Frankly Me launched : A platform to get your queries answered by your favorite celebrity

Founders of inoXapp bring a QnA platform to connect general public to public figures via video selfies
The recently established mobile application Frankly Me is a trailblazing video and Q&A platform. It facilitates connection between the masses, public figures and celebrities through questions and video selfies. Headquartered in the Delhi NCR region, this is a cutting-edge app that is all set to compete with industry giants like Twitter and The startup at present is in Beta with a website and apps for Android and iOS. The application is open to users all over the world.
At a very early stage of its launch it has empanelled influential personalities like Arvind Kejriwal, members of AAP and Congress, Kiran Bedi, Chef Vikas Khanna, Author Ravinder singh, Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, Singer Gurdas Maan, Composer Meet Brothers, Fashion Designer Bina Ramani, Actor Ajaz Khan, Wrestler Sangram Singh, Actress Sara Khan, Payal Rohatgi, RJ Naved, RJ Sayema, Snapdeal Founder Kunal Bahl, Inmobi founder Naveen Tiwari, Matrix India MD- Avnish Bajaj etc.
The key differentiator of the application is the feature of two way communication that it induces, eradicating the sense of obstruction in communication. Furthering the competence of the application, it is gaining popularity amongst celebrities as it enables instant connect. Besides this, the decreasing page reach of the social media also paves way for the app to reach its maximum height. Adding to these factors, it does not limit the number of characters used, which restricts meaningful conversation like other existing social networking platforms.
The application is targeted at any one who is interested in learning something from the experiences of others. At present it intends to expand within India considering the linguistic diversity of the country. It foresees a lot of potential in the tier II and tier III cities bearing in mind the surge in the mobile usage and internet penetration. Over and above, these are the cities where the celebrities get their loyal fans from.
Frankly Me aims to expand the horizon of conversations that people take part in, in their lifetimes. It aims to do this by giving people access to frontrunners, average Joes and even the backbenchers from different walks and forms of life.


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Android Lollipop: 6 Cool Features that Makes Android Even More Better


Android Lollipop or Android 5.0 is the latest version of Android OS released recently by Google, with a highly nuanced and streamlined look which makes it a perfect match for vibrant screens most smartphones these days are equipped with. Not only the home screen has been improved with fresh and clean look, but the common app icons have been transformed as well. However, there is a lot more to Lollipop than just the looks. Some very useful and entertaining features have been included in the operating system. Here is the list of six features which make Android so much better than before.

Ok Google

Lollipop is equipped with the improved version of Ok Google, voice recognition software. It allows users to give commands to their phone using their voice and this can be done when the display of the phone is off or the phone is password protected. It means that the commands can be given to the phone when it is lying far away. This feature can be enabled by changing the mode of Ok Google Detection to When Locked and Always On. Not only this, but the users can also train their phones to recognize their voice better. After enabling Google Detection, all the users are required to do is give basic commands to the phone, like browsing online or calling someone, by saying Ok, Google before the command.

Face Lock system

Android has powered its devices with the amazing Face Lock system and an improved version of this security system has been included in Lollipop, which is faster than its earlier version. Thus the phone is able to recognize the face of the user almost instantly when the screen lights up. Users also have the option of using Face Lock instead of their regular pattern lock. For enabling this feature, users need visit the option of Trusted Face in Smart Lock, which is present in the Security option.

Lock Screen Notifications

Android Lollipop allows users to get notifications on their lock screen. Besides this, users are even not required to log into their phone as interacting and dismissing notifications can be done from the locked screen. Swiping to the right can reject any notification, while a notification can be expanded by double tapping or swiping downwards. Android is known to provide almost complete control of notifications to the users. In case there is some sensitive information and the user wants to receive notifications about it but does not want the content to be displayed, then this can be done by selecting the option of “redacted” when the notifications show up on lock screen.

Tap & Go

This feature is aimed at eliminating the inconvenience and hassle that the users have to face while personalizing their new device and transferring settings to a new phone from old phone, after upgrading their Smartphone or getting new Android tablet. By using the Tap & Go feature, users can transfer their old settings, like details of Google Account, wallpapers and other widgets and apps, automatically. To make it possible NFC is paired with the old phone and the details are sent over to the new phone through Bluetooth.

