Saavn: A Spotify For Bollywood Music Has 9.3 Million Users Worldwide

Saavn-The music streaming service now has 9.3 million users worldwide, and adds another 125,000 new users per month–five times as many as this time last year.

Like Spotify, Saavn lets users create, play, and share playlists. Pandora-like, it also hosts radio stations. In app form and on the web, Saavn is prettier than competitors Gaana or Raaga and more legal than hindimirchi or musicindiaonline. Saavn says it has licensed rights to the “most comprehensive catalogue of Bollywood, Indian and regional South Asian music anywhere,” from 200 providers in 22 languages.

As Saavn’s newest numbers show, it has seen some promising growth this last year. Saavn now has 9.3 million users worldwide, and adds another 125,000 new users per month–five times as many as this time last year. (That’s a 25% jump in subscriptions overall.) Two million members connect via Facebook, where Saavn content is published every five seconds. Facebook users have made 1 billion Facebook impressions overall. Two million mobile users have downloaded the Saavn app, and every 10 seconds someone somewhere downloads another, all contributing to 1 million daily streams. Considering it is finding new ways to give people free access to the already explosively popular Bollywood music industry, those numbers are likely to get bigger.

Saavn has two clear strengths. First there’s that massive that trove of legally acquired high-quality streaming content, which Saavn says represents 99% of Bollywood music anywhere. Second, there’s Saavn’s custom-designed intelligent search algorithm.

India accounts for 58% of traffic overall, 68% of their Android users, and 27% of their iPhone users.

Saavn has other serious plans and partnerships with device makers and operating systems, in addition to its existing Facebook partnership, which will help grow in the country, and its Chrome and Android apps. There’s apps in the pipeline for Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Saavn is partnering with device makers like HTC and Huawei to have it pre-installed on devices readied for sale in India. Responding to customer requests, they are also planning to launch a paid subscription service, which will allow subscribers to download tracks onto their phones and listen to content offline.

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