LinkedIn Introduces New Look For Its Groups

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linkedin logoFollowing the launch of University Pages, LinkedIn has introduced a new look to one of its popular products- LinkedIn Groups.  The new streamlined look aims to enable Group managers and Group members to customize and visually differentiate their conversation space.

LinkedIn has more than 2 million Groups created around almost every topic imaginable — from entrepreneurship, philanthropy and careers to social and digital marketing. These communities have become places where the Group members exchange and share their experiences, business knowledge, interests and ideas with other like-minded professionals daily. According to LinkedIn, more than 200 conversations happening each minute across LinkedIn Groups and more than 8,000 Groups created each week.

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Now Directly Upload Images, Documents, and Presentations To Your LinkedIn Status Updates

linkedin logoAfter allowing users to to add rich media to their profile, LinkedIn has rolled out a similar functionality for status updates posted from the homepage.

Announcing this, the blog stated,”You may have seen that we recently enabled the ability for you to add rich media to your profile to help you visually showcase your professional story and accomplishments. Starting today, you can now also directly upload images, documents, and presentations to the updates you share from the LinkedIn Homepage. This new feature is rolling out to all members around the world over the next few weeks.”

This new feature will enable LinkedIn users to easily share presentations, pictures of inspirational quotes, infographics and any such rich media content as status updates.

To get started, users have to click on the paperclip on the right side of their share box on the LinkedIn Homepage and start uploading images or files that visually enhance what they have to say. In order to attach a video or other rich media content that is hosted already on another site, users have to simply paste in the URL into the share box to add it to their update.LinkedIn has also introduced the ability to directly upload images and files to 2.9 million Company Page admins.


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LinkedIn Introduces New Navigation Bar

linkedin logoAfter launching the redesigned Homepage, the new Profile, and the recently revamped mobile application, LinkedIn has introduced the new LinkedIn navigation bar.

Announcing this, the LinkedIn blog stated,”Over the last year and half we’ve had the chance to learn quite a bit from you about the types of changes that add the most value to your daily professional life, and we’ve brought some of these learnings to the new navigation. When approaching this re-design, we analyzed years of navigation data to determine which links were adding the most value for you, and which could be removed to create a more focused and streamlined experience. We also observed how useful Search was as a productivity tool, and aligned the search box with the results page, for fine-tuned search efficiency.”

The new navigation has a simplified menu of tabs to enable users quickly and easily locate the features and content that are of most value to them. LinkedIn has also moved the search bar front and center to make easier than ever to discover and find what users are looking for on LinkedIn.

The blog further stated:”We’ve also ensured that your settings and other account options are a click away. Just hover over your profile picture in the upper right hand corner and the drop down menu gives you quick access to your account options, language and settings.”

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LinkedIn India Crosses the 20 Million Member Milestone

linkedin logoOnline professional network LinkedIn today announced that its India member base has crossed the 20 million mark, gaining the critical mass significant enough to represent a world-class city full of professionals and students. This city, “City of LinkedIn India”, would have a “member population” comparable to that of Mumbai’s total metropolitan area, and larger than that of many countries in the world.

City of LinkedIn India’s diverse “population” of 20 million comprises professionals at various stages of their careers, entrepreneurs and students, connected by a common interest – becoming even more successful and productive in the professional lives. Some interesting facts about the “personality” of this city are depicted here, including:

— Top 3 industries: IT Services, Computer Software and Accounting

— Top 3 skills include Management, Sales and Training

— Bollywood (1565), Yoga (4775), Cricket (2924) and Curry (231) are some interesting keywords mentioned by members in their LinkedIn profiles

— Most InDemand Employers: TCS, Infosys and IBM

— Ganganagar, Jalandhar and Delhi-NCR are the top 3 locations where people love their jobs

Having grown by almost 500% since LinkedIn India started operations in November 2009, the 20 million members currently account for about 9% of LinkedIn’s global members (225+ million), and positions India as the second largest member country after the United States (74 million members). Within the Asia Pacific region which has more than 40 million members, India topped the list, followed by countries such as Australia (4+ million), Indonesia (2+ million), Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines (each 1+ million).

Since its inception, the team at LinkedIn India has been focused on helping professionals become more productive and successful with innovative tools and offerings.

Commenting on this milestone, Nishant Rao, LinkedIn India’s Country Manager, said, “While we have come of age in India, we still have a long runway to grow with our members and clients. Helping members get the most out of the LinkedIn platform remains our primary focus, and it’s exciting to see professionals in India continuing to leverage LinkedIn in multiple ways, from enhancing their professional profiles with rich media content and growing their global networks, to gaining insights for their businesses and finding career opportunities. This is helping to create economic opportunities for all.”

“The growth of our member base and clients in India over the last few years is a testament to the value we are adding to our members’ lives every single day. And that is the result of the disruptive power of the LinkedIn platform and the passion of our people,” he added.

LinkedIn’s 20 million members in India also translates into an expanding world of opportunities for its clients. Nishant added, “Our clients play an incredibly important role in helping enrich the lives of our members by sponsoring / sharing relevant content that make our members more productive, and providing business & career opportunities that help make them more successful.”

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions are being used by several brands such as AMEX, Volkswagen, Wipro and HopSim to target specific audiences, build communities, and engage in conversations with these professionals using customized solutions and relevant content. ING Vysya, HCL Technologies and WABAG are amongst the companies that are extensively using LinkedIn Talent Solutions to proactively establish an employment brand, develop their career pages and boost their recruiters’ ability to identify and connect with the best talent.

LinkedIn India is headquartered in Mumbai, with two offices in Gurgaon and a Technology Centre in Bengaluru, a first outside of the US.