Guest Mode

People who have to share their phone or tablet with their friends or family members, can make the most of the Guest Mode feature. The purpose behind incorporating this feature is to provide a safe and private workstation that can be used by anyone, as nobody else but actually the owner of the phone can access email, browse the internet or connect using social networking sites. Through guest mode users can create separate accounts for their family and friends, along with their individual personalized settings, allowing them to check their email and browse internet conveniently. Moreover, users or the account holder can delete the data present in guest account whenever needed.

Priority Mode

Google has endeavored to offer great notification enhancement by introducing Priority Mode in Lollipop. IOS have a similar feature called Do Not Disturb. However the one launched by Google is way more convenient and smart. Users have the option of selecting apps the notifications of which they would like to receive even in Priority Mode. Another great option is to set the duration after which the feature of normal notifications gets activated. It means the notifications can be received once when the phone is switched off, while the complete silence mode can mute everything, including the alarms.

Besides the features mentioned above, users can enjoy plenty of other amazing qualities that their new phones are equipped with and one such feature is of flashlight. While even many basic phones had this feature, a flashlight was often absent from the Google powered operating systems. With the introduction of flashlight feature, it is now possible to use the flash to serve the purpose of flashlight; thus making it a highly convenient feature especially during emergencies. While this option was accessible earlier as well, users can now get it more conveniently, without requiring them to download any third party apps. Google has also launched a very effective and simple feature which does not require the users to use power button in order to wake their device up. Instead they can just double tap the screen of their phone twice.

Moreover, users can get prediction about the battery life of their phones, as Android Lollipop enables them to find out the total time left in running out of batter. Not only this, but users can also get the total time that their phone will take, in order to get charged up completely. Considering the amazing and rewarding qualities that it is equipped with, Lollipop is being considered as an improved version of an already amazing OS, called Android Chitchat, also launched by Google. Along with these features, there is a lot more to discover in Android Lollipop, making it a worthwhile asset for users.

Author Bio

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing mobile app development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.


Online Gaming Expected to Blossom in 2015

Online Gaming

New Jersey regulated online gaming in November 2013. The fledgling industry is expected to grow as more players enjoy the comforts and convenience it provides.

A New Year Beckons & Online Casino Players Heed the Call!

Online gaming aficionados have cautiously been eying the US market for quite some time. 2014 was the first complete year of fully legalized online casino games in several states across the US. These include Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. At present, the biggest US online gaming market is New Jersey with an estimated adult online gaming population of 6.8 million players. Expectations were certainly high for the breakout year, and the actual numbers proved somewhat disappointing to those pushing for regulation.

Building Up For A Solid Start to 2015

As it stands, New Jersey’s online gaming revenues came in at $124 million for 2014 – markedly off the $1.2 billion figure estimated by lawmakers back in 2013. However, it should be noted that the reasons for the lackluster figures may not be due to the popularity of online gaming at all. At a Federal level, online gaming is not regulated. This means that laws like the UIGEA remain in effect and banks/financial institutions are proscribed from transferring money to online casinos and sports betting sites.

The second point relates to the technology that was used during the rollout of online gaming. In New Jersey – and other states without interstate gambling compacts – it is only legal for residents of a particular state to gamble online. The geolocation tracking technology in NJ was initially a little buggy and it proved difficult to determine the precise location of players in densely populated border areas in the garden state. As such many people were incorrectly included or excluded.

And finally, another factor that weighed heavily on the success of the industry was getting the marketing message to the people. For years, players across the US have been unable to play legal online casino games. As big name casinos like begin to get their marketing message out to players, it becomes more enticing for players to register and play real money casino games online. Despite all the bumps in the road, the rollout in New Jersey has been a success, as evidenced by the growing number of players now playing online casino games. Other factors that will impact positively on NJ online casino gaming in 2015 include the falling price of gasoline at the pump – which is effectively putting $450 million per day back into the US economy.

