List of eCommerce/Online Shopping sites in India

In India, E-commerce is increasing at a fast pace. The E-commerce market in India was estimated to be Rs. 19,688 crore in 2009 and is expected to grow to Rs. 37,000 crore this year. There are a whole bunch of shopping sites in India and many are being launched on a monthly basis. People use these sites to shop for things from electronic gadgets, books to fashion apparels etc.

I have tried to create an exhaustive list to create a track of the ecommerce scene in India. Do update the comments section if I have missed any of the sites.

Last updated : 14 February, 2013


1. Fashion & Lifestyle

2. Custom designed T-shirt, mug, calendar etc,,

3. Footwear,
Metro Shoes
Bata Shoes

4. Babies, Kids,Mothercare,

5. Gifts, cakes etc.,

6. Books,

7. Chocolates, Sweets and bakery items

8. Artwork auction

9. Movie ticket booking

10. Rent a movie,

11. Online travel ticketing and hotel booking,

12. Airlines portals,
Indian Airlines

13. B2C ( Multiple products ),
Rediff Shopping
(Discounted Offers)

14. Deal a day,
Buzzintown Deals
(For Corporates)

15. Electronics, Gadgets, Watches, Phones,

16.  Jewellery,

17. Lingerie

Straps and Strings,
Ngal Originals

Victoria’s Secret India

18. Sports

19. Health, Fitness, Beauty, Wellness, Eye

Health Shoppe


20. Perfumes


21. Groceries, Vegetables, Fruits

22. Real Estate

23. Pets Commerce 

24. Tools, home & garden category

25. Cab Rental

26. Carpool Sites

26. Automobile Industry

27.  Furniture, Furnishings, Home Decor


(This list was originally compiled by . I have updated it with more  sites and categories.)

13 Years in the Mobile , Web, Consumer Apps, eCommerce space.


  1. Amit Gupta says:

    Very useful. Thanks.

  2. salil says: is missing

  3. Mayur Pathak says:

    You have missed in the list of deal sites. :-)

  4. Ananat says: is missing from the sports category.

  5. June Pinto says:

    Hi Sidhaarthaa,
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    Good Work.

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  8. Aditya says:

    Hey how about It is a social media platform around offers. An innovative approach for shoppers to explore discounts, offers & sale around them and for businesses to promote their offers.
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  9. George says:

    How about is a global marketplace available to the indian market as well. What is unique is that is a social marketplace and has lots of unique social features.

  10. Rana Atheya says: is creating a new category, Pets, in ecommerce space

  11. GIZMEUP says: is an ecommerce store dealing with all kind of gadgets.

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  13. Vilas says:

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  14. Rahul says: – A premier website for baby products is not in the list

  15. ankit says:

    Hey sidhaarthaa,

    do also please include – for beauty and wellness products with more than 4000 products listed

  16. Abhishek says:

    Hi Sidhaartha, may request a favor! – a platform for business to promote their offers and helps shoppers to explore offers around them!


  17. ramas says:

    If you are looking for Taxi services in India, then in think the best to communicate with
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  18. Hey Siddharth,

    kindly update for IT peripherals,Hottest mobile phone deals, Digital cameras and iPhones for the best prices across the country.

  19. Harish says:

    Can you include our price comparison website AtRightPrice The website provides price comparison for mobiles, cameras and laptops across several online stores mentioned in your article as well as others. Our website will soon also display TVs and Tablets. We continuously add new stores for all categories. We recently added Koovs and timtaara.

  20. Rahul says:

    Can you please include our online cab rental portal . we provide all kind of car rental services (local, outstation, airport pickup and drops) in all the major cities in India.

  21. Rajan says: a specialized eCommerce store for tools, home & garden category products in India

  22. Jagdeep says: is missing in your list.

  23. Aakash says:

    You can add the following websites in Fashion and Lifestyle Category.

    In Health Category:

  24. Arnab says: – gift to facebook and email friends without needing their address
    Also group gifting

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this. I would like to let you know that there is one more leading shopping site in India and that is It is a JV of TATA Steel and SAIL.You can include this site in the list.

  26. Ankaj says:

    Hi Sidhaartha,

    Can you also include It is an online shopping website that offers an impressive range of handmade products.

