List of Internet Payment Gateways in India

Following is a list of major online  payment gateways in India. If you come across any new gateways please put it on the comments section.

Last updated 4th December,2012

1) CcAvenue
2) DirecPay (operated by TimesMoney group),
3) EBS (collaboration with Axis bank,HDFC and Citibank Bank),
4) ABC Payments (operated by IndiaMart), Discontinued since 2008
5) HDFC,
6) ICICI Payseal
7) Transecute
8 ) PayU (MIH Venture)
9) IndiPay
10) Atom
11) Techprocess
13) PayTm

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    IndiaPay – IndiaPay Payment Engine Launched in India – An enterprise-wide online payment processing platform for routing commercial payments between buyers, suppliers and their financial institutions.

  2. 2

    EBS is associated with multiple acquiring banks. Axis is one of three banks. Other banks are Citibank and HDFC Bank.

    ABC Payments is not operating as payment gateway service provider since 2009

    Vidhi Bhatt
    E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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