DGM India Announces the Launch of dgStream – The first-of-its kind video and content ad network

dgm-indiaDGM India today announced the launch of first-of-its kind video and content ad network, dgStream. dgStream will operate as a Video Supply Side Platform (SSP) that reaches and monetizes relevant audiences across 10,000+ websites. dgStream would run on DGM’s proprietary technology to deliver high impact video ads along with relevant video content.

Speaking on the launch, Anurag Gupta, MD, DGM India said, “Video is undoubtedly the next frontier in digital advertising. Users are consuming more and more video content on the internet. As per Comscore, March 2013 data users in India are consuming 431 minutes of Video every month and this is only slated to grow exponentially in times to come. dgStream is planning to leverage this opportunity by supplying content along with video ads to a large number of websites affiliated with dgm. We have collaborated with online content providers to source relevant video content across genres such as Bollywood, Music, Travel, News & Regional, Devotional etc. and provide it to our publisher partners along with relevant video ads in order to enhance viewer engagement.”

The benefits from dgStream are three-fold: the viewers benefit from topical/relevant video content served to them even when they are not actively seeking it, the advertisers benefit from an expanded video ad universe, as ad placement will be content driven and not website driven, the publishers benefit from availability of relevant video content across genres and deriving revenues from the same.

dgStream would enable an advertiser to reach audiences across websites and across platforms such as web, mobile, tablets, smartphones etc. and measure the impact/ROI by assessing the video ad views, clicks and interaction with their ads. DGM would also offer creative optimization and solutions to its clients to maximize deliveries. DGM’s cutting-edge technology enables clients to add additional ad specs such as location maps, product video and product feature display etc.

DGM’s proprietary technology is hosted on the cloud to generate faster response time. The ad server resides on Amazon and the delivery system works from Amazon CloudFront which allows to automatically route end users to the closest available location, thus ensuring the fastest delivery of content without any drop outs.


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Apple's iOS Leads Rival Mobile OS On Global Ad Impressions and Revenue

mobile-adsThe latest Opera Mediaworks’ Q2 State of Mobile Advertising report has revealed that Apple’s iPhone generates 36.4% of revenue compared to Android’s 27.8%, and overall iOS is the clear leader, with 43.8% of impressions served on Apple devices. However, Samsung’s dominance of the Android market (58.5%) makes it a strong contender.

Some other key findings of the report are:

  • Baseball season kickoff makes Sports the No. 1 revenue generator for the quarter. Though Sports is relatively small with only a 6.5% share of the revenue generated across all categories, this quarter publishers in this category (e.g. MLB, ESPN) received a disproportionate 22.2% of revenue from their mobile apps and sites. Music, Video & Media again received the highest volume of impressions at 22.4%.
  • 3 out of every 4 dollars of all mobile transactions occur in the United States. Just fewer than 50% of all ad requests are in the American mobile ad market, but it accounts for nearly 75% of revenue.
  • Cyclical variation in impression volume demonstrates seasonal trends in mobile content consumption. Based on data on the Opera Mediaworks platform from the past year, advertiser budgets may taper off in January, as the holiday retail season dissipates, but mobile use continues well into the month as users play with their new devices. Other observations include a mini-surge in August and a notable spring break season (March/April), with traffic comparable to the more commonly known pre-holiday jump in November.
  • Rich media, in-app campaigns outperform banner, mobile web. Brand advertisers shifting their mobile ad dollars to rich media creative campaigns running within applications are getting deeper return on their investment, with an average click-through rate of 1.53%. The data also revealed that while banner ads still comprise the majority of ad types, advertisers are starting to work more with new and effective types such as tap-to-expand and VAST interstitial (mobile video) units.

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SVG Media Attains a New Milestone in the Indian Digital Media Space

svg-mediaDigital media network, SVG Media has announced that it has retained its leadership position with the current expanded reach of 35.4 million unique visitors. As per the latest comScore numbers, SVG  Media (including all entities: Tyroo, PrecisionMatch and DGM India)  is the third largest display ad-network in India after Google and Tribal Fusion and the largest Indian display ad-network that reaches out to 47% of the Internet audience over a 3 monthly average.

