UCWeb Releases UC Browser version 3.1 for Windows Phone


uc-browserMobile internet software and services UCWeb today released UC Browser 3.1 for Windows Phone with a bunch of enhancements. UC Browser has risen to become the No.1 browser on WP store, receiving over 11,000 highly rated reviews from Indian users alone. Now, the latest version is available for download on the WP Store (for both WP8 and 7.x).

UC Browser’s unique features make it the most popular alternative to default IE browser on Windows Phones. This latest update comes with multiple enhancements including easy-to-use interface and cloud acceleration technology as well as a number of advanced features like sharing, smart download, speed mode, multi-tabs management, UI customization, to name a few.

Commenting on the occasion, Kenny Ye, Managing Director of UCWeb India, said “A dedicated WP team was set up for early R&D and right after Nokia unveiled Lumia 800 as early as 2011, UC browser version 1.0 for WP was successfully released. We are proud to say that we deliver the best browsing experience on WP platform.”

Some key highlights of UC Browser for WP are:

  • Allows greater sharing: UC Browser enables you to share images via ANY apps on your Windows Phone that support photo-sharing. Long press on any image you come across, and select “Share Image” to experience the lovely fun of sharing!
  • Allows you to enjoy music while browsing: This feature makes playing downloaded music while browsing possible, even though the screen is locked.
  • Provides a great user experience: UC Browser is fast and easy to use. Its cloud acceleration and data compression technology, reduces data consumption and loads web content much faster. It supports more Gestures than IE does, for instance, swipe right to go back a page or left to go forward instantly without refreshing the web content – the simple gestures not only save your time and data, but also deliver great interactive experience. The action bar provides quick access to Multi-tab Management and Homepage, which also satisfies your appetite for speed and convenience.
  • Smart Download: With Smart Download feature you can download files of various formats, and pause and resume the downloads as per requirement. In other words, it turns your cell phone into a smart and powerful download tool.
  • Allows Multi-tab Management : While IE browser allows only a maximum of 6 tabs, the UC Browser can open up to 9 tabs at the same time, with the ability of swiping to close.
  • Highly Customizable : You can personalize the Speed Dial, pick a Font for webpages, as well as change the background and skin by selecting pictures from UC Theme Center or your storage. It also offers flexible browsing modes to cater for individual preferences and different environments.

Additionally, the Night Mode feature can reduce the screen brightness and ensure your eyes don’t hurt; Speed Mode lets you surf at super speed without waiting, and Incognito Browsing allows you browse in stealth without being recorded. By entering Visit as PC mode, you can experience the full features of webpages as if on a PC. On the contrary, Text-only Browsing strips annoying content like ads, images,etc., and turn your phone into a complete e-reader.

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38.76 Million People Accessed Various e-tailing Sites in June 2013 – IAMAI

iamai logoAccording to the latest Internet Economy Watch Report for June 2013 jointly published by the IAMAI and IMRB, 2.93 million resumes were uploaded on various job portals in June 2013. This represents a y-o-y increase of 205% when compared with the number of resume uploads in corresponding month last year. Profile uploads on matrimonial sites increased to 2.16 million in June 2013 as compared to 0.75 million in 2012.

The monthly tracker also found a marginal y-o-y growth of 17 percent in online booking of railway tickets in June 2013 considering that it is the vacation month in India on account of summer holidays in schools. Railway tickets booked online in June 2013 were 6.81 million as compared to 5.83 million in June 2012. The online bookings of air tickets witnessed an increase of 1.45 million bookings in 2012 to 1.70 million bookings in 2013.

According to the report, online visit to branded apparels and designer label segments have increased by 96 percent and 27 percent respectively, when compared to the numbers of corresponding month last year. A significant increase has been registered in the online users visit to mobile segment. The number of visits has increased to 11.61 million in June 2013 from 4.91 million in June 2012, 136 percent YoY growth. The online users visit to spa jewellery segment increased from 1.72 million in June 2012 to 4.03 million in June 2013, a y-o-y increase of 134 percent.

The monthly tracker report further found that 38.76 million people accessed various e-tailing sites. There were 1281.26 million page views in the category. The user reach for job and matrimonial websites is 22.56 million and 20.01 million respectively with 1237.91 million and 611.19 million respective page views. Online travel segment has reach with 21.72 million reach and 11132.50 million page views.

