Times Music Launches Shiva Trilogy Mobile App For iOS And Android

times-musicTimes Music has launched the Shiva Trilogy mobile app for iOS and Android. In February, Times Music had launched the official soundtrack for the Shiva Trilogy book series. The new mobile app features music from the album along with wallpapers of characters from the book that have held readers spellbound for the past 2 years.

According to the company, the album has been topping non film charts across physical stores and all digital platforms. The idea behind the launch of the mobile app was to make it easier for readers to access this music while they’re on the move.

shiva trilogy
Commenting on the launch, Times Music COO Mandar Thakur said, “The music on this album really takes the books to another level. Hence we wanted each and every one of the millions of Shiva Trilogy fans to experience the music. And since most people today consume their music on their phones, we didn’t think twice about doing a mobile app”.

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Full Version Of Moxtra iOS App Now Available In 18 new Languages

moxtraSilicon Valley-based technology company Moxtra has announced the full version availability of its iOS app in 18 new languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. The Moxtra app is free of charge and is available on the Apple App Store.

Moxtra allows users to collect, share and add voice or written annotation to videos, photos and files from an iPhone, iPad or web browser. Moxtra’s cloud-based project binders help manage, present and share projects, trips, parties and more.

Commenting on the launch, Subrah Iyar, CEO and co-founder, Moxtra said,”Since the January launch of our app in English, we’ve seen strong global interest for localized versions. We’re extremely excited to announce such a wide variety of languages for the areas that have expressed the most interest in Moxtra. Allowing our users the choice to use Moxtra in their own language will enhance their experience, which is crucial with such a customizable, collaborative app.”

Moxtra enables users to collaborate on projects, events and more with its Private Group Share functionality. Users can also record their voice and annotations on top of files to create a video story or conduct a real-time meeting to present documents, photos, video or music via VoIP. Moxtra is currently integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and Box.

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MySwar.com Launches Music App For Android and iOS

myswarIndian music discovery portal MySwar.com has launched a music app for Android and iOS. MySwar.com claims to have the most comprehensive and accurate database of Hindi film songs from 1941 to present day. The MySwar app provides its users with access to this database on their iOS and Android devices. The MySwar app is being launched as a free app for a limited time only.

Commenting on the app launch, MySwar’s Founder, Param Arunachalam, said, “A large number of the visits to our website come from mobile devices. The app launch will provide these users a vastly better user experience and improve engagement.”

The MySwar App provides its users with a comprehensive guide of Hindi film songs, from 1941 to present day and across almost 50 genres. It lists Bollywood music releases by New Releases, Popular Songs, Year, Genre and Awards. For each song, the app provides detailed credits of the music director, lyricist, singers, assistants, arrangers, producers, recording engineers, studio, instrumentalists, etc (where available).

The app provides artist information like their biography, award details and discography. With this app, users can watch YouTube videos for songs when available.

The regular search feature of the app lets users search for a song, album or artist. The advanced search feature allows users get song listings that match more than one criterion – singer, music director, lyricist, year range and genre. Searches handle multiple spellings – for example, “ishq” and “ishk” give the same search results.

The app provides information on most major Bollywood music awards, including Filmfare, National Film Awards, Screen Awards, Mirchi Awards and GiMA Awards.

Users can read reviews  of other music lovers; submit their own reviews; check out the reviews of critics and bloggers; submit links to external reviews.

For every song, the MySwar app provides users with a list of similar songs based on genre and other musical attributes like mood and instrumentation. Users also get song recommendations based on their ratings.

The MySwar App also allows users to buy songs from iTunes if available.

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Hungama.com Launches International Music Application

hungamaDigital entertainment company Hungama.com has launched a new app that introduces a loyalty feature which rewards users for every action on the app. Users can earn (and redeem) points every time videos are viewed or music is played/shared, or even by inviting friends or creating playlists. The mood discovery functionality of the app plays music to match users moods. This feature allows music discovery based on user preferences – Mood, Tempo, Category, Genre or Era. With this next generation application, the company seeks to change the way users listen to and experience music and videos across mobile devices.

Some key features of the app:

Audio/Video Streaming & Download: The Hungama.com app allows users to not only stream unlimited music, but also enjoy music videos. The app also allows users to purchase and download entertainment content on connected mobile devices. Music intelligence is another aspect of the app, with an add-on feature which brings interesting trivia and lyrics to each song with just a touch.

Mood Discovery: The mood discovery feature allows users to play with different mood options such as “happy,” “party,” “romantic” etc. The music lists discovered can be saved and replayed anytime, anywhere.