As per comScore,  Total Unique Visitors to SVG Media increased 75% since May 2012 higher than that of any other network in India. SVG Media not only has a significantly higher reach than that of other Indian ad-networks for May 2013 but also the highest 3 month average reach in the Indian Display ad ecosystem. The average daily visitors and total page views for SVG Media stand at 3.8M and 863MM respectively. SVG Media is the only Indian media network offering the largest reach across verticals such as Automobile 80.3%, Technology 63%, Telecom 65%, Business Finance 58% and B2B 75%.

SVG Media’s audience break-up includes 60% male and 40% female audiences on the internet. The 60:40 male to female ratio is in line with the overall internet user average. About 76% of SVG Media’s audience reach comes from the age bracket of 15 – 34 yrs, giving an advertiser the opportunity to target a wider set of audience and to choose the most appropriate mix of internet audience basis their objectives.

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Vserv.Mobi Appoints 3 Key Executives To Its Team, Establishes Africa Office

vserv.mobiMobile advertising network Vserv.mobi has announced the  appointment of 3 key executives to its team – Jacqui Boyd, Sales Director – South Africa; Max Ku, Business Development Director – Malaysia and Nguyen Quang Duy, Business Development Director – Vietnam. The move reflects the company’s efforts to further build its business and consolidate its position as a leading player across emerging markets.

Commenting on the announcement, Dippak Khurana, CEO & Co-Founder, Vserv.mobi said, “As user consumption of information and entertainment on mobile devices skyrockets, Vserv is leading the innovation and building the global scale necessary to help all the key stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem to seize this opportunity. These strategic appointments, will give us the right momentum in becoming the #1 Mobile Ad Network in emerging markets.”

Jacqui Boyd, Sales Director, South Africa, Vserv.mobi has over 10 years of experience in the digital and mobile space. Jacqui will be based out of Cape Town and lead the brand sales business in South Africa. In addition, she will also lead Vserv’s expansion across other markets in Africa. Prior to Vserv, she has worked with InMobi, Mindshare and Carat.

Max Ku, Business Development Director, Malaysia, Vserv.mobi has 10 years of experience and will lead brand sales and also focus on building strategic alliances with premium publishers across Malaysia. Prior to Vserv, Max has worked with Media Prima Digital and iHub Media. He will be based out of Kuala lumpur.

Nguyen Quang Duy, Business Development Director, Vietnam, Vserv.mobi has 10 years of experience driving business development in the digital and mobile space. He will be based in Ho Chi Minh City and lead the rollout of brand solutions for advertisers and build partnerships with premium publishers across Vietnam at Vserv. Prior to Vserv, Duy has had senior level stints at Dentsu Media and Effective Measure.

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Google Made $4.61 Billion in Mobile Internet Ad Revenues Last Year- eMarketer

googleAccording to eMarketer’s first-ever figures on worldwide digital and mobile advertising revenues at major internet companies, Google earned more than half of the $8.8 billion advertisers worldwide spent on mobile internet ads last year, helping propel the company to take in nearly one-third of all digital ad dollars spent globally.

The report found that after making nearly half a billion dollars worldwide on mobile ads last year, Facebook—which had no mobile revenue in 2011—is expected to increase mobile revenues by more than 333% to just over $2 billion in 2013, and account for a 12.9% share of the global net mobile advertising market.

eMarketer estimates that Google made $4.61 billion in mobile internet ad revenues last year, more than triple its earnings in 2011. This year’s mobile revenues will be up a further 92.1% to $8.85 billion.

Twitter is also expected to see its worldwide mobile ad spending share increase this year to about 2% of the total, eMarketer estimates. However, eMarketer estimates that Twitter will have a higher, 3.6% share in the US.

As per the report, combined, three companies—Google, Facebook and Twitter—account for a consolidating share of mobile advertising revenues worldwide, as other players, such as YP, Pandora, Apple and Millennial Media, see their shares decrease, despite maintaining relatively strong businesses growing at rapid rates.

eMarketer found that across all digital platforms, Google continues to reign as not only the largest beneficiary of digital ad spending in the US, but worldwide as well. The search giant made $32.73 billion in net digital ad revenues in 2012, equivalent to nearly 31.5% of total worldwide digital ad spending that year. This year, Google will increase revenues faster than the overall market thanks to continued monetization of YouTube and growing adoption of mobile advertising, eMarketer believes, leading to a gain in share of the total digital advertising market. The search giant is foolowed by Facebook, with $4.28 billion in net digital ad revenues, or 4.11% of the worldwide market. Its share is also expected to grow this year, to 5%.

