Mobile Marketing Association Unveils Final Privacy Policy Guidelines for Mobile Apps

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) raised the curtain on its finalized MMA Mobile Application Privacy Policy, which is being hailed as the first guidelines document of its kind that addresses the core privacy issues and data processes of many mobile applications.

As MMW previously reported, the MMA Mobile Application Privacy Policy was created by the MMA Privacy & Advocacy Committee in response to the rapid growth in mobile app popularity among smartphone users and mobile marketers.

“Mobile app developers asked for clear, transparent policy language that consumers can quickly and fully understand,” says MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart. “Today’s release, the first in a series of privacy policy guidelines that the MMA is creating with input from industry leaders, gives the app development community the meaningful support they need.”

The key issues addressed in the guidelines include:

  • Annotated guidance on core privacy principles and consumer-friendly language for developers to consider using
  • Ways to inform users on how data is obtained and used
  • Guidance on security and confidentiality of information

“Privacy policies are a key consumer disclosure tool for app developers and important to establishing and maintaining consumer trust,” adds Alan Chapell, Co-chair of the MMA Privacy & Advocacy Committee. “Our guidelines offer developers the foundation from which to craft a document that reflects the privacy practices of each of their apps and helps them stay in compliance with applicable law and industry standards. We urge app developers to consult with their legal counsel when adapting these guidelines for their purposes.”

Via : Mobile Marketing Watch

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    Kudos to MMA. Keep going rocking !!

    So also consider to form an All India VAS Players Association to represent Value Added Services Proviers’ grievances to TRAI/DoT. Because the VAS Players play a vital role in bringing the Telecom Operators’ products & services as and when they are launched. VAS Player’s role is very crucial and critical in churning the revenues (increase in ARPU) for the Operator.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,
    MMRAO |

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