Cuponation Expands Operations In Brazil

cuponationRocket Internet backed coupon portal Cuponation has expanded its operations in Brazil. With an investment of Rocket Internet, the German group that has released more than 15 mobile and internet businesses in Brazil, Cuponation has started its operations as a major portal discounts, gathering more than 300 vouchers and offers the most renowned Brazilian e-commerces . With stores in many different categories, such as Ricardo Eletro, Easy Buy, American, Mobly, Havanna, Dafiti, Travel and Tam Le Postiche the CupoNation expects to surpass the mark of 1,000 partners in the next 6 months.

Using the site is very simple: the consumer clicks on the coupon and is directed to the website of the retailer, which usually conducts its purchases by entering the promo code in the cart when finalizing your purchase. The coupons are completely free and discounts can reach upto 80%.

Maria Fernanda Antunes Junqueira de Azevedo, founder and CEO of CupoNation in Brazil said,” The CupoNation wants to rescue the concept of original sale by voucher codes originating in the United States, in which renowned brands offer discounts for customer loyalty and drive sales. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with major retailers and offer a custom job, four hands.”

Sahil Shah, Country Head, Cuponation India said, “The CupoNation team is really excited about the Brazil launch. Since Brazilian market is similar to the Indian , the two ventures can really benefit from knowledge sharing.”

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