Gaming Variety Available to Online Casino Players

The top NJ online casinos, like Caesars Online Casino, feature a wide range of games for players to enjoy. These span the full spectrum of titles from slots, video poker, blackjack, progressive jackpot games, roulette games and beyond. Players can immerse themselves in a realistic gaming experience that mimics the best of what Atlantic City or Las Vegas mega casinos have to offer. And with the added comfort and convenience of being able to play online – anytime and anywhere in NJ – it is being viewed as a superior option for many players. There are several other benefits, including free play gaming with no download required, generous bonuses and promotional offers, and 24/7 customer support for technical, banking and gaming issues.



Lechal -the world’s first interactive haptic footwear; use it as a navigational tool or fitness tracker.


Lechal is the world’s first interactive haptic footwear; use it as a navigational tool or fitness tracker.

Lechal means “Take Me Along” in Hindi and navigation is the soul of the footwear. The Lechal App syncs with Google Maps to allow you to navigate with ease wherever you are in the world. Get route guidance, explore new places, find out more about where you live – go anywhere and everywhere!




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Tinder the dating app solves an mCommerce problem


Mobile shopping has exploded in recent years, and online retailers have responded by designing mobile friendly sites and apps. But rather than design these experiences for the mobile context, this often equates to adapting the catalog storefront for the smaller screen.

The catalog storefront was introduced in the mid-to-late 90′s, created for desktop dimensions, at a time when tables-based Web design was de facto, pages took eons to load and if you wanted to take an action – you’d double click.

Long live the catalog?

15 years+ later, we’re still clinging to the catalog approach, trying to squeeze it into Facebook, apps, and any new touchpoint that comes along.

On mobile devices, no matter how responsive or “mobile friendly” your site is, navigation (for the most part) still sucks on mobile. Menus are hidden behind “hamburgers.” It’s easy to mis-touch the wrong link target. Paginated category pages are hell. Refine and sort tools? *If* the user notices them, using them is far more of a challenge than mobile.

The more categories and SKUs you have, the more difficult it is to merchandise and support product discovery navigation through menus and search/category pages. The answer is not to offer less than your full catalog on mobile. You simply can’t.

One way to reinvent the product discovery experience is to take a cue from the dating app Tinder. Tinder has popularized the “swipe right for yes, left for no” gesture for browsing matches.

eBags Obsession

eBags swiped right on the idea and rolled out eBags Obsession in August, a Tinderfied version of its handbag category cooked up in its hack day.

Rather than fumble through thousands of SKUs (eBags reports over 12,000), the customer can quickly rifle through large images of handbag styles, building a personally curated list of favorites — much like flipping through a rack of merchandise in-store.

10 of the first 100 users of the feature bought a handbag, not too shabby.

Leveraging data for personalization

eBags also uses this data to improve its own algorithm, which already consists of 100 factors. This data can be used to personalize to the user who’s played the “game,” and tune product recommendations and other merchandising across the site (collecting “people who like this tend to like that” feedback much faster than via traditional catalog browsing habits).

Mobile first means understanding mobile context

Though eBags’ site is responsive, the Obsession feature was created specifically for mobile devices, understanding that gestures and user context (quick, gamified experiences that are fun to do while waiting in line, etc) are important to the mobile experience.

When designing your own mobile experiences, remember that touch screens, gestures, geolocation, camera, shake/accelerometer, voice input and push notifications are native to the mobile device, and considering them may improve your mobile experience.

Gesture conventions

Obsession isn’t the only swipe-shopping game in town, affiliate fashion apps Stylect, Mallzee and Kwoller all use the feature. But as established online retailers like eBags adopt and promote the experience, it may catch on as a mobile shopping convention.

The key takeaway here is mobile experience *must* evolve to better suit device context. Adapting the online catalog to fit mobile dimensions may not be the optimal experience. Ecommerce merchandisers, designers and developers should keep a close eye on what’s trending in mobile behavior, and see how that might improve the shopping experience.

Source: Elastic Blog


Learn to Tow the Traderline


Online gambling has taken to the wireless world like a duck to water and now operators such as Betfair are using their prowess in both markets to launch sophisticated trading products.

