Google launches Voice-Guided navigation app in India

On Tuesday, Google launched its voice-guided GPS navigation app in India. The Navigation feature is available for free on Android phones and tablets. It would enable travelers, whether they are driving or walking, to get directions to a place through turn-by-turn voice instructions.  Currently, the voice enabled Navigation feature is in beta and Google tells users to exercise caution while using it.

While navigating, in case of any deviation by a user in the middle of the way, the app automatically reroutes the coordinates. Users have the option to select whether they want walking instructions or driving directions. They can add or remove layers to change view from basic to the one that is more detailed. Users also have the option to save routes. Along with the navigation, Google also offers basic map services and Local, which is a kind of dynamic directory of notable places around a user.

Recently, Google brought Transit to several Indian cities. Transit, which uses the data supplied by public transport authorities like Delhi Metro, allows a user to get information on routes covered by public transport and the time at which buses or trains can be boarded. Transit is available in several areas of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

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[via: economictimes]

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