Microsoft Unveils Xbox Music – The All In One Music Service

Microsoft has launched Xbox Music which combines free music streaming, music subscription and purchasing into an all-in-one service. On Tuesday, the service was rolled out on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console and later in October it will be available on personal and tablet computers and smartphones. Xbox Music will come pre-installed as the default music player for Windows 8, officially launching on Oct 26.

“The launch of Xbox Music is a milestone in simplifying digital music on every type of device and on a global scale,” said Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “We’re breaking down the walls that fracture your music experiences today to ensure that music is better and integrated across the screens that you care about most — your tablet, PC, phone and TV.”

The Xbox service will enable users to listen to streaming songs for free, from a catalog of over 30 million titles, on PCs and tablets running on Windows 8. They can also choose to pay $9.99 per month to get unlimited access to songs on various devices. The service includes an on-line store that allows users to buy single songs or entire album on their computers or smartphones. It also allows users to create the so-called “Internet radio” based on their favorite artists.

Since Xbox Music is a cloud-based service, users can access their carefully-created playlists and play their favorite music on any device. Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft said,”There are a lot of individual services that do a good job, but today there isn’t a service which can pull together the benefits of download-to-own, music subscription, or free streaming services.”

Xbox Music is Microsoft’s new move to compete with technology giants, including Apple and Google, which have launched their own digital music services. According to Microsoft, Xbox Music will eventually be available on other platforms such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS as mobile applications.

Xbox is Microsoft’s premier entertainment service for the TV, phone, PC and tablet. It’s home to the best and broadest games, as well as one of the world’s largest libraries of music, movies, TV and sports.

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Windows 8 AppFest at Bangalore creates a World Record

With more than 2500 registered developers and 18-hour non-stop coding session, Microsoft’s App Fest at Bangalore has created a Guiness World Record for the maximum number of developers coding for a single event at a common location. Windows App Fest, Microsoft’s 18 hour nonstop marathon coding festival was held at Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization (KTPO) in Bengaluru.The record has been set at 2567 developers coding non-stop for 18 hours.

Developers came from different parts of India and beyond to participate in the event hosted by Microsoft building, designing and testing apps for the Windows platform. Though majority of the participants were students from science and engineering background, the app fest also saw professional developers and teams from app development companies taking part in the event. Some of the best tech teams from Microsoft worked alongside the participants to help them convert their ideas into final applications.

A certificate validating the record was presented to Jon DeVaan, Corporate Vice President for Windows Development at Microsoft and Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India said,” This Guinness Record at Windows AppFest is a great accomplishment by all the developers who participated. Over the course of the 18 hours of the Windows AppFest we saw some outstanding talent and many innovative apps being developed”.

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More than 100,000 apps published in Windows Phone Marketplace

We are well aware that billions of apps are downloaded from the Apple and Google apps stores. Though Microsoft is lagging behind these two platforms, currently it has become quite aggressive about apps development.

At present the Windows Phone Marketplace has more than 100,000 apps with around 313 apps added per day.It added 50,000 apps in the first 14 months and reached the 100,000 mark in the next 5 months.

In the graph below you can see the number of apps published in the last 19 months:

Out of these, 88,731 apps are available for download across 60 countries.The remaining apps are either withdrawn by Microsoft or unpublished by developer or in staging. Some of the apps are available only in select countries.

The current figures for live apps (i.e. fully available for download) are: US (77,450), UK (72,933), France (69,879), Spain (68,361), Italy (68,180), Germany (69,153), Australia (70,036), Russia (55,052), Brazil (47,453) India (69,771) and China (33,063). Majority of these apps are published in English (68,529 of live total) while a number of apps are localised into other languages too, with German (6,231), French (5,627), Spanish (4401) and Italian (3225) being the most common.

Out of the four major categories that account for about 59% of the content, Entertainment apps leads with 18867 apps. It is followed by 14591 apps on tools+productivity, 12816 apps on reference and 12212 apps on games. 67 percent apps of the Windows Phone Marketplace are available for free downloads, 10 percent are paid with a free trial and 23% are paid.

Source: AAWP


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Exclusive Interview: Getit’s multiplatform location based marketplace app on mobile is a powerful local guide in India




Interview with Mr. Sidharth Gupta: CEO Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd

WirelessDuniya caught up with Mr. Sidharth Gupta (CEO Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd.) who gave us an interesting insight into Getit’s multiplatform marketplace app.

What is GETIT?
Ans: Getit is India’s leading information service provider which provides information on sellers of products and services across categories to prospective buyers.  In effect, Getit:

•    Provides quality leads to businesses.
•    Provides relevant information about businesses to consumers and also connects consumers and enables them to sell and buy used products and services through its Classifieds networks.