In order to make its sports betting platform a more profitable place for professional tipsters to ply their trade, Betfair has created Traderline. This virtual platform has taken Betfair’s standard betting platform and reconfigured it to give experienced gamblers a more in-depth approach to daily markets.

For those of you who aren’t familiar of online sports trading, the basic premise is that bettors can both back and lay certain propositions. For example, if a horse racing fan wants to trade on a race and felt that the market price on the favourite was too short, then they could lay at the low price and wait for the price to drift out (move more in line with the true odds) and then back the horse. At this point, the trader is basically guaranteed a profit because they have backed and laid at different prices which means their money will come from the difference between the two prices.

So what does Traderline offer and why is it a perfect app for your mobile device? Because Betfair has used its expertise in the sports betting world to enter the realms of trading, it’s been able to create a similar looking platform to the one general punters expect. If you download Traderline and opt to take its 30-day free trial, you’ll be able to enjoy the following features:


  • Practice mode – Use a virtual bankroll to test out Traderline’s features and refine your technique.
  • Exclusive head-to-head stats analyse – Compare the competitors for a more in-depth analysis of the odds.
  • Dutching and Bookmaking – Traderline allows you to place several bets simultaneously and lock up a profit automatically.
  • Extra Live Charts – This feature gives you a quick breakdown of the daily markets.
  • One Click Trading – Speed it crucial in the trading world and Traderline allows you to place a wager within a split-second.
  • Multi-Market – In addition to speed, volume is crucial for serious traders and this feature allows you to place multiple trades at one time.


Online and mobile trading are fantastic ways to make money in the sports betting world. While you can still make money by placing standard sports bets, the real way to make money is by trading. Investing in both sides of the market allows you to make incremental profits regardless of the outcome and Traderline is one of the most efficient products on the market to help you do that.


Online gambling poised for rapid growth



Image by Robert Scoble 

The rapid growth in the gaming industry in India and elsewhere in Asia has been predominantly fuelled by a combination of rising incomes, 3G penetration and the take-up of digital devices by a technology-hungry youth demographic. To date this pattern has been most conspicuous in the emergence of the Indian gaming industry which was – as reported on these pages – estimated to be worth in excess of INR 18 billion within the next three years.

However, as the technologies become embedded, as older, late adopters start to enter the market, and as the early adopters age, the market for online game is expected to undergo considerable changes in the years ahead. At the same time the refinement of existing technologies and the development of new ones, means that there is little prospect of the digital revolution showing any sign of a slowdown.

A key area of the online leisure industry that is set to capitalise on this confluence of social and technological maturation is the online casino industry. Given that the idea of an online casino is itself a radically 21st century idea, the fact that the industry is already estimated to be worth something like $5 billion (source online, and is expected to more than double over the next decade, is quite remarkable.

The potential for growth in this area is difficult to grasp. Internet use was estimated at 10% of the population (approx. 100 million) in 2010 but according to the Times of India the current figure is now almost treble that. Commensurate with the burgeoning middle class that means that there are, in effect, simply going to be millions more potential gamblers with ready access to those online casinos.

European investors are already manoeuvring to grab a slice of the action. Well-respected organizations such as 32Red are specifically targeting the Indian market with a keen eye on the vast potential which it represents. Although their Indian initiative is at an early stage is quite possible to play now at 32Red. The rare opportunity that the Indian market represents mans that such organizations are falling over themselves to establish a prominent market position. Other active players from the European gambling fraternity include William Hill, 888, Betfair and Ladbrokes.

Added to this heady investment climate is the suspicion that recent moves to legalise casino gambling in the state of Sikkim is simply the shape of things to come. The legal status of online gambling is not entirely straightforward, however the ephemeral nature of the internet means that it is already a de facto open market. the regulators are struggling to keep up. As things stand, the pace of technological and economic change has simply left them behind.

