Reliance Games Acquires Two Gaming Companies In Japan and Korea

relianceReliance Games has announced the acquisition of two gaming companies in Japan and Korea, marking its foray into two of the world’s top-five mobile gaming markets. Through this acquisition, the company has acquired a 100% stake in the gaming division of Funnel Japan along with its team and all the games under development.

The company has also acquired a 51% stake in Busan, Korea-based gaming studio Bluesom Inc, which will develop games for both Japan and Korean markets. Both the acquisitions have been carried out by a new company created for this purpose, Reliance Big Entertainment Japan Co. While Funnel Japan is a game distribution company with around 10 people, Bluesom is games studio with around 35 employees.

Commenting on the acquisition, Manish Aggarwal, chief executive of Reliance Entertainment Digital said,”We have purposefully gone for a joint venture. The local founding team and gaming talent play an important role, and we wanted to retain them through their stakes.”

He further added,”India is a very small market which grosses under $100 million a year. Our focus and vision is to be amongst top 10 leaders in the international gaming markets of the US, UK, China, Japan and Korea.”

Reliance will be launching the first mobile game in Japan by next month and two more by June-July. It will also be launching its Hollywood IP-based localised games for these markets.

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Sony Launches Next Gen Computer Entertainment System PlayStation 4

ps4Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.(SCEI) unveiled its next generation computer entertainment system PlayStation 4, at an event in New York. The new console has rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features.

According to Sony, PlayStation 4 has been designed from the ground up to ensure that the very best games and the most immersive experiences reach PlayStation gamers. PS4 is centered around a powerful custom chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and a state of the art graphics processor. The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has been enhanced in a number of ways, principally to allow for easier use of the GPU for general purpose computing (GPGPU) such as physics simulation. PlayStation 4 is equipped with 8 GB of unified system memory, easing game creation and increasing the richness of content achievable on the platform. GDDR5 is used for this memory, giving the system 176 GB/second of bandwidth and providing a further boost to graphics performance.

PlayStation 4 provides dedicated, “always on” video compression and decompression systems that enables seamless uploading of gameplay. Gamers have to simply hit the “SHARE button” on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game—the video uploads as the gamer plays. They can share their images and videos to their friends on social networking services such as Facebook. Users can also connect their Facebook account with Sony Entertainment Network account. Through PS4, users ware able to deepen their connections through co-op play or “cross-game chat”.

PS4 integrates second screens, including PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), smartphones and tablets, to wrap gamers in their favorite content wherever they are. A new application from SCE called “PlayStation App” will enable iPhone, iPad, and AndroidTM based smartphones and tablets to become second screens.

PS4 radically reduces the lag time between players and their content. PS4 features “suspend mode” which keeps the system in a low power state while preserving the game session.

On the newly designed PS4 menu screen, players can look over game-related information shared by friends, view friends’ gameplay with ease, or obtain information of recommended content, including games, TV shows and movies.

In addition to a variety of games available in PlayStation Store, PS4 users will be able to enjoy a variety of services offered by PlayStationNetwork, such as Sony Corporation’s Music Unlimited, a cloud-based music subscription service and Video Unlimited, a premium video service, as well as various content distribution services.

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Surging Tablet Sales To Drive Mobile Gaming Industry In India

mobile-gamingAccording to a recent research report by RNCOS, “Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India”, the Indian Mobile gaming industry is witnessing a tremendous growth and it is expected to become the largest segment of the gaming industry in the coming years. Further, surging tablet sales is adding fuel to the ever growing market of the mobile gaming industry. Its wider screen compared to mobile phones and other advance features makes it more attractive platform for mobile game players. In 2010-11, the tablet market grew phenomenally by experiencing a growth of 750% compared to the previous year. Owing to the above factors, it is anticipated that tablet sales will follow the same growth trend in the coming years as well.

The report shows that introduction of smartphones, 3G services, and massive mobile subscriber’s base are some key factors driving the growth of mobile gaming in India. Launch of technically upgraded games such as 3D games is another factor driving the growth of the industry. According to RNCOS 3D games are expected to lead the growth of the mobile gaming industry in the coming years. Apart from the opportunity areas, other key factors like growing share of gaming applications in MVAS market and low cost of production contributes towards the development of the concerned industry. Under stable conditions, in future also, the mobile gaming industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 43% during 2012-2015.

The report is based on research conducted in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities among a sample size of 1000 respondents. The respondents were of four different age groups – 6-12 years, 13-21 years, 22-35 years and above 35 years.



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Imangi Studios Launches Temple Run 2

temple-run2Imangi Studios and Fuzzycube Software have launched Temple Run 2, the sequel to their popular mobile game Temple Run. As of now the app is only released on iOS, with an Android version expected by next week.

Temple Run 2’s environments are curvy and hilly, giving everything a more natural and “real” feel. It has beautiful new graphics, new organic environments, new obstacles, more powerups and achievements, special powers for each character and a bigger monkey. Users can also purchase upgrades in-game upgrades, which include Coin Value, Coin Magnet, Shield Duration, Pickup Spawn, Boost Distance, Power Meter and more.

