commerce in India. The wave has not even started till now. Next 4-5 years will see a drastic change in the way Indians transact online and the categories from which they buy.

Did you like this interview ? If you have questions for Zuhaib, do put it on the comments section. You can connect with Zuhaib on Linkedin. He can also be reached at


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Innovative Product: Bitrix24:the No-fuss Cloud Solution For Small Businesses


Small businesses are already using the cloud vigorously.  Free services with no installation required help immensely with chat, file storage, and even CRM are very popular because they give a small business freer access to its most important asset: time. In fact, a ‘cloud office’ is an entirely feasible possibility by constructing a bouquet of cloud services.
Bitrix24, on the other hand, seems to think that you can not only have it all, but in one place. The free version of the product claims to have 30 tools for business. That may be technically true, but it might be more useful to consider the services which Bitrix24 provides, and use less technical terms.

Instant Content Sharing is possible in Bitrix24 via the “Send Message” field in the Activity Stream. Posts can be made available to any set of colleagues via a click-through list of groups and users. Files attached in messages can be stored in the message itself or in any document library, whether public or private, with access to the document given to anyone listed as a recipient.

Photos can similarly be shared, and even videos can be placed and played inside the activity stream.
Other ways to communicate rapidly include the instant messenger, visible in the lower right-hand corner, which also provides notifications of updates pertaining to the user.  Most of the product’s functionality, including the Activity Stream, is available in the mobile version:

Project Management:You can get your team on the same page, literally. Here’s what that (web) page looks like:

This is the ‘front page’ of a project group, where there is an input field for a post to the group, and the activity stream where all posts and updates are listed. Project management features include tasks and subtasks with a Gantt chart, time spent,as well as its own file storage, calendar, photo gallery, and wiki.

Document sharing, which is in great demand among small businesses, is very robust in Bitrix24. There are document libraries for each group, user and a company-wide document library.  Each document has its own detail page and can have its own unique access permissions, as can folders.

Microsoft Office documents can be edited locally without download, historical versions are automatically kept, a handy filter with presets for each library, and even a document approval workflow option, though that wasn’t easy to find.
CRMin Bitrix24 is a basic CRM which is adequate to the needs of many small companies. The plusses include that CRM items can be located from the global search box and that custom fields can be added to leads, contacts, companies, and deals. Emailing templates seem a bit limited, though emails can be sent straight from the table using the ‘actions’ button.

The access permission system is based on flexible roles, so a new employee who belongs to the Sales and Marketing workgroup will automatically inherit that group’s access to the CRM.

With Bitrix24, a small company gets several different services wrapped together into a thoughtful interface which is heavily enabled in social functions, with liking and commenting throughout the product. There are many things to click and explore, more than we had time to do, leaving us with the conclusion that Bitrix24 is a very ambitious product that mostly delivers on its promise to provide a virtual office with no fuss that enables efficient collaboration and communications for daily operations.

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