[Infographic] iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features: Surprising Expectations

So what’s in store for future iPhones? We can get some clues from Apple patents registered with the U.S. Trademark and Office. Apple is developing an audio jack to double as a headphone jack, plus an audio transducer that doesn’t need a grille to emit sound. That means future iPhones can be totally enclosed or water-proofed. Another patent talks about combining motion analyzer, scenery analyzer, and lockout mechanism to detect if you’re driving and disable Messages Apps. With the increasing text-induced car accidents, expect this feature sooner than later.

Yet another patent indicates that Apple is cooking an intelligent Home Page that brings up the app you need for specific scenarios like when you need to show an electronic ticket in an airport or an e-coupon at a counter. The patent uses location-based signals and tracks user data patterns like calendars, emails, notes, etc. to predict when to bring up the app.

But let’s not talk about the future; rather, let’s see what iPhone users want today.

apple iphone features

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Infographic: Portrait of a Mobile Consumer looks at how mobile consumerism is developing and the path it might take over the coming years

Vouchercloud has published a very interesting infographic called Portrait of a Mobile Consumer’ and it looks at how mobile consumerism is developing and the path it might take over the coming years.

PoaMCBy vouchercloud

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Zepo : India E-Commerce Census 2013-14 .Your neighborhood businessman goes online!

Ecommerce is to small businesses today, what the telephone was in the 90’s – another great medium to take orders!

5 years ago, a designer running a boutique in the HauzKhas village in Delhi, wouldn’t have thought it was possible to sell her dresses all the way to a customer in Chennai. With the growing usage of internet and social media, the far-fetched has become a reality now. And it won’t be long before you find every business in the neighborhood handing out business cards with not just telephone numbers but their website address too!

Zepo, an ecommerce platform, based out of Mumbai, is playing its part in trying to facilitate small retailers and manufacturers across India, setup their own exclusive retail space on the web; their own online stores at literally half the cost.

It recently concluded a survey of the 900+ online stores operating on its platform. The figures not only substantiate the claims that ecommerce is becoming a preferred point of sale among SMEs but also provides insights into the ecommerce trends of small businesses.

India Ecommerce Census

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The Indian Digital Advertising Landscape – An Infographic by SVG Media

svg-mediaIn an attempt to demystify the complex structure of the digital advertising industry in India, SVG Media has created and released the Indian digital advertising landscape. The landscape maps the digital advertising industry in India, its layers of operations, players in each category, the flow of funds and services.

Inspired by LUMAscape (developed by the LUMA Partners globally), the Indian landscape pictorially represents the digital advertising eco-system and gives a bird’s eye view of the leading players and the service providers.  It carefully maps a few players in each segment of the digital advertising industry such as:  agencies (360 degree solutions provider, creative, SEO, search, social and mobile), Demand-Side Platforms, Retargeting networks, measurement and analytics firms, search/social and email marketing platforms, ad-exchanges, Data Management Platforms, Data suppliers and aggregators, ad- networks (horizontal, rich media, mobile, performance, vertical representation), Publishers (vertical, social and horizontal), Supply Side Platforms, publisher tools, ad-servers etc.

The Indian digital advertising landscape is intended to serve as a reference point for those trying to comprehend the jargon associated with the digital advertising world and ad technology. Every category in the Indian digital advertising landscape has been mapped as per its relevance to India in order to give an indicative overview of the industry.
svg media


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Mobile Apps : The India Growth Story (Infographic)

With the growth of the Smart phones and Tablets in India , the Mobile App economy has seen significant growth over the years and it surely is one of the hottest space to be in India today. Vserv had published an infographic to show case the growth of the Mobile Apps economy in India.

The India Growth STory -Mobile Apps


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Infographic On How The Digital Video Market is Evolving – comScore


Here’s an interesting infographic by comScore that explores the ever evolving digital video market:


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Inforgraphic: Top 100 Gadget Blogs To Follow In 2013. WirelessDuniya in the List.



Top 100 Gadget Blogs 2013Coupon Audit has published an infographic about the Top 100 Gadget Blogs to follow in 2013 . WirelessDuniya gets a mention.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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Infographic: Youtube – From Zero to 4 Billion video viewes a day in 2013

Journey of Youtube over the past eight years. A very nice infographic created by ShortyMedia.


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Infographic: The Future Of The Phone Call

acme-packetThe telecom industry has gone through a variety of dramatic changes since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. This infographic by Acme Packet  takes you through a history of communications including the three major inflection points, as well as offers a forward-thinking look about communications in the future.  A sampling of data includes:

  • In 2010, 188 billion texts were sent per day (compared to 14 billion in 2000)
  • The average voice minutes used per month dropped in 2011 (638) when compared to 2010 (720)
  • In 2016, there will be 20.3 trillion OTT messaging services

acme infographic

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