  27. majorbrands says:

    I would like to introduce you online shopping website for branded products, like shoes, footwear, clothes, cosmetics, watches, sunglasses, handbags and many more from

  28. Radhika says:

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  29. where is website which is an e-commerce and also a price comparison website for Electronic devices like Phones, Laptops, Cameras and much more Electronic devices coming very soon.

  30. Rahul Sharma says:

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  31. Anupam says:

    Hi Sidhaarthaa,you can one more shopping site which is

  32. Rohit Gupta says:

    Hi Sidhaarthaa,

    You missed to add ( The Private Sales) .. and there are many more to add which you have missed or would be launched soon…

    A site I was involved with Add this also.

    Rohit Gupta
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  33. Rohit Gupta says:

    Hi Sidhhrthaa,

    I would advice you add a new category in your list:

    Online Company Stores .. like or wherein they sell their products only.

    Rohit Gupta
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  34. Manoj says:

    I will suggest one more site to be added in this list is, a website that allows you to shop toys and other gift items for your kids.

  35. TOTO says:

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  36. ras says:

    i think everyone missed worlds best travel websites
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  37. Sanjay says:

    Looks like you missed
    Gifts and Lifestyle Category.

  38. rishi says:

    Good listing got to know so many new websites.
    Include for best deal across all store

  39. Gaurav says:

    Real Fashion for Real Men

  40. Anil says:

    You missed to add they have high end men’s accessories and sell their range to most of e-commerce sites in India and in more then 50 countries.

  41. Rahul says:

    Thanks Rishi for suggesting this site They have a great deals ,coupons and offers from top stores.

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    in the catagory of Groceries include

  43. Harneet says:

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    Its a fast-growing comprehensive e-commerce portal for the Automotive Industry!


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  48. Sanjay says:

    Hey ,

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    Appreciate your effort in putting all these together.


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  50. I think one more to add to the list…Centric to sports n fitness enthusiast as well as promoting Indian brands like GKI and SM

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  54. Rihanna says:

    Also add a Real Estate segment – has great deals on real estate.

  55. Amit says:

    For sport enthusiast, there is one more option available with very good discount on all branded products.

  56. Jassi says:

    there is a new website featuring fantastic offers and produts.

  57. amol says:

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  59. rituraj says:

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  60. Amit says:

    Please add the following sites from Carpool Industry : / /

  61. Neha says: is also a great deal aggregator …it gives the best deals and discounts everyday

  62. arvind says:

    make a product wise list

  63. Shivani says:

    It is a very good website which is selling wide variety of products ranging from home decors, electronics, mobiles, consumer durables, home appliances, kitchen appliances, handicrafts, fashion accessories etc

  64. Ankur says:


    There is one more site to be added –

  65. Vamsi says:

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  66. buntea says:

    You missed . Awesome Indian niche ecommerce store for geek toys and gadgets. Great Site and Great Service.

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  73. Ragu says:

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  75. Niharika says:

    A very interesting list, thanks for giving us so many options. You forgot to add two beauty websites that I shop from:

  76. shukla says:

    are there any furniture retail websites available, where one can easily purchase furniture’s such as table,bed, center table etc.

  77. Birendra says:

    Dear Sidhaarthaa,

    Please add in the list of “4. Apparels, Bags”

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    PosterGully is India’s largest Pop-Art Store that sells Posters, Art Prints, key chains, badge packs and other cool stuff online. Cash on delivery available pan India!

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  85. Aftab says: is missing in jewellery category.

  86. AmitTukrul says: is one more online shopping site which you have missed to add. Its is an ecommerce website. Kindly add this also in a list.

  87. Ankur says:

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  88. viki says:
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  89. parul says:

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  96. Abhishek says:

    NEW B2C ( Multiple products ) SITE.

  97. Mohit says:

    Hi, may I suggest adding Yellow Giraffe, – an online toy store for kids. It’s quite focused on toys and I quite like the way they have designed it, especially the emphasis on skills

  98. sunil says:

    Missed out,

  99. Akhilesh says:

    Zigwheels, quickr, olx

  100. Rahul Roy says:

    Hey siddhartha
    you have missed
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