This is also eMarketer’s first estimate for revenues at IAC. The company, which also benefits as a large recipient of Google’s traffic acquisition costs (TAC) paid back to partners who provide search traffic, earns a respectable market share compared with other longtime players like AOL.

While both Google and Facebook are increasing revenues at faster rates than the overall digital ad spend market, dramatic increases in ad revenues are more difficult for companies with such high earnings. Twitter will post the fastest growth rate in worldwide ad revenues among the companies eMarketer analyzed, with a 102.2% increase expected this year after a 106.7% increase in 2012. That’s compared with 12.3% growth in total digital ad spending projected for 2013, and 20.4% growth estimated for 2012.

Overall, eMarketer’s forecast for digital ad revenues at select major publishers indicates that online ad spending, like mobile advertising, continues to consolidate among a few major ad sellers.

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Tyroo Strengthens Its India Leadership Team – Appoints Ratnakar Bharti & Sandeep Sabharwal In Key Positions

tyrooMulti-screen performance network Tyroo, , today announced the appointment of Ratnakar Bharti as the General Manager & India Sales Head and Sandeep Sabharwal as Global Head, Delivery & Publisher Relationships. The strategic restructuring of the corporate leadership team, signals Tyroo’s renewed focus on the region geared towards product innovation and greater adoption of performance marketing.

Commenting on this development, Siddharth Puri, CEO, Tyroo Media said “Tyroo is on a strong growth path. We have ventured into international markets and expanded our product portfolio. In addition to our core leadership in Cost-Per-Sale and Cost-Per-Lead, we are the only network in India with exclusive focus on pay-for-performance model on mobile and video. We are aiming at a 100% growth in FY 2013-14; with such promising growth plans, we felt the need to strengthen our leadership team that could partner with us towards the desired future success. I am delighted to have both Ratnakar and Sandeep in my team and confident that their association will help us in making deeper inroads into the market.”

Ratnakar Bharti, a veteran in the digital media domain, has over 15 yrs of experience having led and managed media planning, buying, campaign management, business development and ad sales for brands across business verticals. Most recently, he headed National Sales for Ideacts Innovations Pvt. Ltd for close to four years. Ratnakar has also been associated with organizations such as Rediff.com, Intercept technologies, Business Standard and Indiabulls.com.

Sandeep Sabharwal, another industry veteran has over 18 years of diversified experience in business functionalities that include sales, business development & marketing. He has had close to a decade long stint in the digital media domain with expertise in digital media planning and buying, display, SEM, SEO, Mobile/WAP marketing, ad servers & analytic tools. Prior to joining Tyroo, Sandeep held the role of Head, Digital Team – North at Maxus, GroupM. In the past, Sandeep has worked with Quasar Media, Cybermedia, NU-TECH and Flex Refrigeration in various roles.

“Tyroo has emerged as a dynamic brand in the performance marketing space with exceptional potential to grow in India,” Ratnakar said. “Today, Tyroo is amongst the top 3 channels for customer acquisitions for 9 out of 10 performance advertisers in India. We are also witnessing increased interest from sectors, which so far have been agnostic to performance marketing. I am excited to partner with Tyroo to explore and leverage verticals that are yet to realize the benefits of performance marketing and elevate performance marketing across platforms such as mobile, video etc.”

Sandeep Sabharwal, Head Delivery, Tyroo commented on his appointment “I am delighted to be a part of Tyroo and to be able to contribute to its growth. We are in the business of helping our partners succeed. In this role, I would be focusing on expanding our network of publisher partners in India and build focus markets across SEA and MENA. We have made significant advancements in technology, processes and our platform to support this goal.”

Tyroo works with over 5000+ publishers across the globe to deliver a variety of campaigns in categories such as e-commerce, Travel, BFSI, Automobiles etc.  Tyroo is India’s first mobile performance network driving app installs and demand generation across smartphones and tablet users. Of the total conversions being driven by Tyroo for the leading e-retailers in India, close to 6% of the conversion traffic comes from mobile devices. In addition to this, Tyroo delivers close to 300,000 clicks and 15,000 installs on Android per day.

Recently, Tyroo launched its pay-for-performance video offering in India that charges an advertiser on a Full View metric. Unlike other video channels, Tyroo video ads are user initiated and contracted on Cost-Per- Full Video View.

