India becomes the second largest market for Linkedin !!

The Linkedin user base in India has reached the 14 million mark, making India the second largest market for the world’s largest professional network. In the last 3 years, the Linkedin User base in India has had a phenomenal growth rate of 300%. Linkedin is now a primary source of networking for these professionals. One of the key factors leading to this growth in India could be the fact that Linkedin could reach its users in English.

Apart from regular users, Linkedins B2B business is picking up too. Many Indian firms like Wipro, Cisco, SAP and Huawei are increasingly using Linkedin to connect with employees, vendors and business partners. Linkedin has also launched India-specific pricing for some of its recruitment products such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Jobs Network and Talent Direct.

Linkedin is also planning to monetize its mobile app with advertising. The 700 million plus mobile user base in India could be a great opportunity for LinkedIn.

Source: Economic Times

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