Olacabs Launches On-Demand Cab Tracker SMS through ZipDial

olacabsMumbai based car rental service provider Olacabs has announced the launch of its On-Demand Cab Tracker SMS through ZipDial, a platform to engage end users via mobile. Through this initiative Olacabs aims to tackle the biggest uncertainty faced by cab users in India – the opaqueness around the location of the booked cab and the estimated time of its arrival.

This new feature, available to all users with mobile phones, will now enable customers to track the cab’s distance from their location as well as expected time to reach the location, through their phones, almost instantly. The service does not even require the use of smart-phones. With this first-of-its kind initiative in the cab services space, Ola cabs places real time information and greater control in the hands of every customer.

On booking an Ola cab through any medium- phone, web or the mobile app, the customer is provided the usual details including cab registration number and a phone number. With a simple missed call to this number, the customer gets an SMS that tells him how far away the cab is, and how long it will take to reach him. This service is free for all customers.

Commenting on the launch, Bhavish Aggarwal, Co-founder and CEO, Olacabs said,”We are very excited to launch our cab tracking service in association with ZipDial. We believe that every customer has the right to expect predictability in cab services. We have always seen ourselves as a technology company and have believed that the real impact of technology can only be seen once it starts working for everyone at the least possible cost. We already have the location tracking technology that is functional on our mobile app and we now found a smart way to connect it with SMS, a very ubiquitous communication channel. Our customers can now travel smart even without a smart-phone! This is the first such experiment being done globally and we are sure that our customers find it useful and convenient.”

The phone-based cab tracking service will be currently available in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi-NCR.

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