Comparing the Specialist Levels for the EMC Data Center Architect Certification Track

Within the EMC Data Center Architect certification track, there are four available specialties: storage networking, information availability, information storage security, and storage service management. All four of these offer candidates the ability to earn an associate level certification. This level of certification is highly desirable for candidates who are still in school, are recent graduates with few certifications, or who have recently switched to the IT profession from other career paths.

However, for candidates who have additional experience and expertise, the EMC specialist level is more desirable than the associate level of certification. Currently, all four specialties within the Data Center Architect track offer specialist level certification, but the specialist certification exams for Information Storage Security and Storage Service Management are being retired. This leaves only the Storage Networking and Information Availability specialties as potentials for candidates who wish to obtain the specialist level of certification.

Candidates pursuing the EMC Storage Networking specialty need to pass the E20-016 Storage Networking Design Specialist exam. Candidates who wish to pursue the Information Availability specialty need to pass the E20-017 Information Availability Design Specialist exam. In order to pass either exam, candidates will need to be able to have leadership skills in transforming classic data centers into virtualized ones. They’ll need to be able to apply domain-specific information storage infrastructure design concepts and best practices to their transformations.

In addition to their education and experience, candidates interested in pursing specialist level certifications through EMC should take advantage of the exam preparation offered through TestsLive. Alternately, EMC offers training courses and practice exams.


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