Getit is, thus, one of India’s largest SME channels reaching out to over 1.2 million SMEs, with sales force of over a 1000 people, annually.  Each month, more than 3 million users contact Getit through various media to conduct searches to find relevant buyers/suppliers.

What was the reason for GETIT to introduce a mobile app?
Ans: At Getit, we have always believed in providing quality information to consumers through the medium/device of their choice.  In the past, we used to do it very effectively through print and in the recent past through our voice services and online sites.  However, we believe that in the future the most powerful medium is most likely to be mobile phone and thus it makes imminent sense to distribute apps for mobile devices so as to increase our usage manifold.

What are the key features of the mobile app? What platforms is the app available?
Ans: Recently we have integrated NearMe, a key feature to our mobile app.

With this feature, whenever a user searches for something, he gets results closest to his location which is more appropriate and useful. ‘NearMe’ feature lets the user discover the nearest restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, ATMs etc. within a customized radius.
Also, Getit’s local search enables users to do the following:

i) Auto detects your current location using GPS
ii) Interactive map with directions
iii) Share businesses via email & SMS
iv) Refine your search based on attributes and location
v) Call any business with a single click/tap
vi) Save favourite listings on your device
Getit is the only company which has developed local search app across all the major mobile platforms.  Getit apps are available across iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java, Android and Windows Phone.

How beneficial is the GETIT app for the buyer and the advertiser?
Ans: From the buyer’s perspective:
i)    The app is absolutely free to use, easily available at all app stores and downloadable.
ii)    The user interface is very simple to use and the experience quite empowering as is evident from the feedback that we have received and from the 4-star out of 5-star rating average across most app stores.

Thus, Getit app becomes an avenue for buyers to be able to quickly find sellers anytime, anywhere since their mobile devices are most likely to be with them.

From an advertiser perspective, the app allows businesses to connect with consumers who are on the move since Getit app is very popular and it already has about half-a-million downloads across various channels and platforms.  Thus, advertisers i.e. businesses get more and more leads through the usage of the app.

With so many classified and local search apps available in the market, how different are you from the competition?
Ans: There are 3 distinct areas which make the Getit app stand ahead of its competitors:
i)    The depth and quality of data: We currently have more than 3 million records in our databases and we cover most cities in the country.  Each search can be refined based on specific parameters for that category and the app integrates maps and features for various devices wherein contacting the establishment is very easy.
ii)    The usability: Getit app has got great reviews across platforms and devices.  It is easy to use, simple and fast and delivers great results.
iii)    Availability across all platforms: We are rather the only app which is available across platforms.  More and more users can benefit from the power of the Getit app.

Where can I download the app from? What has been your app promotion strategy?   
Ans: The app can be downloaded from several app stores like google play, App world, Aircel/Airtel app stores, Mobango , getjar etc.  Also the same can be downloaded from online app stores as detailed below:

i)     Apple IOS
ii)    Blackberry
iii)    Android
iv)    Windows phone
v)    Java


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A new Cricket App for Windows Phone Users !!

Indian cricket fans have a thing to cheer for!! Now they can stay up to date with their favorite game courtesy a cricket app launched by Yahoo India
for Windows phone users in India. This is the third cricket app released by Yahoo and is available for free on Windows marketplace. Even while on the move catch all cricket action LIVE – whether it’s an international match or the IPL series.

Follow live match scores, detailed match commentary and complete details of how a match progressed on your Windows Phone. Apart from this, on a no match day you can also browse through photo-galleries, latest news articles on the game, player and team profiles, as well as results of completed matches, and schedules of upcoming ones. Within 10 days, this app has been downloaded 11000 times so far..

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Microsoft and Nokia launch $24 million Educational AppCampus;To Enable App Development for the Windows Phone OS Platform

With education at the heart of mobile app development, Microsoft is hoping the developers of tomorrow will educate themselves today on how to build superior applications for the Windows Phone operating system.

To that end, the software giant is teaming with Nokia for AppCampus, a $24 million program that the partners hope will kickstart app development for the platform.

The Finland-based program will be led and managed by Aalto University, which has a growing reputation as a hotbed of new startup companies. AppCampus is intended to attract thousands of application proposals from students and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Aalto University will make a significant contribution to the project by providing premises, coaching services, and access to both academic and business networks for budding app developers.


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Windows Mobile Marketplace Closing Down on May 9

Windows Mobile Marketplace, the online app store for Microsoft’s aging Windows Mobile smartphone OS, will be shut down in two months.

The closure affects devices running Windows Mobile 6.x and not the more current Windows Phone devices, which access the Windows Phone Marketplace for their apps.

Those with older Windows phones, however, have two months to download or update any apps from the older marketplace.

“Starting on [May 9], you will no longer be able to browse, buy or download applications directly on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone using the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace application and service,” Microsoft said in an email sent to users today.

