PayU India Introduces Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Facility

payuPayU India, a flagship company of Naspers Group, has launched its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility, which will enable enterprises to accept payments from customers via telephone.  The PayU IVR facility aims at providing business owners with a cost-effective way to acquire new customers beyond the online customer base.

Commenting on this, Nitin Gupta, co-founder and country head, PayU India said,”Through our online payment gateway offering, we are already helping the merchants to reach the internet using population which is roughly around 150 million in India. However PayU’s IVR offering opens new channels for merchant’s business growth as it helps them to tap a consumer base of more than 700 million mobile and landline phone users in India.”

He added that, in implementing IVR, the telesales executive will simply inform the caller that he or she can complete their payment process via an interactive voice response feature. He further added,”After the customer’s consent, the executive connects him with PayU’s IVR payment facility. At this juncture, the call is controlled by an automated interactive voice response system.  This gives the customer, a much needed security to transact comfortably. Once the customer confirms the transaction amount and his/her phone number, he/she can proceed to enter the credit card information. The payment process gets over as soon as the customer punches in the one-time password (OTP) procured from the card issuing bank.”

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