Over-the-top Video Revenue To Cross $20 billion by 2015 – ABI Research

abiAccording to a recent report by ABI Research, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Amazon helped drive the over-the-top (OTT) video market past $8 billion in 2012. The three largest markets—North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific—experienced YoY growth in excess of 50% in 2012. The continued spread of connected CE and increasingly mobile devices, like tablets, are expected to push the market past $20 billion by 2015.

senior analyst, Michael Inouye said,“The shift to digital and OTT distribution is accelerating, particularly as content providers increasingly warm up to these channels. While Pay-TV services are still afforded many advantages we are approaching the proverbial fork in the road when content owners will decide if they continue down the same path or forge ahead, shaking up the primary means of media distribution as we’ve known it.”

As per the report the dynamics around revenue generation continue to change and currently vary by region (e.g. subscriptions more significant in North America than Europe or Asia-Pacific). The report further said,”In time, however, we expect a greater diffusion of revenue across the various business models. For instance, in 2012 58% of OTT video revenue came from subscription service, but we anticipate this share to fall to less than 32% by 2018. In large part this is driven by a continual shift in consumer demand towards newer forms of digital content distribution.”

ABI practice director, Sam Rosen added,”While we still see great value and strength in the Pay-TV sector we are also starting to see the pieces that will accelerate change fall into place. Whether it’s Netflix expanding to International markets or ABC and CBS enhancing catch-up services the building blocks that will restructure the how, when, and where consumers view content are starting to give shape to a new media future. This future, however, isn’t devoid of traditional media nor is it a matter of new channels necessarily winning, but rather a redistribution of wealth within the value chain.”

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[24]7 Launches Visual Speech Solution

24-7[24]7, the intuitive customer experience company, has announced the launch of its [24]7 Visual Speech solution, a new service that transforms existing interactive voice response (IVR) into a next-generation mobile customer experience. The [24]7 Visual Speech aims to deliver a unified customer experience across IVR and mobile without losing the customer’s context. The new [24]7 solution is unique in the industry in leveraging predictive analytics and real-time decisioning.

[24]7 Visual Speech provides consumers using IVR systems with an advanced HTML5 mobile web experience without requiring the consumer to download a mobile application. The IVR guides the consumer to a successful transaction by bridging to the mobile web. By acquainting consumers with mobile self-service, the results are higher adoption of the mobile app, greater self-service automation, and a more engaging customer experience.

As a multimodal solution, [24]7 Visual Speech enhances the speech capabilities of an IVR with screen input and output, making it easy to complete complex tasks. Consumers can now take advantage of the visual interface of the smartphone to see complex data such as pictures, tables and forms. Entry of information can be done by touch, type, or speech, based on the consumer’s preference. The multimodal flexibility increases engagement and self-service completion.

[24]7 Visual Speech’s predictive analytics and real-time decisioning determine which IVR callers should be engaged with a multimodal experience, and precisely when to do so during the customer’s journey. By accurately predicting the individual consumer’s intent, [24]7 Visual Speech can offer multimodal experiences that increase the scope of tasks that can be easily completed in self-service.

[24]7’s multimodal solution gives consumers a way to move from IVR phone interactions to the mobile web using their smartphones. Initial results are evidence that consumers have a large appetite to use their smartphones for customer service. [24]7 is seeing consumer adoption rates for [24]7 Visual Speech greater than 80 percent with over 90 percent task completion success rates. A top three global credit card issuer deployed the solution and it is expected to handle more than 10 million interactions per year.

[Source: Business Wire India]

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Vuclip Acquires Mobile Video Streaming Company Jigsee

vuclipMobile video and media company Vuclip has acquired the core assets of Jigsee, a mobile video streaming company, for an undisclosed sum.

Vuclip aims to provide mobile video for consumers worldwide, regardless of device type or network quality, and by extension, deliver value to strategic business partners such as content providers, advertisers and carriers. According to Vuclip, this acquisition will bring it considerable mobile app development talent, as well as additional proprietary video streaming technologies. Consumers will now benefit from more ways to discover and experience mobile video content. Vuclip plans to offer new apps to complement its browser strategy, particularly in India, the Middle East and South East Asia.