It has been suggested that as and when the regulators do formally open up the Indian online gambling industry it could be worth up to $5 billion in tax revenues. Whilst that revenue would undoubtedly be seen as a reason for making the move establishing a formal regulatory environment a more cynical view is that the providers will simply decamp to an offshore base and continue as they currently are – enjoying a full and rapidly growing return on their investment.


Slots game industry goes mobile, sees exciting growth around the world


The online and mobile slots game  industry has seen tremendous growth in last few years. Despite a minor hiccup in 2009 when the global economy suffered, the Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry has fared well in the past five years. Strong growth will continue as more casinos open in China and other Asian countries. Established markets have reached maturity and have less room for revenue growth, new markets will open up and increase access to gaming activities.

The Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry has a low level of market share concentration. In 2014, the top four players account for an estimated 14.0% of industry revenue. This is mainly due to the geographically diverse nature of the industry, as well as the increasingly diverse range of products that have come to market with the introduction of online gambling. Within certain locals – for example in Macau and Singapore – the industry is concentrated among just a few players, mainly due to the strict regulatory framework the industry is governed by. Industry concentration is increasing, particularly among mega-casino operators that have been successful in expanding into Macau where the industry is growing quickly.

With the growth of smart phones; more and more app developers are now making slot games on mobile, this industry is definitely booming and accessing and playing the games on mobile is definitely going to explode. The user experience has also become much better on mobiles and the playing time has also increased manifold. The industry sees lot of growth potential around the world.

Another opportunity of growth for slots game is going Social. With FB,Twitter growing fast across the world, playing on social networks will see lot of engagement.


[Infographic] iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features: Surprising Expectations


So what’s in store for future iPhones? We can get some clues from Apple patents registered with the U.S. Trademark and Office. Apple is developing an audio jack to double as a headphone jack, plus an audio transducer that doesn’t need a grille to emit sound. That means future iPhones can be totally enclosed or water-proofed. Another patent talks about combining motion analyzer, scenery analyzer, and lockout mechanism to detect if you’re driving and disable Messages Apps. With the increasing text-induced car accidents, expect this feature sooner than later.

Yet another patent indicates that Apple is cooking an intelligent Home Page that brings up the app you need for specific scenarios like when you need to show an electronic ticket in an airport or an e-coupon at a counter. The patent uses location-based signals and tracks user data patterns like calendars, emails, notes, etc. to predict when to bring up the app.

But let’s not talk about the future; rather, let’s see what iPhone users want today.

apple iphone features


After Xiaomi, One Plus One planning India launch this year.

One Plus One

One Plus One India LaunchApple of China, Xiaomi launched its MI3 phone through flipkart last week. Its a fantastic phone for sure, I did manage to get to check the phone and its an exciting phone, loved it.

Another much awaited Chinese phone (invitation-only) is One Plus One, which is now planning to launch in India. I have been following this company for a while and would definitely love to lay my hands on the One Plus One.  Quite impressed with its slick design.

Internationally, it’s available at a starting price of $299 (unlocked and without contract) for the 16GB model (which comes to around Rs 18,000), while the 64GB variant is available at $349 (roughly Rs 21,500). But at the moment, the OnePlus One is only available through an invite system.

Have a look at the One Plus One video .

YouTube Preview Image

The OP One sports a large 5.5-inch LTPS IPS display with 1080×1920 pixel resolution and offers a pixel density of 401ppi. The display comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and the same adaptive backlight technology that’s seen in some Sharp displays. In addition, the phone is one of the few to have 3GB of RAM and is powered by the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5GHz with Adreno 330 GPU. There’s a a 13-megapixel rear IMX214 sensor with a six-lens array and f/2.0 aperture that boasts quick shutter speed of only 0.3-seconds. It also comes with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. There’s no microSD card slot in the phone, so you are stuck with the 16 or 64 GB onboard storage.

Software wise, the One features a customised version of CyanogenMod ROM called CM 11S. It’s not unlike CM we know from custom ROMs but with some specific new features for this phone. The software is based on Android 4.4 KitKat, so you are getting the latest version too. Connectivity are top of the line; users get 4G LTE (region dependent), Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC functionality. And there’s a decent sounding 3100mAh non-removable battery too.