Google Launches New App Approval Process – What Developers Need to Know

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Google has come up with a new app approval process for the developers who wish to upload their apps on the Play Store. Before publishing the apps on the store, the developers need to get the apps ready, test them and prepare all the promotional materials.

The changes to the Play Store policies will affect every Android developer and they now have to wait for the apps to be approved by Google after submitting the app on the store.

Android App Publishing Process

The Android developers need to be aware about the changes made in the app store in order to improve the quality of apps in the Google’s market.

The Android market of applications has reached a million people in around 200 countries and has differentiated itself from Apple by allowing developers to upload their apps on the app store without any review process.

Publishing the app

It is a general process that makes the Android apps available to the users. The developer needs to perform certain tasks while publishing the app.

  • Preparing application for release

It is a multi-step process and allows the developer to configure the application for release. They need to build, sign and test the release version of the app. They also need to make sure that the application resources are updated and included with the application.

  • Releasing the application to the users

The app can be released through an app marketplace called Google Play. But the developers can also get the users to download their app directly from their own website as well.

They may also release it through an email as well, but the users mostly avoid downloading apps from the unknown sources.

Policies and agreements

The Android developer need to follow the program policies set by Google that are accepted while registering.

Quality test

You need to make sure that the apps meet the basic quality expectations and they target all the major Android devices. A test environment can be set in order to test the apps.

Google Age-Based Rating System

Google has also announced a new age-based rating system for Android games and apps as well on the app store. They will now use the scales provided by the given region’s official ratings authority.

Google do not want to reject the apps and the Android developers need not to worry about this. They only want to have control over the quality of the apps before they reach the user’s mobile devices.

The new rating system will make the Android developers to complete a questionnaire related to the app or game’s content before it is published. The developer will take a single questionnaire that is based on the level of content in the app and at the end they can activate the ratings for different territories.

Google is working with the International Age Rating Coalition bodies (IARC) along with the local ratings bodies on the new rating system. Different countries may have different content ratings that are appropriate for different age groups. The new system will allow the developers to categorize their apps for the right users.

The existing apps that have not taken the questionnaire will be marked as unrated on Google store and they may get blocked in certain countries.

Google will implement the system for all the apps coming in the next few weeks all across the world. This change will give the developers an easy way to communicate ratings to the users and this helps them to receive better app discovery and engagement.

Things to know about the new approval process by the Android developer

  • Questionnaires

A human touch has been added to the approval process. A questionnaire needs to be submitted by the developers before the submission of app for the reviewing process. This will help deciding the age rating as well.

It is necessary for the developers to provide accurate responses to help the app to be discovered by the right users. After a successful approval, they only need to retake the questionnaire if an update has changed the content of the app in a way that it affects the previous ratings of the app.

  • No malware

The developers are worried about getting their apps rejected by Google. The developers with quality apps need not to worry, but the rejection rate of the malware apps will increase and the apps will be suspended that violate the Google’s policies and agreements.

This will make a healthy environment on play store and it is great for the developers as well as the users who are concerned about the quality of the apps.

  • Existing apps

In order to maintain the app’s availability on the Play Store, the developers need to sign in to the Google Play Developer Console and complete the rating questionnaire for each of their apps.

All new apps and updates to the existing apps require completing the questionnaire before they can be published on the store. In the near future, Google will remove the apps from the store that are not rated.

Benefits of Approval Process

There are a number of benefits of the new approval process and are some of them listed.

  • The process is fully automated.
  • It is as open as Android platform.
  • The apps will appear in the stores hours after approving their integrity and the developer need not to wait long like Apple’s reviewing process.
  • The process will make sure that there are no malicious apps and they are not the copy of any existing application.
  • The malicious apps will be removed from the “available to download” list of users.

Factors involved in the app ecosystem

There are basically 3 factors involved in the app ecosystem and everyone will be benefitted.

  • Storefronts

Storefronts like Google need to maintain their own rating system, which can be avoided now. IARC is being managed by global reviewing authorities and Google can focus on their core expertise in order to provide quality apps to the users.

  • Developers

Developers will enjoy a hassle-free age based rating system that was difficult in the past and was performed by different agencies. The ratings generated by IARC are global and can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Users

The users are the biggest beneficiary of the new reviewing system. They can now safely trust the ratings of the app before downloading them to the mobile devices. The rating system is globally trusted now and they have chosen the most appropriate apps and games for the users.

Participants of the new approval process

Here is the list of all the participants with Google.

  • ClassificaçãoIndicativa (ClassInd) – Brazil
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) – North America
  • Pan European Game Information (PEGI) – European
  • UnterhaltungssoftwareSelbstkontrolle (USK) – Germany
  • Australian Government Classified Board

Google started with the app approval process weeks ago, but no one noticed. This means that the process is going pretty well. This has helped them to spot the issues before an app goes live on the app store that would have previously led its removal from it after users have already downloaded it.

