LinkedIn Launches University Pages

linkedin logoRecently LinkedIn announced the launch of University Pages to help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers.

The University Pages feature will provide regular updates about campus news and activities from the schools themselves, thus providing a platform to ask questions, and engage with both the campus community and alumni of schools. Users can explore the careers of graduates to see which schools are best for them, can connect with students or alumni for their perspectives on the school.

Using this feature, users can explore what the alumni have achieved – be it the skills they’ve acquired; the work they are doing currently or the diverse professional paths they’ve taken . This feature aims to act as a platform through which users can connect with current and future classmates.

The University Pages feature will be available for High School students from September 12th. INSEAD, New York University, University of California San Diego, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, University of Michigan, Villanova, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Illinois are among the 200 universities who have adopted their pages. Over the next few weeks, thousands more schools will be given access to their University Pages.


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Kenshoo Social Becomes Twitter Ads API Partner

kenshooKenshoo Social,  a global social marketing platform, has announced that it has integrated with Twitter’s Ads application program interface (API) and earned the designation of Twitter Ads API partner. This furthers Kenshoo Social’s commitment to providing brands and agencies with best-in-class solutions for social media marketing and expands on the performance tracking of Twitter paid and owned media previously available through Kenshoo Social.

Commenting on this, Will Martin-Gill, senior vice president of product at Kenshoo said,”Integrating the Twitter Ads API into the Kenshoo Social platform supports our holistic approach to digital marketing which includes the ability to track the performance of not just paid media, but owned media assets as well. Kenshoo is laser-focused on helping marketers reach their audience at key apertures to drive interaction and capture intent. Search and social, and Twitter in particular, provide incredible opportunities for marketers to achieve brand building and performance marketing goals and Kenshoo maintains an aggressive agenda to deliver best-in-class solutions across these channels.”

Kenshoo Social will integrate the Twitter Ads API directly into its social advertising platform, enabling clients to deploy Twitter Ads campaigns with the same deep level of tracking and analytics they’re accustomed to from other managed social media channels. Through Kenshoo Social’s partnerships with Shoutlet and Spredfast, advertisers can identify and understand the relationship between their paid and owned assets on Twitter, a critical component to any social strategy. Additionally, having developed advanced search targeting and bidding algorithms, Kenshoo is uniquely positioned to help clients take advantage of Twitter’s search-like features.

“With a user-base more than 200 million strong and growing, marketers can trust that their desired audience is among those engaging through Twitter,” said Martin-Gill. “Kenshoo Social provides the layer of sophisticated ad management tools to help brands and agencies effectively identify, narrow and target the right audiences at the right time with the most compelling offer. By activating the advanced techniques Kenshoo has implemented across other global search and social networks, Kenshoo Social clients will be able to fully tap the opportunity presented by Twitter’s native advertising placements.”

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Facebook Now Has One Million Active Advertisers

facebookOn Tuesday popular social network Facebook announced that its now has 1 million active advertisers globally who used the platform in the last 28 days. A vast majority of those advertisers consists of small business owners.

Dan Levy, Facebook director of small business commented,”Most small business owners start off as Facebook users, then migrate to become page owners, and from there migrate to become advertisers.”

Advertising accounts for 85 percent of Facebook’s revenue – which also includes dollars from the world’s largest brands and advertising agencies. But the company is trying to spark its ad growth following a sharp slowdown last year.

Last quarter, Facebook reported first-quarter revenue of $1.46 billion. Advertising revenue rose 43 percent, the fastest growth rate since the end of 2011.

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In 2013, Nearly One in Four People Worldwide Will Use Social Networks – eMarketer

Social-Media-CollageAccording to a recent “Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates” report by eMarketer, nearly one in four people worldwide will use social networks in 2013. The number of social network users around the world will rise from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion this year, an 18% increase. By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion.

The report found that the rapidly expanding social network audiences in the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa will be huge drivers of social user growth. It found that though Asia-Pacific will have the largest social network population worldwide through 2017 and the Middle East and Africa will have the second-largest audience starting next year, their population penetration rates are among the lowest.

eMarketer expects the fastest increases to come from the social network user populations of India, Indonesia, Mexico, China and Brazil.

According to the report, Asia-Pacific has the largest social network user base, with an audience of 777 million people and a share of 44.8% of social network users worldwide expected by the end of this year. This is more than triple the size of Latin America’s social network audience, which is the second-largest worldwide.

eMarketer expects the regional portions to shift in ranking throughout the forecast period. Next year, the Middle East and Africa will surpass Latin America in share to become the region with the second-largest social network audience, while Central and Eastern Europe’s share will exceed that of North America for the first time.

According to the report, the Middle East and Africa will have the fastest gains in new users this year, followed by Asia-Pacific. Internet usage is expanding in both regions and is driving rising social network usage.