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Komli Media Integrates Facebook Exchange (FBX) Into Its Proprietary ATOM Platform

komliOn Tuesday, Komli Media announced that it has integrated Facebook’s RTB (Real-Time-bidding) platform – Facebook Exchange (FBX) into its proprietary ATOM platform, making it one of the first companies in the Asia Pacific region to have done so. This integration allows its performance advertising solution (Komli ROI) to reach one of the largest audiences on the web and further strengthens Komli’s position as one of the largest digital platforms in APAC. Komli’s FBX integration is in addition to its existing RTB partners including Google Adx, PubMatic and Rubicon among others, giving it access to over 2.5B daily impressions. These supply side integrations coupled with Komli’s own publisher base of thousands of websites, provide marketers with unparalleled reach across Komli’s key markets of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

Re-targeting allows marketers to reach users who have shown interest in their brand or product. Now for the first time Komli ROI, with FBX integration, allows marketers to run retargeting campaigns in a highly engaging and brand safe environment. The FBX integration also allows marketers the opportunity to leverage their own data about their users as well as Komli’s large audience segments (women, sport enthusiasts, etc) to reach specific audience groups to drive higher ROI.

Rahul Bhargava, Vice President & Head-Products, Komli Media said,”The FBX integration enhances our core strength in ‘performance’ advertising for display media. With Komli- FBX integration platform now multiplying opportunities through Facebook RTB inventory, we are confident that marketers will now see greater value with Komli’s retargeting and audience segmentation technology for their campaigns.”

“We are thrilled about the FBX integration into Komli’s ATOM platform as we aim to introduce better business opportunities through innovative technologies for marketers in India and APAC region as a whole. Komli has already started working with a select set of marketers across Auto, eCommerce and FMCG and we are seeing strong interest from them in our retargeting solution. This integration combined with our ability to offer transparent audience segmentation to marketers puts us at the leading edge of performance marketing in APAC”, said Prashant Mehta, CEO, Komli Media.


[Source: Business Wire India]


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Opera Mediaworks Launches Next Gen ad platform AdMarvel For Connected TVs

opera-mediaworksOpera Mediaworks has announced the launch of AdMarvel, its next-generation ad platform for connected TVs. AdMarvel for Connected TVs will provide publishers and advertisers a dynamic, rich ad-serving platform combined with sophisticated ad exchange, ad serving and ad management functionality on connected TVs.

The AdMarvel platform aims to help publishers and developers find the right buyers at the right price for their inventory, as well as enabling agencies and brands to connect with their audiences on the yet-unexplored, but fast-growing, TV platform. For the consumer, this means seeing more relevant advertising in the form of pre-roll ads and other formats, while viewing content and using applications running on different connected TV platforms.

AdMarvel, Opera Mediaworks’ ad-serving and mediation platform, has already built an impressive list of technology and demand partners through its certification program for mobile and tablet platforms. With this announcement, AdMarvel is beginning to extend this certification into connected TVs.

Early partners who are working with the AdMarvel for Connected TV platform are video ad networks such as Brightroll, TubeMogul, Videology, iVdopia, SpotXchange, as well as Opera Mediaworks’ Mobile Theory premium ad network, to extend video advertising across the AdMarvel publisher base into connected TVs.

Opera Software already has a track record in the connected TV business worldwide. The Opera Devices SDK, a framework for OEMs to develop or deploy user interfaces, applications or browsers, is used by some of the top device makers worldwide, including Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, Phillips, Boxee and MediaTek.

The Opera TV Store is an HTML-5 based app store for TVs and ships on Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray disc players and devices such as TCL, Humax and MediaTek. AdMarvel for Connected TVs will power all platforms, including, but not limited to, the Opera Devices SDK and the Opera TV Store, as well as different ad formats that run on connected TV platforms.

Speaking on this, Mahi de Silva, CEO, Opera Mediaworks said,”As connected TV households worldwide reach critical mass in the coming couple of years, the TV screen will become the next frontier in delivering relevant advertising to consumers. Opera Mediaworks provides the necessary technology and expertise to publishers and advertisers in meeting their goals on mobile, tablet and, now, connected TV.”