YouTube Preview Image

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Social Game Developer Playdemic Launches Eye Spy!

Recently Social game developer Playdemic announced the launch of their latest game Eye Spy! on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. Eye Spy! asks players to use the iPhone and iPod touch’s camera and Facebook connections to create a completely new social gaming experience.

So how does one play Eye Spy? Playing Eye Spy! is simple: think of something… anything, take the photo that you think best represents your idea then type in the answer and challenge up to two friends to guess what it is. It could be anything from a band name or a movie reference, to a celebrity or a place that means something special to you and your other half. You could even draw a face on a table tennis bat and make the answer BATMAN!!

The first of your friends to correctly guess the answer wins and it’s their turn. In Eye Spy! players are limited only by their imagination and are free to concoct any weird and wonderful composition that they can to keep their friends and family guessing. Players can also use photos from their library or the public gallery within the game which is constantly updated with the best and funniest images from other players’ games. To add to the fun, the chat feature allows players to joke about awful guesses or send and receive clues.

Some key features of Eye Spy are:

  •  FUN & SIMPLE GAMEPLAY – Take a picture, type in the answer and send. One or two friends race to guess the correct answer. Simple!
  • MULTIPLAYER – Users can play the same game against one or even two of their Facebook friends at the same time.
  • PUBLIC GALLERY – Don’t know where to start? Choose an image from the public gallery and check if your friends can guess it!
  •  THEMES – These help players choose a gallery image and give their friends clues to the answer.
  • CHAT & NUDGE- Send and receive clues, joke about incorrect attempts or just urge your friends to guess.
  • LIFELINES – Use lifelines to help narrow down the right answer. Remove incorrect letters and see the length of the mystery answer.
  • FULL FACEBOOK INTEGRATION – Players can login with their Facebook account. No other usernames or passwords are needed.

Eye Spy! is available to download from the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch at:!/id531340592


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Mango Learning Launches Kickstarter Funding Campaign for Immersive, Mobile, Game-Based K-12 Math Apps

Guided by industry leaders in gaming and education, Mango Learning has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter to support development of their game-based learning programs.

Mango Learning , the brainchild of Prakash Ahuja and Kevin Howell, is an ambitious educational game development venture that blends Western- and Eastern-teaching philosophies, leverages the engaging nature of games, and delivers a math learning solution across mobile devices. Just this year it began developing game-based educational programs geared toward children ages 6 to 12 with the support of leading online gaming industry developers and education experts. Together, they are creating the most interactive, engaging learning programs available for mobile learning platforms today.

“As we continue to expand our development efforts we wanted to offer the public an opportunity to support and join us through our Kickstarter campaign,” explained Prakash Ahuja, Mango Learning Advisor and CEO of Gameshastra™, India’s largest game services company. “We have vast and highly credible experience creating successful online consumer games such as Gardens of Time (17 million active monthly users) and Top Gun, among others. Now, we are focusing our expertise, with guidance from top education experts including Bob Collins, a 30 year public school administrator and formerly a director for the Los Angeles Unified School District, to create learning programs expressly for the mobile computing platform.”

Rather than just moving textbooks onto mobile devices, Mango Learning has tapped into the digital native’s desire to “play” while learning. The mechanics of games make them the perfect platform for translating learning content through engaging graphics, personalized interfaces, adaptive assessments and reward levels. Beyond their ability to engage students in learning, games have the power to require that students move beyond proficiency, towards mastery of core concepts, before they can advance to the next topic. Mango Learning’s design creates a mobile device-based environment, based on the U.S. Common Core and International standards, where a student’s interaction with engaging content drives towards mastery of the underlying education concepts, rather than rote memorization.

As proof of concept, Mango Learning has developed a few games based on a highly motivating, middle school math, game-based curriculum. Whether used for enrichment for gifted and talented students, for struggling students as extra practice, or all students in-between, the programs allow the player to advance at the pace of learning that best fits his or her needs and abilities. The games leverage the fact that in gaming, the child is required to take multiple perspectives to find alternative ways of stating a mathematical problem and finding a solution. This creates a try and miss, try, and try again environment that children thrive on and learn from naturally.

Everyone can enjoy a comprehensive video, become a Mango Learning supporter and help expand and accelerate the program development plans at: Mango Learning backers earn various levels of rewards for contributing to the campaign including free downloads, beta test access, preloaded tablets, and even the chance to design an in-game character. The goal of the campaign is to raise $100,000, which will be used to complete the first phase of game development.

Learn more about the power of game-based learning in a recently published FORBES article authored by Mango Learning’s CoFounder Poonam Sharma here.

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Nazara Technologies Partners With EA For Exclusive Distribution of Mobile Games in Africa

Leading mobile games developer and publisher Nazara Technologies has entered into an exclusive partnership with Electronic Arts Inc.(EA) to distribute EA’s collection of world class mobile games to over 770 million mobile phone consumers across Africa.