Through 2015, the more advanced social network markets of North America, Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe will have the highest penetration rates worldwide. Beginning in 2016, Latin America will pass Western Europe in social network user penetration. Throughout the forecast period, Asia-Pacific’s and the Middle East and Africa’s penetration rates will be lower than the global figure.

The report found that, this year, 67.7% of internet users around the world will use a social network at least once per month. This figure is expected to rise to more than three out of four internet users by 2016.

According to the report, the respective social network user penetration rates as a percentage of internet users for North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific (specifically, Japan, South Korea and Australia) are lower than the worldwide figure. The advanced countries in these regions tend to have more diverse internet user populations, as users often access the web for a variety of reasons such as shopping or searching. However, in countries with less-developed online markets in the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, internet users skew younger and more tech-savvy, and they are more likely to use social networks. Many people in these emerging markets primarily go online via both desktop and mobile devices to gain access to social platforms.

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Komli Media Integrates Facebook Exchange (FBX) Into Its Proprietary ATOM Platform

komliOn Tuesday, Komli Media announced that it has integrated Facebook’s RTB (Real-Time-bidding) platform – Facebook Exchange (FBX) into its proprietary ATOM platform, making it one of the first companies in the Asia Pacific region to have done so. This integration allows its performance advertising solution (Komli ROI) to reach one of the largest audiences on the web and further strengthens Komli’s position as one of the largest digital platforms in APAC. Komli’s FBX integration is in addition to its existing RTB partners including Google Adx, PubMatic and Rubicon among others, giving it access to over 2.5B daily impressions. These supply side integrations coupled with Komli’s own publisher base of thousands of websites, provide marketers with unparalleled reach across Komli’s key markets of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

Re-targeting allows marketers to reach users who have shown interest in their brand or product. Now for the first time Komli ROI, with FBX integration, allows marketers to run retargeting campaigns in a highly engaging and brand safe environment. The FBX integration also allows marketers the opportunity to leverage their own data about their users as well as Komli’s large audience segments (women, sport enthusiasts, etc) to reach specific audience groups to drive higher ROI.

Rahul Bhargava, Vice President & Head-Products, Komli Media said,”The FBX integration enhances our core strength in ‘performance’ advertising for display media. With Komli- FBX integration platform now multiplying opportunities through Facebook RTB inventory, we are confident that marketers will now see greater value with Komli’s retargeting and audience segmentation technology for their campaigns.”

“We are thrilled about the FBX integration into Komli’s ATOM platform as we aim to introduce better business opportunities through innovative technologies for marketers in India and APAC region as a whole. Komli has already started working with a select set of marketers across Auto, eCommerce and FMCG and we are seeing strong interest from them in our retargeting solution. This integration combined with our ability to offer transparent audience segmentation to marketers puts us at the leading edge of performance marketing in APAC”, said Prashant Mehta, CEO, Komli Media.


[Source: Business Wire India]


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Twitter Launches Video Sharing Application Vine for Android

twitterYesterday popular microblogging network Twitter announced the launch of its Vine video sharing application for Android. Vine is a free app that enables mobile device owners to film and share videos running no longer than six seconds. Users can film clips in a single take or pause the recording to string together montages of brief shots.

Announcing this, the Twitter blog stated,”Android owners: Welcome to Vine. Starting today, you can begin to shoot, share and watch short looping videos. We’ve been looking forward to this day, and we’re excited to get the app into your hands.”

It added,”Vine for Android has many of the features that more than 13 million people have grown to love: easy video creation with automatic playback and sound; Explore, where you can discover popular posts and see what’s trending; and Find Friends, where you can find and invite people you know to join. You can also share your posts to Twitter –– people will be able to watch them right within your Tweet. Oh, and we added a feature that’s unique to Android: zoom.”

The blog also stated that over the coming weeks, user’ll see frequent updates with new features –– including front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook –– as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.

Android users running 4.0+ can download Vine from the Google Play Store.

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Now Directly Upload Images, Documents, and Presentations To Your LinkedIn Status Updates

linkedin logoAfter allowing users to to add rich media to their profile, LinkedIn has rolled out a similar functionality for status updates posted from the homepage.

Announcing this, the blog stated,”You may have seen that we recently enabled the ability for you to add rich media to your profile to help you visually showcase your professional story and accomplishments. Starting today, you can now also directly upload images, documents, and presentations to the updates you share from the LinkedIn Homepage. This new feature is rolling out to all members around the world over the next few weeks.”

This new feature will enable LinkedIn users to easily share presentations, pictures of inspirational quotes, infographics and any such rich media content as status updates.

