"App Of The Day" iPhone Application Launched In India

A new iPhone application, “App of the Day” has been launched in India. This iPhone application lets users download every day, free of charge, an iPhone or iPad app that they would usually pay for.

So how does it work? In order to start downloading paid applications free of charge, users have to simply download “App of the Day” FREE OF CHARGE from the App Store by following this link.

Users can check the application every day and discover the free application of the day. Then, they can legally download the app free of charge from the App Store.

The app benefits both developers as well as users. How? Users can download the App Store’s best paid applications free of charge. In one year, the savings from App of the Day can be greater than €300. At the same time, for the application developers, App of the Day represents the best way to make their application known and quickly enter the famous Top 25 of the App Store.

How does the “App of the Day” team work?

“Our concept is very simple. Today, it is very difficult to stand out and become one of the best applications on the Apple App Store. On the other hand it is very difficult for iPhone users to find the best applications of the day amongst the more than 500 000 applications on the App Store. We have two objectives: one is to give visibility to the applications we think are the most interesting, and the other is to make them free for 24 hours. This way, everybody wins. We have already successfully reached agreements with more than 50 paid applications, ready to become free for 24 hours”, explains Guillaume Sztejnberg, co-founder of “App of the Day”.

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