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Vuclip partners with Millward Brown To Redefine Mobile Ad Effectiveness Metrics

vuclipYesterday mobile video and media company Vuclip announced that it now offers a solution to evaluate mobile campaign effectiveness. Vuclip has partnered with Millward Brown, a global leader in brand, media and communications, to give brand metrics that provide meaningful insights beyond click-through-rates. This enables brand advertisers to measure and optimize the brand metrics on mobile ad campaigns, allowing them to measure performance against their key marketing objectives and compare effectiveness against industry averages.

Reaching 45 million monthly users on 5,500 different mobile handsets, Vuclip has an unparalleled, global consumer base. This critical mass, combined with Millward Brown’s independent survey capabilities and robust analytics, allows Vuclip to analyse six metrics: top-of-mind brand awareness, brand familiarity, mobile ad awareness, brand association, brand favourability and purchase intent.

Vuclip and Millward Brown recently conducted an AdIndex® Advertising Effectiveness Study to assess the success of a mobile video advertising campaign on behalf of one of India’s leading toothbrush brands. The study included respondents from the 18-45 years age groups, with 41% belonging to the 25-34 years of age category. Respondents were segregated into two groups, one of which was exposed to a banner brand ad, while the control group was not. The study then analysed the six brand attributes mentioned above.

Advertisements displayed on the Vuclip site generated favourable opinion among the online audience. Purchase intent towards the brand was significantly higher post campaign exposure. Brand favourability was 7.9% higher among the exposed group compared to the control group, while purchase intent went up by 11.1%.

Meera Chopra, Global Head & Vice President, Ad Sales at Vuclip said,”Mobile technology has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Anywhere in the world, consumers turn to their mobile device for instant news, videos and product information. While brands have recognized this shift from ‘prime time’ to ‘real time’ advertising, mobile metrics have not kept up with the changes. Click-through-rates reveal little about brand engagement or purchase intent. By partnering with Millward Brown we have found a way to successfully apply traditional TV and online metrics to mobile. This gives brands the opportunity to measure the impact of their mobile initiatives against their overall marketing goals.”

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iOS Devices Account For About 49.2% Of Mobile Publisher Revenues – Opera Mediaworks

mobile-adsA recent ‘State of Mobile Advertising Report’ by Opera Mediaworks revealed that iOS regains lead over Android for impression volume and maintains top position for monetization. Mobile ad campaigns running on Apple devices consistently achieve the highest average eCPMs and account for nearly half (49.2%) of all revenue delivered to mobile publishers. The iPhone also edged out Android phones this quarter in impression volume, regaining the No.1 position it lost temporarily at the end of 2012.

The data  for the report originates from Opera’s extensive mobile advertising platform, which consists of AdMarvel, Mobile Theory, 4th Screen Advertising and Opera Mediaworks Performance. The platform serves 50+ billion ad impressions per month via 12,000 mobile sites and apps, delivering a total of $400M in revenue to mobile publishers in 2012.

The report found that Music, Video and Media dominates both volume and revenue. Mobile consumption of music, video and media continues to climb, reaching just over 29% of all ad requests, up from 21.4% the previous quarter. This quarter, revenue caught up to volume, as we saw the category earning the largest sum of revenue (17.7%) of any other category. Business and Finance sites, however, are still the most valuable, as they produce the highest revenue per impression.

According to the report, Europe’s mobile ad market is taking off. While mobile ad traffic is accelerating across all geographies, some of the fastest growth is from the top 5 European countries (the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and Spain). Some 21.5% of ad impressions on the Opera Mediaworks platform are now served in Europe, up from 15% at the end of 2012. However, the United States still generates the most revenue (75.4%) on the platform, even with a diminished impression volume (50.7% vs. 60% last quarter).

Commenting on the insights, Mahi de Silva, CEO, Opera Mediaworks said,”Mobile advertising, which is expected to exceed 10% of all digital advertising this year, will become a vital facet of every major ad campaign in the upcoming year. The size of the audience combined with rich media and engagement rates shows we will continue to see a shift of ad dollars away from traditional media and desktop digital media to tablets and smartphones. Overall, Q1 2013 was another record quarter for mobile advertising across the world — with a particularly strong March.”

Besides these, the report also explores some new findings from the Opera Mediaworks team around recent performance-focused campaigns. It found that by digging deeper into contextual information (i.e., device and connection type) and using intelligent prioritization to make smarter decisions about campaign placement, advertisers are showing significant improvements to both click-through rates and conversions.

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