TIL launches new shopping app for Android Phones

Times Internet Limited (TIL) has launched a new shopping app for Android phones. With the help of this new app, Users can view the entire product range that Indiatimes Shopping  has for mobiles , compare prices as well as pay with easy payment options.

To compare the product prices listed on India Times Shopping with other websites, the users have to scan the QR code or ISBN code of the product using their mobile’s camera. These codes are mapped to a unique product and are used to compare with prices on other e-commerce sites. This unique product also enables users to scan the bar codes of the books and shop for them on Indiatimes Shopping. Users have the options to pay by Cash On Delivery (COD), net banking and using credit cards.

Gautam Sinha, Director Technology & E-commerce, Times Internet Limited said,”Our shopping price comparison feature empowers our customers to choose the best deal from the entire shopping landscape, which is yet another manifestation of Indiatimes’ market-leading approach. We are planning a slew of such user-friendly technology solutions, which will make shopping reach an even wider audience. It is my sincere belief that technology will be a key differentiator in what Indiatimes Shopping is going to do in the coming future against its competitors”.

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