Apps and games that have been installed on Windows Mobile devices will still work after May 9, but new downloads will not be available. All those apps will be deleted forever, however, if your phone is wiped or you do a hard reset on your device – including data on removable storage cards.

There’s a chance, of course, that apps and games might be available directly from developers via third-party marketplaces.

“Microsoft recommends you review the applications or games installed on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone and install any available updates in advance of the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service shut-down on May 9, 2012,” the company said.

The Windows Mobile Marketplace made its debut in October 2009 and was accessible for devices running Windows Mobile 6.5.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in an e-mail that the shuttering of Windows Mobile Marketplace is representative of Microsoft’s “intent to begin transitioning engineering and support resources from older Windows Mobile 6.x based services to Windows Phone. This is a natural evolution as Microsoft invests in newer and better experiences for Windows Phone customers.”

When asked if Windows Mobile devices can be upgraded to Windows Phone, the spokesperson answered in the negative:

“Windows Mobile 6.x devices are not updatable to the Windows Phone 7 OS…Windows Mobile 6.x devices do not meet Windows Phone hardware requirements designed to ensure a consistent user and developer experience. Windows Mobile 6.x customers who are interested in updating to Windows Phone will need to purchase a new Windows Phone handset, which are available at a variety of price points from mobile operators in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.”

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Vopium launches new call package to India; Mobile Apps on Blackberry,Android,Symbian,Windows

Vopium, a leading VoIP communications company, listed on the NYSE Paris EuroNext, just announced its Call India package, that let’s Indians all over the world connect to their loved ones at flat rate pricing. The company made major news last year with the introduction of its industry-first Blackberry WiFi app on Blackberry World, along with other cutting-edge VoIP apps for Android, Symbian, Windows platforms.

According to Director of Marketing, Babar Baig, “As a company, we not only strive to develop exciting new apps that enable fraction-of-cost communications, but our esteemed Indian consumer base is one of our largest, demographically. We really hope that this gesture of being able to call unlimited to your family, friends across India for a mere $12 or EUR 8.95 will really streamline communications for our Indian consumers across the world.”

The company, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, offers calling packages across 52 countries, with savings up to 94%. Click here to find out more about Vopium’s unlimited Call India package.

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List of Mobile App Development Companies/Developers in India

Mobile apps is a big business and India is known to be the Mobile App Developers hub. Here is a list of Mobile App Development Companies in India which specializes in Apple Iphone Apps, Ipad Apps, Android Apps, Windows Apps, Blackberry Apps, Samsung Bada Apps and other mobile apps . Hope this list helps you in your goals to identify the best developer for your app development requirement.

I am currently in the process of building this list. If you want to add your company name in this list please put it on the comments section and I will Add it. Please type the Name of the company, Website, Location in India, Mobile Platform Specialization

If you like this list, do like us on Facebook.

Last updated : October 30,2013

CodeCube India
, New Delhi
BlazeDream Technologies Pvt Ltd
, Chennai
Tech Ahead Software
, Noida
, Gurgaon
Shah Deep International Business Solutions Ltd , Noida

Softweb Solutions
, Ahmedabad
Fusion informatics pvt Ltd , Ahmedabad
Stark Infotech
, Pune
LogicTree IT Solutions
, Hyderabad/Bangalore
Wit Innovation Technologies
, Bangalore
Xoriant , Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata
Halosys Technologies , New Delhi
Sybrant Technologies Private Limited , Chennai
Zylog Systems , Chennai
RMN Infotech Pvt Ltd , Hyderabad
Mobisoft Technologies , Noida
Inheritx Solutions Pvt Ltd , Ahmedabad
NDOT Technologies Pvt Ltd , Coimbatore
SP SOFT , Hyderabad
NowPos M-Solutions, Hyderabad
CDN Solutions Group , Indore



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Innovative Location Sharing App: Glympse

There’s nothing new about location tracking solutions and there are countless apps and services that you can use to share your location with family and friends. But none have stood out, until now.

Glympse is a relative newcomer but it’s kicking up quite a storm with it’s service. It allows you to share your location and provide live tracking which can be viewed on a computer or smartphone. You choose who gets to track you and for how long. You can send your location to a single person, a group and you can even share it on Facebook or Twitter.

A simple timer setting allows you to set how long the sharing is active for which solves the worry of forgetting to turn tracking off. Better still, if you’re sharing a particular journey, you can set it to expire on your arrival. A nice feature.

But by far the best feature is the quality of the tracking itself. Delivered in real-time, progress is displayed via a Google Map overlay with fluid movement and additional data such as ETA and, optionally, speed.

When you send an invite, or ‘glympse’ as the app authors call them, the recipient gets an email with a link which takes them to the Glympse website with your live location.

The Glympse app is available, free of charge, for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. For more information see their website at

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