List of Hosted eCommerce Platforms in India With Support for Indian Payment Gateways

eCommerce in India has seen a tremendous  growth and more and more brands/entrepreneurs are getting into the eCommerce bandwagon. The biggest challenge to start up is cost and management of technology . Not everyone wants to or can get into managing a team or spend lot of money on developing a site from scratch. The hosted model is basically a managed services model, best for anyone who wants to get started very quickly in a very less budget (paid monthly or quarterly or yearly)  , who doesn’t want to bother about technology operations, everything is managed by the platform provider. You can just focus on marketing and sales.

A hosted platform provides all  the features necessary for your online store, from Logistics support to integration of payment gateways and shipping modules at a much better cost. Specially for start-ups, who don’t have a lot of cash to throw around.

Here is a growing list of eCommere platforms in India which supports Indian Payment gateways and Logistics.





Comparison of the Hosted eCommerce Platforms in India

Hosted eCommerce Platforms Comparison

If you know more hosted platforms which supports Indian Payment gateways , do put it on the comments section and I will be happy to update it.

If you are looking to set up a eCommerce store and don’t know how to go about it ? which will be the best model ?
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A list of eCommerce/Online Shopping sites in India can be found here





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