There will be more details in the dev console about the status of the app and the developers will also be able to see the reasons for the rejection or the approval of the app on the Play Store.

Author Bio

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing android game development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

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Good news for all IT professionals! HP World Tour 2015 coming to Mumbai!

HP World Tour is a global series of one-day event bringing the hottest industry topics to key markets. A must-attend for IT professionals, where you can learn more about Cloud, Big Data, Security, Mobility, some key factors that are reshaping our industry.

Launched in 2014, the HP World Tour series started from Italy. During the event, HP unveiled its latest product innovations in the field of printing and PC. They introduced Helion which is based on OpenStack architecture to implement private cloud, hybrid cloud and eventually move to public cloud. Besides sharing their vision on IoT (Internet of Things), HP also showcased Moonshot SDN (Software Defined Network) architecture which they claim to be able to reduce DC footprint, energy consumption, cooling, etc. by as much as 90%.

Mumbai will be hosting the India leg of HP World Tour 2015 at the Grand Hyatt. Key speakers for this event include:

  •  Jim Merritt – Senior Vice President, Enterprise Group & Managing Director, HP Asia Pacific
  •  NeelamDhawan – Managing Director, HP India
  •  Rajiv Srivastava – Vice President & General Manager, Printing & Personal Systems, HP India.

This event offers incredible depth of information and access to experts from HP. Get a chance to network with industry experts and other IT professionals with similar synergies and interests as you.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Construction Job

homeBuying a brand new home can be a very exciting yet nerve wracking experience. Building your own home is even more exhilarating and terrifying. Everybody has their own idea of what their dream home would be like. If you’re looking for a house to buy, chances are you have a particular set of criteria that you want the home to meet. Finding the perfect house can take time and you might not ever be able to find a house that has everything you want. While in some cases you might be willing to compromise on one want in order to have another, there’s only one real way for you to get your hands on your perfect dream home: build your own. Building your own home will definitely be a more drawn out process compared to just finding a house to buy, but the upside is that you will have complete control over things like how the house will look, the interior layout, and the style of landscaping. If you decide that building your own home is the right route to take, then you’ll have to hire a contractor to build it. But there are a lot of different construction companies out there, so how to you go about picking the right one for you?

Do Your Research

Whenever you plan on making any significant purchase, chances are you don’t just go out and buy the first thing you see. You take your time and search for a good deal on a good product. Unless you are rich, going out and throwing away thousands of Rupees on the first thing you see is an excellent way to hurt yourself in the long run. So like buying a car or house, picking a building contractor requires research. According to Money Control, doing a background and reputation check on the contractors you’ve selected is highly suggested. Find a list of their previous projects. Checking what they’ve already built can tell you whether they did a proper job or their work was shabby. While doing that, try to get ahold of previous clients. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and the opinions of people who have previously hired them can give you a good picture of their reliability. Don’t ever just take the word of the builder; look for second opinions and sources to find out which company will do the best. Real estate companies like the Unitech Group can be a good source of information on local contractors as well.

Designs and Plans

When picking a builder for your dream home, you’re going to end up spending some serious time looking at design plans. You will undoubtedly have a list of everything you want in the house, such as what materials you want used, what the layout of the rooms will look like, and so on. You should get each contractor you’re interviewing to draw up some blueprints for the house for you to inspect. You’ll have to compare the features and designs across all the plans while also looking at the cost each builder estimates. According to Window 2 India, it’s incredibly important that you make sure the builders get their plans approved by the local government. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of hiring a contractor and getting the house built to find out the municipal government didn’t agree to the plans and you don’t have access to water or electricity.


Arguably the most important part to keep in mind when picking a builder is the price. You could find the best contractor in India with the best blueprints possible, but if their price is beyond your budget, you’re out of luck. You should also keep in mind the chance that the contractor is trying to cheat you. That’s where it’s important to look at the price quoted for the plans as well as whatever prices the company might advertise, states I Love India. A proper builder will give you a breakdown of the price they show you. Raw materials, labor, equipment rental and anything else like that should be laid out in a full breakdown so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Pacifica Companies warns against picking a contractor based solely upon their advertising or their price bid. Picking the right contractor for you will require some time and effort. You need to take into account all aspects of the project. You’ll have to compare blueprints, price bids, previous workmanship, estimated construction time and so on. Picking a builder based upon one particular criterion will most likely land you in some serious trouble at some point down the road. The decision will not be an easy one. You should definitely take your time and think about what you want, how much you’re willing to spend, and how long you want everything to take. Buying a house is a huge investment, but building one is even bigger and you don’t want to end up in a big financial hole because you didn’t take the time to find a good builder.

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