To get started, users have to click on the paperclip on the right side of their share box on the LinkedIn Homepage and start uploading images or files that visually enhance what they have to say. In order to attach a video or other rich media content that is hosted already on another site, users have to simply paste in the URL into the share box to add it to their update.LinkedIn has also introduced the ability to directly upload images and files to 2.9 million Company Page admins.


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Twitter Launches TV ad Targeting, Twitter Amplify For Media And Consumer Brands

twitterOn Thursday, Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Amplify, its new advertising product for media and consumer brands. Announcing this, the blog stated:” TV ad targeting was developed over time through the acquisition of Bluefin Labs and is designed to make it even easier to extend and enhance TV ad campaigns. TV ad targeting for Promoted Tweets is available today in a limited beta to selected partners running national TV commercials in the U.S.”

It added,”TV ad targeting enables marketers to engage directly with people on Twitter who have been exposed to their ads on TV. Synchronized Twitter and TV ad campaigns make brand messages more engaging, interactive and measurable, while making it easy for marketers to run always-on Twitter campaigns that complement and amplify their TV creative.”

To help facilitate a coordinated, multi-screen effort, Twitter is providing advertisers a new TV Ads dashboard, which shows when that specific brand’s TV ads have aired. This will help digital teams align not only with what’s shown on TV and when, but give insight into how Promoted Tweets can be crafted in the most effective ways to build upon broader marketing themes.


TV ad targeting works by using video fingerprinting technology to automatically detect when and where a brand’s commercials are running on TV, without requiring that advertiser to do any manual tracking or upload media plan details. Whenever a commercial airs during a TV show, Twitter not only determines where and when it ran, but can identify users on Twitter who tweeted about the program where the ad aired during that program. We believe a user engaged enough with a TV show to tweet about it very likely saw the commercials as well.

The blog further stated,”As brands look to find better ways to coordinate their marketing activities, Twitter provides the perfect bridge between TV, digital and mobile. In fact, 64 percent of mobile centric users on Twitter use it in front of the TV at home. Twitter lets brands continue the conversations they start with their TV advertising by building on the awareness they generate through TV with the interactivity and engagement of Twitter’s social/mobile DNA.”

Currently, TV ad targeting is available in beta for the U.S. market only, and only for customers running U.S. national TV ad campaigns, and have had previous experience running ads on Twitter.

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LinkedIn Introduces New Navigation Bar

linkedin logoAfter launching the redesigned Homepage, the new Profile, and the recently revamped mobile application, LinkedIn has introduced the new LinkedIn navigation bar.

Announcing this, the LinkedIn blog stated,”Over the last year and half we’ve had the chance to learn quite a bit from you about the types of changes that add the most value to your daily professional life, and we’ve brought some of these learnings to the new navigation. When approaching this re-design, we analyzed years of navigation data to determine which links were adding the most value for you, and which could be removed to create a more focused and streamlined experience. We also observed how useful Search was as a productivity tool, and aligned the search box with the results page, for fine-tuned search efficiency.”

The new navigation has a simplified menu of tabs to enable users quickly and easily locate the features and content that are of most value to them. LinkedIn has also moved the search bar front and center to make easier than ever to discover and find what users are looking for on LinkedIn.

The blog further stated:”We’ve also ensured that your settings and other account options are a click away. Just hover over your profile picture in the upper right hand corner and the drop down menu gives you quick access to your account options, language and settings.”

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Plancess Partners with LurnQ taking the $2 Billion Engineering Test Preparation Market Online

lurnqLurnQ, a social online learning and teaching platform, has partnered with Plancess, India’s first company to provide study material for Engineering entrance examinations prepared by top hundred IIT-JEE rankers. The partnership will give Plancess LurnQ’s technology for running engineering test preparation courses online. This will enable Plancess to make the process of learning collaborative and engaging which could potentially bring about a transformation in the engineering test preparation industry, currently estimated to $2 Bn in revenues and growing at 15 – 20% CAGR (CLSA analyst report on Indian Education Sector).

LurnQ’s partnership with Plancess enables learning to be a meaningful two-way process in an increasingly digitally networked society. For today’s learner, internet is the preferred option to learn and according to experts, 50% of education will move online in the next ten years. India’s rapid adoption to the online medium is evident from the fact that it is the second largest country participating in online courses offered by the likes of Coursera.

“LurnQ offers a ubiquitous learning platform for a consistent and real-time learning experience”, said Tarun Mitra, CEO and founder, LurnQ. “Our social functionality helps in engaging the users with multiple options to learn collaboratively as one would experience in a classroom. The more powerful your network, the better your learning experience.”

“Using only videos to teach can be boring to both the teacher and learner and therefore LurnQ’s platform allows us to integrate different media types like text, videos, documents, images etc. into a single platform. This gives our learners a unified experience by offering learning in a personalized and structured format,” said Nitesh Salvi, Director and co-founder, Plancess.


[Source: Business Wire India]

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