UAE controls 60 % of mobile apps development in Middle East, tops list of Arab countries

According to a regional expert,  UAE has captured 60% of the Middle East’s smart phone mobile apps business. 40 % of the smart phone users use between 6 and 10 applications in their daily life

“The penetration of these kinds of mobile applications is tremendous in the UAE. The UAE has become a global player, thanks to its openness to the world economically and technologically and its world class infrastructure.

The UAE government is now moving aggressively into adopting these applications to provide better services to its customers. One step towards that direction was that Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre hosting the leading m-content global summit. The statistics show that the number of governmental applications in the UAE is between 20 and 25.

The majority of the usage of mobile apps in the Arab world pertains to entertainment, such as songs, social news, Al Quran and Islamic lectures, prayer times and Hajri timings. Due to research, 40 percent of the smart phone users are using between six to ten applications in their daily lives. Likewise, what makes the mobile phone beneficial is that it has a very high response rate through text messaging which is read within 5 minutes of delivery in comparison with email that takes up to 48 hours in some cases.

The world-class ICT infrastructure in the UAE and the cost effective ICT billings compared with the income in addition to the availability of the latest models of smart phones and computers as they are launched have drawn the attention of ICT investors to this region.

The world is increasingly turning from desktop to mobile computing. Smartphone sales are expected to eclipse desktop computer sales by 2012, and in 2013 people will pay all their bills through mobile devices, including buying coffee, transferring money and reading your books and magazines.

The mobile computing is all about user friendliness. People always demand what helps them doing things on the run. Flagship is one of the fastest growing companies specializing in creating qualitative App strategy for its customers, at a time when the region is witnessing a huge spurt in demand for apps.

The consumer will be the biggest grand winner in all this, as he will get a better deal and in many cases free offerings. It is left to the consumer to grab the benefit and improve his lifestyle and be more productive and efficient at work and in daily life.

The optimal application idea, perfectly realized in terms of design and concept, determines the success of any application.

Pads are going to spread in a higher ratio than smart phones with a price range AED.400-3000, with an average of AED1000, allowing you to buy and store hundreds of books for one-tenth of their shelf price. This will definitely be a cost-effective solution, besides saving you the pain of holding tons of printed books.

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List of Mobile VAS, Content & Apps Companies in UAE

UAE market has seen tremendous growth in terms of mobile VAS, content and apps.  I have compiled a list of  of Mobile VAS , Content and apps Companies in UAE  catering to the Arab world

If I missed any company do put it on the comments section and I will update it.

List of Mobile VAS Companies in UAE
Last updated : 24th June 2011

Axiom (
Arvato Mobile Middle East /GetMo (
Alam AlFan – Mazzika  (
AlphaApps ( )
Anayou ( )
APRO Part of Actel Communications.( )

BeeCell ( )

Comviva Middle East ( )


EMI Arabia

Flagship Project ( )
Freej ( )

Getinfo ( )
GN4ME ( )

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment ( )

IBuzz ( )
Intigral ( )
Info2Cell ( )
IMIMobile VAS Ltd ( )

Jinny (



Mobile Telecom Group ( )
Mersal FZ LLC ( ) ( )
MT 2 – Global Call ( )
Melody ( )
Mazzika Digital
Mobitrans ( )


OnMobile Global ( )

PowerMe Mobile (

Qanawat ( )

Rotana ( )

Smart Solutions (
S2M FZCO ( )

Tim.w.e ( )

UAE Mobile ( )

VIVA Entertainment ( )




ZGroup Mobile (


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