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Tradeindia.com Launches Mobile Platform for Its Users

tradeindiaB2B marketplace Tradeindia.com has introduced a mobile phone-friendly platform that will make trading possible while on the go for users. This new feature aims to enable users to access any specific catalog or customized website by using their mobile phones.

The new service will allow users to access information about all registered buyers or sellers, their listed products and services, contact information, and the whole product gallery of the buyer or seller. The mobile platform also allows users to send trade inquiries using their mobile phone.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Bikky Khosla, founder and CEO, Tradeindia.com said, “We are very excited to launch this new platform, which is in line with the today’s technology requirements and expectations of our users. Tradeindia has remained a market leader in online B2B marketing for the last two decades, and the key to this success is our focus on providing unparalleled services and user-friendliness to our members. Introduction of these new features is another small but significant step toward this direction.”

As per a recent study, the Indian mobile internet user base is expected to grow to 165 million by March 2014. The study also reveals that around 94% Indian smart-phone users have used their smart device to access Internet from their phone. Around 40-50 % of Indian Internet users are expected to access the web only on mobile phones by 2015.

Source: Business Wire India

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Opera Browser For Android Launched In Beta

operaOpera Software has announced the launch of beta version of Opera browser for Android. Opera has rebuilt the entire browser to provide Android mobile users with a full native, browsing experience on their devices.

The company stated,” The beta version launched today, the first iteration of the new generation of Opera browsers for smartphones, will give developers and first-movers in the mobile-app world access to Opera’s latest offering for Android users.”

Some key features of  Opera browser for Android are:

  • New look: Opera browser for Android sports a completely new user interface that is more elegant and built to the native specifications of the Android platform.
  • Discover feature: This provides a new way of discovering content on the web. From the Discover panel of the startup screen, users can read a selection of popular articles and dig deeper into their interests, such as sports, technology, lifestyle or news.
  • New, revamped Speed Dial: With the new Speed Dial, the bookmarks are fused together with the Speed Dial entries to provide a new experience. Users can easily group, organize and rename Speed Dial entries or gather them in folders — all with the touch of the thumb.
  • Off-Road mode: Opera for Android integrates the compression technology from Opera Mini, for faster browsing when conditions are rough.  When facing bad network or costly roaming while traveling, users can  switch to Off-Road mode and keep on surfing.
  • Combined search and address bar: Opera has combined the search and URL field for a more elegant UI and more intuitive input.
  •  Tabbed browsing:  With tabbed browsing, users can browse, open and sort all open browser windows on their phone. It even offers private browsing, just like the Opera desktop browser.
  •  History: With the easily accessible history mode, return to that page you saw earlier today fast — just swipe your finger to the right to access the content on the left on your home screen.
  •  Save for later: This feature lets the user download a complete webpage and read it later while offline. It’s perfect for reading long articles on flights without Wi-Fi or just when users don’t want to connect to the internet.

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Bharti Airtel & Opera Software Launch "Opera Web Pass" In India

operaOn Tuesday, Bharti Airtel and Opera Software announced the launch of Opera Web Pass for customers in India. Opera Web Pass aims to enable first-time mobile internet users in the country to subscribe to affordable and simple pay-as-you-go services for their Airtel mobile phones. To avail the service, a subscriber just needs to start Opera Mini on his mobile phone, click Opera Web Pass in the Speed Dial start page and choose from a list of web pass subscriptions, allowing Airtel mobile customers to purchase from a range of user-centric packages to suit their internet access needs.

Users have the option to purchase an hourly data plan, by paying a fee for one-hour subscription of mobile internet. They can opt for the unlimited data usage, by paying a flat fee for a 24-hour subscription and stay online throughout the day or choose the weekend subscription pack to browse the web just on weekends

Opera Web Pass is expected to provide an easy and flexible solution for accessing the web for mobile subscribers without data plans.

With Opera Web Pass, Airtel mobile users can:

  • Get instant access to the internet subscription that suits their needs
  • Enjoy simple time-and content-based charging
  • Get the right  level of cost control with the time-based or content-based packages
  • Stay informed by a pop-up when Opera Web Pass has expired or if they are about to access services subject to additional charges.

The Opera Web Pass leverages the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform.