Loyalty & Gamification: It’s loyalty program awards gamers for every action on the app. Points can be earned every time a user watches videos, plays/shares music, invites friends or creates playlists. Once collected, the points can be redeemed to download and own content, movie tickets, autographed merchandise, gizmos and gadgets and dinner dates with film stars.

Artist Radio: With over 20,000 artists on Hungamas music application, users have access to a massive pool of their favourite celebritys music playlists via the “artist radio” feature.

Social Music: The ‘my stream option allows users to invite, share and connect with friends online through social networking platforms and initiate waves of interesting music conversations online. ‘My stream also allows music and personal playlists to be shared while users continue to pocket more ‘coins upon sharing with friends.

hungama app

The Hungama.com application brings an extensive catalogue of music tracks & videos with over 2 million songs from Bollywood, International, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Malayalam and other regional content. The app offers a superior user experience – better & faster play of music and videos, beautiful imagery and a thorough, user-friendly search experience.

The application is available for free download on iOS, Android and BlackBerry10 platforms.


[Source: Businesswire India]

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IK Multimedia Updates SampleTank App for iPhone 5

ikmultimediaComputer music technology company IK Multimedia has launched SampleTank 1.4, the latest version of its professional-quality sound-and-groove-module app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app is now fully optimized to support the larger screen of both iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch while providing eye-catching graphics that showcase amazingly on the Retina display.

The latest version of SampleTank sports increased polyphony (the number of simultaneous notes that can be played). Up to 64 simultaneous voices are now available, and this expanded note capacity aims to give users even more freedom to produce complex, professional-calibre arrangements in SampleTank’s 4-track recorder, right on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The SampleTank App contains hundreds of world-class sample-based sounds and patterns, aimed at giving users a broad sonic palette for producing professional-sounding tracks and beats, or for use as a sound module for live performance.

SampleTank features 16 instrument categories and includes over 500 sounds, from drums to pianos to basses to synths to guitars and many more. Users can customize the sounds through editable parameters such as volume, attack, and filter; and with insert effects and a master reverb. A newly streamlined user interface, aims to facilitate make navigation through Sample Tank’s powerful features.

Additional instruments, patterns and grooves are available in convenient instrument-specific expansion sound packs, making it easy for users to add the specific sound types they need.

IK offers two great options for controlling SampleTank externally: iRig KEYS is a 37-mini-key, bus-powered, ultra-portable keyboard; and iRig MIDI is an iOS MIDI interface that makes it possible to plug any external controller into an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The SampleTank App is available for €17.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at the AppStore.  The app includes over 130 sounds and 1000 MIDI patterns that can further be expanded via In-App Purchase. The update is free for existing users.

A free version of the app, SampleTank FREE, is also available, which includes 20 instrument sounds and can be expanded with the optional sound packs via In-App Purchase.

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Google Releases Updated Google Maps for iPhone App With Faster Local Search

google mapsOn Tuesday Google released an update for its Google Maps for iPhone app that features faster local search and integration with Google Contacts.

Salahuddin Choudhary, product manager for Google Maps stated,”This update is part of our goal to make Google Maps comprehensive, accurate and useful – wherever you may be in the world. To that end, we’re rolling out the English version of the app in seven new countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. You can also choose between kilometers and miles in the settings menu, depending on your preferences.”

For faster local search, users can tap one of the new icons for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other types of places to quickly see nearby haunts. For instance, a tap on the coffee cup icon in the search box will show the nearest cafes.

google map update

In the new update, Google has integrated Google Contacts into the Google Maps for iPhone app. This means, when a user is signed-in and searches for a friend’s name, their address will appear as a suggestion (if the address is saved). The user can then simply tap the friends name to see the address, visible only to him/her, on the map.

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iTunes U Content Downloads Tops One Billion

appleOn Thursday, Apple announced that its iTunes U content downloads have topped one billion. iTunes U features the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content from top schools and prominent libraries, museums and organizations helping educators create courses including lectures, assignments, books, quizzes and more for iOS users around the world.

Commenting on the overwhelming response, Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior VP of Internet Software and Services said,”It’s inspiring to see what educators and students of all types are doing with iTunes U. With the incredible content offered on iTunes U, students can learn like never before―there are now iTunes U courses with more than 250,000 students enrolled in them, which is a phenomenal shift in the way we teach and learn.”

