Now Access Your Mobile Remotely With 'AGASTYA"

Recently Mumbai based Bombil media  launched an app called “AGASTYA” that allows you to access your mobile remotely. You can access & retrieve a lot of data from your mobile phone even if you don’t have it with you. This application works only on Android phone 2.2 and above and is FREE for download.

So how does ‘AGASTYA’ help you? Here are some situations when this app could be of some real help:

You reach your office and realize you have forgotten your phone at your home. Need to urgently call a client whose phone number you don’t remember!

Not a problem, with Agastya on your phone- you can easily access and retrieve the address book of your phone remotely by sending a simple sms command to your phone number from your colleagues/friends cell. The app will take the effort to find your client’s number and SMS it back to you on your colleague’s number.

You are in a movie hall/office/classroom and have misplaced your phone somewhere nearby. Can’t find it by even by calling on your number as the phone is on silent mode!

Frustrated, not anymore, with Agastya you can now remotely turn your phone on RINGER by sending an sms command from your wife’s or friends phone. Easily find your phone and be happy! Similarly you can even turn your phone on SILENT mode.

Not having your mobile with you makes you paranoid. Scared of missing important calls and sms’s.

Well there is one hope, with Agastya installed in your phone you can easily get details of the last 5 calls and last 5 sms’s received on your mobile phone.

It can be downloaded  from –

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