Under this partnership, Nazara will have exclusive distribution rights of EA mobile games to all telecom operators across the African continent in 49 countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. EA’s portfolio of products includes top quality games such as Need For SpeedT The Run and EA SPORTST FIFA 13, which will be made available to consumers on JAVA and Android platforms through “N Play”, one of Nazara’s high traffic mobile gaming platforms.

Commenting on the partnership, Nazara’s Group CEO Nitish Mittersain said,”We are delighted to extend the reach of our relationship with EA to cover the emerging gaming market in the African continent. Our alliance with EA in the Middle East has resulted in significant successes for both companies and we look forward to expanding our footprint across the African region.”

“Our partnership combines EA’s world-class high end mobile games with our established distribution and partner networks,” added Savio Saldanha, Nazara’s CEO for the Middle East & Africa.

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Amazon Game Studios Releases “Air Patriots”- Its First Ever Game For Mobile Devices

After the launch of Amazon’s first-ever social game, Living Classics, Amazon Game Studios announced the launch of its first-ever game for mobile devices,  “Air Patriots”. The game is available now for Kindle Fire, Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and is free to all customers.

Air Patriots is a new kind of tower defense game with fun and unique gameplay requiring strategic positioning of an arsenal of planes to push back an enemy tank invasion. In Air Patriots, players directly control a squadron of military planes by using their finger to draw the paths the planes will follow in order to engage the enemy. Unlike other tower defense games where defense bases are stationary, in Air Patriots players can adjust their strategy on the fly. Simply draw a new flight path for your planes, and you redeploy firepower to where it is needed most.

Commenting on the launch, Ernie Ramirez, Executive Producer at Amazon Game Studios,”When we created Air Patriots we wanted to make a game that was easy and engaging, and the simplicity of drawing paths for planes was something we thought would appeal to players.”

Air Patriots uses Amazon GameCircle on Kindle Fire to track both achievements and high scores, allowing players to compete for strategic superiority. Air Patriots also supports Whispersync for games to ensure that progress is saved in the cloud whether it’s played on the Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. Players can even switch back and forth between multiple Kindle devices as they continue their quest to eliminate the enemy. It boasts rich visuals for HD compatible devices, including Kindle Fire HD.

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Twitch Partners With Sony Online Entertainment To Integrate Live Broadcasting To Videogame Play

Twitch, the world’s largest video platform and community for gamers has partnered with Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) to integrate live broadcasting functionality into SOE’s upcoming games. PlanetSide(R)2 will be the first video game title to feature the ability to stream gameplay directly to the Twitch platform with a single click. PlanetSide(R)2 is the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS), which will launch in North America and Europe on November 20, 2012.

Matthew DiPietro, VP Marketing of Twitch said,”With the Twitch community now in excess of 20 million gamers, live broadcasting has evolved from a niche novelty to an integral part of the gaming experience. By partnering with Sony Online Entertainment to allow gamers to stream titles like PlanetSide 2 directly to Twitch at the click of a button, the community to will continue to grow since the biggest barrier to entry has been removed. There is no easier way to broadcast game play to the Web than this.”

PlanetSide 2, which is a free-to-play title with optional content available for purchase in the marketplace, offers an unprecedented gaming experience. Players battle in massive environments alongside and against thousands of players engaging in intense air and ground combat that spans the alien planet of Auraxis. Because of its giant fan base and the competitive nature of first-person shooter games, it is the perfect title to enable fans to live broadcast in a seamless, non-disruptive fashion, creating additional content.

Scheduled to deploy in an external beta game update for players to begin testing this weekend, PlanetSide 2 marks the inaugural title in the Twitch and SOE partnership. Future relevant SOE titles will look to incorporate Twitch integration as well.

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Mobile Gaming Leads Gaming Market In India

A recent report “Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India” by RNCIOS reveals that India is emerging as one of the top gaming destinations with rising number of gamers, especially online and mobile. With 919.2 Million mobile subscribers (2011-12), the country represents one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and highly untapped mobile gaming markets. A high percentage of young population, steadily rising disposable incomes, and a proliferation of game developers are some of the key factors driving this growth. Mobile gamers are also increasing day-by-day with the world-class mobile game offerings by domestic and foreign players.

According to the report, mobile gaming is expected to become the largest segment in gaming industry in the coming years. Introduction of smartphones, 3G services, massive mobile subscriber’s base, and technically upgraded games have provided much awaited boost to the industry, which grew more than four times compared to 2007-2011. During the period 2012-2015, the Mobile gaming industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 43%.

The research found that 3D-mobile games are expected to create a boom in the market, as various game developers are focusing on 3D games developments and some of them have already launched 3D games in the market. Graphics and animation industry, 4G services, game outsourcing etc, are some other opportunity areas which will help the mobile gaming industry to grow further.

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