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Opera Software Launches Opera Mediaworks – Mobile Advertising Platform

opera-mediaworksOpera Software has launched Opera Mediaworks, its fully-owned subsidiary which focuses on providing advertising, content distribution and monetization services to the global mobile marketplace. Opera Mediaworks services more than 80,000 mobile sites and mobile applications, managing more than 50 Billion ad impressions per month and enabling more than $400 Million dollars of publisher revenue in 2012. It services 20 of the top 25 global media companies and 70 of the top 100 Advertising Age advertisers — enabling a global audience reach of over 300 million monthly unique consumers.

Opera Mediaworks enables brands to reach their target audiences while making it possible for consumers to find, use and purchase the mobile content and services most relevant to their interests. It offers four service areas targeting advertisers, publishers, mobile operators and others that participate in the mobile economy:

Ad mediation and Ad exchange services: With AdMarvel and Opera Mediaworks Ad Exchange, the advertising ecosystem can easily harness ad-mediation, ad-serving and real-time-bidding (RTB) technologies that bring everyone in the mobile advertising value chain to one common marketplace and participate in a public or private exchange, with increased transparency and control of, advertising placement.

Mobile ad agency and networks: Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising are two of the leading premium mobile advertising networks spanning North America and Europe. Going beyond clicks and management offerings to advertisers, they enable some of the largest global brands to deliver rich media campaigns that engage and immerse mobile consumers.

Opera Mobile Store: Multi-platform app store, accessible from any web-enabled phone. It offers a highly flexible white-label app-store solution for mobile operators, as well as handset manufacturers and distributors.

Opera Payment Exchange (OPX): A payment-enablement solution that reduces friction for mobile publishers, payment providers and mobile operators, while building trust towards consumers. OPX allows operators and storefronts to gain merchandising intelligence and lower costs and to monetize their offerings.

Opera has also launched a new performance-based mobile advertising platform called Opera Mediaworks Performance. This platform aims to provide advertisers with comprehensive tools to better reach their target audience and acquire new customers. Based on the idea that mobile advertising should entice consumers to connect directly with the advertiser, Opera Mediaworks Performance facilitates real-time targeting and reporting on mobile ad campaigns.

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Opera Acquires Skyfire Labs – A Leader In Mobile Video Optimization & Cloud Solutions For Mobility

operaIn a move to broaden its mobile operator solutions beyond the browser, Opera Software has acquired Silicon Valley based Skyfire Labs, a leader in mobile video optimization and cloud solutions for mobility. The acquisition price includes a mix of cash and stock, with an upfront consideration of US$50 million (including US$8 million of cash on the Skyfire balance sheet) and performance based earn-out payments over three years, including US$26 million in cash held in escrow and funded upfront, that can bring the total deal size to $155 million. The acquisition is expected to close before March 15, 2013.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Skyfire is known for its Rocket Optimizer™ software. This allows mobile operators to leverage cloud computing to optimize virtually any video and other multimedia on crowded cell towers, including 3G and 4G LTE networks. Skyfire also offers Skyfire Horizon™, a mobile browser extension and toolbar platform that allows users to personalize their smartphone browser and operators to gain new monetization opportunities.

Commenting on the acquisition, Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software said,”Opera and Skyfire are a natural fit. Both companies have evolved far beyond their browser roots. Skyfire adds capabilities to our portfolio around video, app optimization, smartphones and tablets, and strength in North America. With video expected to consume over two-thirds of global mobile bandwidth by 2015, and as time spent on Android and iOS apps explodes, we are excited to extend Opera’s solutions for operators.”

After the deal closes, Jeffrey Glueck, CEO of Skyfire will assume the role of EVP of the Operator Business for Opera, as well as CEO of Skyfire, and will oversee the joint offerings for Opera across Opera Mini co-brand solutions for Operators and Skyfire’s product lines. Skyfire will remain an independent entity as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Opera, and will continue to develop and support the Skyfire browser.

The two companies envision a powerful new set of joint products to be released over the coming year by combining their talents and know-how. In particular, they look to expand on Opera’s Web Pass offering, which allows consumers to purchase innovative data plans such as an unlimited ‘day pass’ of popular apps and web sites for an affordable price, thanks to video and data optimization. WebPass can enable new business models for operators, such as toll free data, ad-supported data, and more.

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RCom Launches 'Special Privileges' An Online Shopping Service For Its Customers Offering Discounts On Leading Brands Across Categories

relianceReliance Communications has launched ‘Special Privileges’, an online shopping service for its customers, offering discounts on leading brands across categories. RCom has partnered with supply chain business firm, Martjack Exchange to offer the services in India.

