Mobile Consumption of professionally produced video content grew to one bn in Q2 2012

According to latest data from Freewheel, the mobile consumption of professionally produced video content grew to one billion in Q2 2012, doubling since Q1 2012. Some of the key findings of the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report are:

  • The market for video advertising is expanding at a faster rate than the viewing of content. The volume of videos viewed increased 10% YoY while volume of  video ads increased 68% in the same time period.
  • Video loads for long-form content went up from an average of 6 video ads in Q1 2012 to an average of 8 in Q2 2012. During the same period, though mid-form content ad loads also saw nominal increases, the short-form content ad loads held steady.
  • Video ad completion rates for all content lengths increased since Q1 2012. While the long-form content completion rate went up to 91% in Q2 2012, the mid-form and short-form content saw completion rates of 80% and 69% respectively.
  • Mid-roll and post-roll ad formats grew at a faster rate than pre-roll ad format. This correlates to the increased number of advertising pods in long- and mid-form content, as well as higher video ad loads per pod, since these content lengths permit more advertising slots.

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