TextGenie -Translation app for puzzled Parents

Unable to understand the text message sent by your teenage son / daughter?? Well there might be help in hand !! DCML, a UK based software solutions company, has developed a new app which will help parents decipher the modern-day text message lingo their kid uses.

A research by DCML found that 84 per cent of parents with teenagers do not understand the text messages received from their children. They often fail to understand these messages, which are often filled with abbreviations like btw (by the way), 2go2 (to go to) etc.

This Android app, called TextGenie, deciphers text language and slang from incoming SMS messages and translates them into plain English for confused parents. Drawing on an existing catalogue of 1,500 abbreviations, TextGenie allows people to build up their own database of words and phrases often used by their children.


[via: economictimes]

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