RCom, President for Services, Anurag Prashar said,”This is our new year gift to our customers…We are confident that Special Privileges will provide completely new experience in terms of variety and convenience to RCOM customers across huge range of product categories.”

He added,” ‘Special Privileges’ will offer mix of both common home products as well as luxury goods across more than 15,000 products ranging from mobile phones, apparels, books, daily goods, electronic Goods and kitchen appliances among others. Reliance customers can receive the delivery of these goods through courier across more than 500 cities in the country.”

In order to avail the ‘Special Privileges’ service, RCom customers will have to sign in using their Reliance number.

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Opera And Neomobile To Bring One-Click Mobile Payments To Opera Mini

operaRecently Opera Software and Neomobile entered into a strategic partnership to bring mobile payment freedom to users of Neomobile services and the Opera Mini mobile browser. As part of the agreement with Opera Commerce, a fully-owned subsidiary of Opera Software, the Neomobile mobile payment system will be integrated into the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX).

OPX aims to make mobile payments a secure and easy experience for the more than 200 million Opera Mini users globally. Opera Mini users will be able to purchase goods and services in the countries where Neomobile service is offered, with the same advantages of all other mobile browser users. With Neomobile, transactions will be seamlessly billed directly to the users’ mobile phone bill.

Commenting on this partnership, Sameer Merchant, CEO, Opera Commerce said,“Opera strives to work with partners like Neomobile to strengthen the mobile-payment ecosystem for Opera Mini users through OPX. One by one, we want to partner with premium mobile payment service providers like Neomobile to give the convenience of mobile payments to our Opera Mini users.”

Opera Mini is one of the world’s leading mobile browsers with users on all mobile platforms. Opera’s browsers are also available for computers, TVs and connected devices, including Opera Mobile, the browser for high-end mobile devices. Opera has more than 275 million users all over the world.

Neomobile is the global mobile commerce group at the center of the new mobile ecosystem. Established in February 2007, today Neomobile is a global leader in mobile entertainment in 11 markets, in Europe, Latin America and India.

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UC Browser Adds New Download Services for iPhone Users

uc-browserGlobal mobile internet company UCWeb, Inc., announced on Monday that its flagship product, UC Browser is the only mobile browser to offer cloud download for the iPhone. The new English version (v8.9) optimizes the mobile browsing experience for iPhone users by combining cloud based webpage compression technology and intuitive designs which can reduce data traffic by up to 90 percent and provide users with more control over contents obtained from the internet. UC Browser v8.9 is available free on Apple’s iOS App Store.

Commenting on the enhancements to UC Browser, UCWeb Chief Product Officer, He Xiaopeng said, “iOS is our second largest smartphone platform and we continuously strive to improve the mobile internet experience of our iOS users. We believe that the new features embedded in our latest version will keep iPhone users in step with the most current mobile and cloud technologies – something that all iPhone users have come to expect.”

Key features for UC Browser v8.9 include:

  • Cloud Download makes it possible for users to download extremely large files or those from difficult-to-reach online sources by using UCWeb’s cloud server as the intermediary. Anyone with a UC Browser account can download files to the UCWeb server and then download to a local device with guaranteed speed and stability. A second benefit for cloud download is that mobile users will not be throttled by the poor mobile internet connection at the time of downloading, and users can use a better internet connection, such as WiFi, to download to local devices.
  • Download Manager is an intuitive management tool that help users manage their contents in an efficient manner. Downloaded files can automatically be sorted in to pre-categorized folders such as music, video, images, and zip files. The download manager also alerts the user prior to the file download in the event that the file is not compatible with the iPhone.  This prevents the user from downloading incompatible files, thus saving on both data cost and time. It also gives users more control over downloaded contents and allows digital formats such as MP3, video, eBooks, and more to be accessed only with UC Browser.
  • Watch Offline takes advantage of the uptake in video consumption to allow users to cache online video and watch it later. This feature makes online video viewing possible even in relatively slow network environments, with poor or no internet connections.  Once the video is cached to UC Browser, users can use UC Browser to view the video anytime, anywhere.

UC Browser is the largest mobile browser by user base.  Quick Reads, URL auto-completion, and efficient search box combined with neatly designed site navigation makes it the choice of 400 million users worldwide. UC Browser also supports Gesture Control, which allows users to open a new tab or switch between multiple tabs with the swipe of the fingers. It also allows the users to switch between Night-and-Day mode and shuffle the themes of the browser by simply shaking the device.

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