MoMagic Technologies launches "Control ME"

MoMagic Technologies has launched a new android app “Control ME” which enables users to control their phones remotely through any other phone by just sending an SMS. So now users needn’t worry if they’ve misplaced their Android phones!!

The “Control ME” app  doesn’t require a GPRS or a Wi-Fi connection to run it. Some of its key features are:

  • Profile Changer – Just send an SMS and change the profile of your misplaced phone
  • Call Divert –  Send an SMS to divert calls from your misplaced phone to any other number
  • Call Reject – Using this facility, reject calls and send an auto SMS to the caller as well
  • Contact Fetcher – With just an SMS, you can fetch any number of contacts from your phonebook
  • Data Delete – You can delete any particular type or all type of data from your misplaced phone by sending an SMS
  • Phone Lock – Send an SMS to lock your misplaced phone and prevent its misuse.
  • Mobile Tracker – Track your misplaced phone by sending an SMS to 3 predefined numbers

You can  download “Control ME” from Google Play store for free

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