[Source: Business Wire India]

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Evolution Of LinkedIn In The Last 10 Years ( Slideshow)

linkedin logoFounded in 2003, in a living room in Palo Alto, LinkedIn has evolved over the past 10 years. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become an integral part of our professional lives. We use LinkedIn for a multitude of services – to connect with one another, find and pursue new business opportunities, discover and share information and insights, as well as to find the right talent, the right opportunity.

Here’s a slide show representing the evolution of the LinkedIn Homepage over the last 10 years:

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linkedin logoPopular professional network LinkedIn has introduced the visual content feature for its users.

Announcing this feature, the LinkedIn blog stated:”For the first time, you will now have the ability to showcase your unique professional story using rich, visual content on your LinkedIn profile. This means you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling videos, innovative presentations and more. From the analyst who makes annual predictions on tech trends to the 3D animator who is looking to fund a new short film, the opportunities are limitless for how professionals can now use the LinkedIn profile to help showcase these unique stories in a visual way.”

To begin sharing their achievements and creations on their profile, users can simply select “edit” on their profile then follow the prompts in their “Summary,” “Experience” and “Education” sections. Other members can also “like” or comment on what a user has posted.

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LinkedIn Introduces Revamped Mobile App With New Dsign & Features

linkedin logoOn Wednesday, LinkedIn introduced its revamped mobile app that aims to make it easier for its members to quickly discover and engage with the stream of information being shared across the website.

Announcing this, the blog stated,”Today, we’re excited to unveil a brand new mobile phone experience, completely revamped with the general professional and everyday use case in mind. We want to make it easier for our members to quickly discover and engage with the rich professional insights being shared across LinkedIn to help them make smarter decisions from wherever they may be working. We’ve designed the new LinkedIn mobile phone app for every professional, with a richer and more engaging stream and more personalization features.”

The LinkedIn mobile app has been completely redesigned to create more interactions throughout the app. It will provide users with relevant and timely professional insights, a brand new navigation page, and expanded language offerings. The LinkedIn Mobile app now includes Dutch and Norwegian for iPhone, and Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian for Android. This brings the total count to 15 available languages for both apps, including Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian.


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LinkedIn Acquires News Reading Application Pulse

linkedin logoOnline prefessional network LinkedIn has acquired Pulse, a news reading application for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web reportedly for a sum of $90 Million.

The LinkedIn blog stated,”We believe LinkedIn can be the definitive professional publishing platform – where all professionals come to consume content and where publishers come to share their content. Pulse is a perfect complement to this vision. Pulse’s core value proposition is to help foster informed discussions that spark the decisions shaping the world around us through news and information. This shared view that the power of professional information and knowledge can transform lives and the world makes LinkedIn and Pulse a particularly great fit. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working side by side with the Pulse team to create new and better ways to help professionals contribute to and leverage this collective body of business knowledge to help them be great at what they do and from wherever they work.”

It further added:”In the meantime, Pulse will continue to deliver the news you care about and will remain the great experience you count on everyday.”

The Pulse blog stated: ” With LinkedIn by our side, our team will continue to make Pulse the best it can be. We’re still working together on the product you love, and will continue to provide an innovative and visual news reading experience. For now, the Pulse apps will remain the same, and our two teams are excited to work together to create cool and useful new offerings.”

Pulse will be offering a brand new LinkedIn Influencer feed on its website, filled with posts by luminaries like Richard Branson, Jack Welch, and more.

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LinkedIn Introduces Unified Search and New Features To Enable a Smarter Search

linkedin logoPopular professional network LinkedIn has introduced the ‘unified search’  so that users do not have to search for people, companies, or jobs separately. The company blog stated,”We’ve unified the search experience so you no longer need to search for people, companies, or jobs separately. Now, all you need to do is type what you’re looking for into the search box and you’ll see a comprehensive page of results that pulls content from all across LinkedIn including people, jobs, groups and companies.”

Besides this, LinkedIn has also added new features to enable a smarter search:

  • Auto-complete – When users’ type search terms, this feature prompts them with various options.
  • Suggested searches – Users’ searching for a particular term, say “product manager”, will see example search queries for people or jobs related to product manager as well as a preview of top results to help them find what they’re looking for in one click.
  • Smarter query intent algorithm – The more a user searches for content on LinkedIn, the more it learns and understands his/her intent over time to provide the most relevant results.
  • Enhanced advanced search – With this feature, a user can deepen his/her search with filters like location, company, school and more.
  • Automated alerts – This feature save time by saving a user’s searches and provides alerts when the results change.

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LinkedIn Unveils New LinkedIn Jobs To Simplify Job Search

linkedin logoPopular professional social network LinkedIn has unveiled the new LinkedIn Jobs that aims simplify Job search. The LinkedIn blog stated,”Here at LinkedIn, we want to help you find your dream job and the new LinkedIn Jobs experience has been completely redesigned to connect you with the right career opportunities and tools to help you take advantage of those opportunities. Beyond the new look and feel, we’ve also made significant improvements to enable better management of your job search.”

The key features of this update are:

  • A brand new feature that highlights opportunities at companies where you have an ‘in’ such as a first degree connection who can refer and help you
  • Deeper job searches using Advanced Search options to target open positions by country and zip code, industry and function.
  • A quicker way to see the latest jobs by surfacing new results from your saved searches
  • Easier access to “Jobs you may be interested in” to help you effortlessly find opportunities based on information in your LinkedIn Profile
  • With “Save Job” feature, you can keep track of jobs you are interested in on your LinkedIn Jobs page

Besides these,  if you are a LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium subscriber, you can use the Advanced Search feature to find jobs that meet your salary requirements. You’ll also receive tips from LinkedIn experts to improve your job search.


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