More than 1,200 universities and colleges, and 1,200 K-12 schools and districts host over 2,500 public and thousands of private courses encompassing the arts, sciences, health and medicine, education, business and more. Leading universities including Duke, Yale, Cambridge, MIT and Oxford continue to extend their reach by enrolling more than 100,000 students in single iTunes U courses, with Stanford University and The Open University each surpassing 60 million content downloads. The Ohio State University’s Matthew “Dr. Fus” Stoltzfus’ General Chemistry course enrolled over 100,000 iTunes U students in the first year it was offered.

Over 60 percent of iTunes U app downloads originate from outside the US, giving schools of any size the ability to share their content with a worldwide audience. Educators can create iTunes U courses in 30 countries including recent additions: Brazil, South Korea, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. These courses, and other education content, can be accessed via the iTunes U app in 155 countries. In addition to thousands of individual iTunes U learning materials, over 75,000 educational apps are now available for iOS devices on the App Store. Additionally, with the free iBooks Author app on the Mac App Store, writers and publishers continue to bring ideas and stories to life sharing more than 10,000 original Multi-Touch books with the world.

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Amazon Cloud Player App for iPad Now Available On Apple App Store

amazonYesterday Amazon.com announced that its Amazon Cloud Player app for iPad and the iPad mini is now available in the Apple App Store. The app allows customers to play or download music stored in Cloud Player to their iPad, play music that is already stored on their device, and manage or create playlists. The Amazon Cloud Player App is available for free from the App Store on iPad.

Steve Boom, Vice President of Digital Music for Amazon said,”We introduced our Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch last summer and it’s been incredibly popular with our customers so we’ve now expanded it to iPad. Our goal is to make Cloud Player the most widely compatible cloud playback solution available, giving our customers the ability to buy their music once and enjoy it everywhere.”

Amazon Cloud Player app users will be able to play their music from the cloud or download and play it offline. With this new app, customers will have full access to their Cloud Player music libraries in a rich graphical interface and also can add playlists that are currently on their iPad.

All Amazon purchases and up to 250 imported songs are stored in Cloud Player for free. Customers with large music collections can import up to 250,000 songs for $24.99 per year.

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Tencent Launches Walkie-Talkie Style Live Chat On WeChat

wechatTencent has announced the launch of a new feature rich update of WeChat for Android and iPhone users.The latest update 4.5 includes walkie-talkie style Live Voice Chat; QR Code sharing for Group Chats; and Chat History back-up service.

The Live Voice Chat feature allows a group of friends to have instant voice conversations within the group with a simple touch action. It is just like walkie-talkie devices in real world — one person can speak at a time but everyone can hear.The Group Chat feature within WeChat has also got an update. Now every Group can generate a unique QR Code, that can be shared for inviting new members into the group.

WeChat users now have an option of backing up & restoring their chat history with a single-touch; and for iOS users, also the ability to search through chat history. In addition, the User Interface of the app makes it easier for friends to be discovered and recommended as part of the core product experience.

New Features of WeChat 4.5 version for Android and iPhone:

  • Chat with friends in a Live Chat session
  • Invite friends to a WeChat group Chat via QR code
  • Search through Chat history
  • Back-up and restore Chat history

WeChat is a  popular, free mobile voice and text messaging application ,with 300 million registered users globally. It was launched in India in July last year across iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Windows mobile platforms and has recently been launched on the BlackBerry platform as well.

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Gupshup Launches Mobile Messenger App on Android, IOS,Blackberry & NOKIA S40

GupshupGupshup Technology India  yesterday launched a mobile messaging app, called GupShup Messenger, for smartphone platforms –Android, IOS, Blackberry  and feature phones – NOKIA S40. It uses data services in smartphones to send messages and works like normal SMS service in Java based phones. The company is currently working on enabling the rich media features like pictures and video messaging like Whatsapp.

Interestingly, if the message recipient does not have the app installed in his phone, GupShup will deliver the message to him free in the form of a regular SMS.

“Emerging markets such as India and Indonesia have numerous feature-phone users even as smartphone adoption is growing. Services like GupShup that integrate data and SMS, are well suited to the needs of emerging markets”, said Beerud Sheth, co-founder and chief executive officer of GupShup.

GupShup Messenger includes features like public and private messaging in which users can seamlessly switch and easily share messages with followers and friends respectively.

gupsupios1 gupsupios2

The public messaging feature enables users to follow any of GupShup’s numerous communities or post messages to their own. The private messaging feature makes the whole address book active and reachable, unlike other messenger apps that can only reach users that have also downloaded the same app. Also, the app includes a rich collection of emoticons that allows users to express themselves in personalized ways.

Download the app here : Android, IOS, Blackberry

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