“Jigsee saw the same huge opportunity that we did. Consumers in emerging markets are more often than not using low-cost smartphones, such as the Asha Series from Nokia or Android devices from Samsung, on constrained networks. This is a huge audience for the mobile ecosystem to reach — but requires creative problem-solving to ensure a quality user experience,” said Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO of Vuclip. “Vuclip tackles this problem with unique technology innovation on the browser side, while Jigsee approached it primarily with an application-based approach. The combination of these two will now deliver optimal value to consumers — on both feature phones and low-cost smartphones — as well as business partners in a way that no one else has done before and will accelerate our reach into new markets.”

Jigsee was founded in Canada by former DoubleClick and Nortel employees, and funded by Sequoia Capital and the Indian Angel Network. Jigsee launched its first consumer application in August 2011 and has received more than 10 million downloads to date.

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Video: Samsung's New Launches at CES US, Check out the Cool Gadgets Samsung is Launching

Samsung CES 2013 Press Conference was held on January 7(PST) in Las Vagas with the theme of ‘Discover the world of possibilities’. At the conference, Samsung introduced full of innovative products including Smart TV F8000, 85′ UHD TV, Series 7 Chronos, NX 300.. Check out the Samsung’s Full Press  Video Conference at CES 2013

See the Press Conference (49 mints) Video (Full version) 

Let us know what do you think.



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Vimeo Launches New App For Xbox 360

vimeoYesterday, Vimeo released its new app for Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE online entertainment platform that allows Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers to sit back and watch high quality videos on their HD televisions. According to the company, the new app seamlessly integrates Vimeo’s distinct feel, function, and content with the unique features of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Commenting on this launch, Kerry Trainor , Vimeo’s CEO said,”We always want to give people the highest quality tools to shoot, share and watch their videos on any device. By launching the Vimeo app on Xbox 360, Vimeo brings the joy of sharing and viewing videos on an HD TV to millions more households.”

The new Vimeo app takes advantage of the Xbox 360 experience in a number of ways. With the help of this app, users can utilize both the hand controller and Kinect voice and gesture controls to search, browse and play videos. Vimeo users can sync their Vimeo profile with their Xbox LIVE account for a streamlined experience that keeps them logged in, tells them when their Xbox LIVE friends are watching Vimeo videos, and lets them share videos they like with Facebook friends. Whether they want to VJ their next house party or just sit back for a few hours and watch beautiful videos, members can curate a collection of their favorite videos into a Vimeo album that will continuously play back on a TV.

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Video: The Future of Social TV a Discussion from Mashables Media Summit

This is an interesting video on “The Future of Social TV-  increase  TV viewership”, which I came across and thought of sharing it with our readers. This is a discussion featuring 3 of the world’s top Social TV  entrepreneurs. This will give an idea why Social TV makes sense in India and how Social TV works.

The video is a bit old but it is still relevant

People discussing :

Christina Warren, Entertainment Editor, Mashable
Alex Iskold, Founder and CEO, GetGlue
Jesse Redniss, Vice President, Digital, USA Networks
Tom Thai, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Bluefin Labs

YouTube Preview Image

Courtsey: Mashable

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Video: Time for Social TV is Now

If the internet was considered a wave, mobile is a tsunami. And now’s the time, as marketers, to jump in and start to shape where mobile goes next – especially with Social TV. Came across a very interesting video on Forbes.com . Do have a look. I strongly believe Social TV is the next big thing for India. With Twitter and Facebook playing major roles in our lives, TV engagement will reach new frontiers in coming years.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to know more on how Social TV could be the next big thing for TV Channels , reach out to me.

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Video: The New Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC

These smartphones are the first in a family of signature models built with the new Windows Phone 8 operating system. Both models are available in multiple colors and boast iconic design, studio-quality sound with Beats Audio™, and incredible camera capabilities.

YouTube Preview Image


Get all the details about these phones at www.htc.com.

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Video: IPhone5 Official Trailer

For Apple creating an entirely new design meant inventing entirely new technology. Have a look at the following video which is the official trailer of IPhone 5.

YouTube Preview Image

Apple’s Press Release

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Video: Latest Facts and Figures on Indian eCommerce and Technology on Retail Sector -2012

Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google India Limited speaking at the TN Retail Conference organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry. Here is the thought leader speak on impact of eCommerce and technology on retail sector and companies can leverage this.

If you are looking to grasp the Indian eCommerce space in fifteen minutes and a clear perspective on where it is heading, there is no one better to address this than Google’s Rajan Anandan

Please take notes. Excellent stats/numbers from the Google guy.


YouTube Preview Image


Via : Confederation of Indian Industry

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