Innovative Startup: adRise TV-like advertising platform for connected devices

With set-top boxes quickly becoming a preferred way for people to watch TV shows and movies, you’d think there would be better solutions for advertisers.

New startup AdRise launched an advertising platform few month’s back for set-top boxes and other connected devices (including Internet-connected TVs and video applications for tablets).

AdRise’s ad platform offers clients both ad targeting and analytics that aim to provide as much value as traditional Neilsen ratings, the company says. The ads on its platform can also be tracked across a number of different connected devices, including Google TV, Boxee, Roku and Samsung connected televisions.

“TV advertising is far more effective than online advertising because it’s more engaging, but it isn’t as measurable and accountable,” said AdRise founder and CEO Farhad Massoudi. “What AdRise is trying to do is combine the best of both worlds by delivering a TV ad experience on a full screen with all the interactivity and measuring ability of online ads.”

AdRise’s clients include Anime TV and Classical TV — both of which have channels on the Roku set-top box.

Founded in December 2010, the San Francisco-based startup currently has three employees. The company has received a single, undisclosed round of angel funding.

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Samsung's 3D VOD service Is Available For Free In UAE , integrates Social TV functionality

Samsung recently announced that its new 3D Video-on-Demand service is available for free via its SMART TV platform, for users in the UAE. The service will allow users to stream free 3D content through a specially designed SMART TV app, called Explore 3D. At this point of time there are 41 3D videos available, by the end of 2011 it is expected to be 70.

To access Samsung’s Video-on-Demand service, consumers with 3D SMART TVs will simply need to download the Explore 3D App from Samsung Apps, the first and biggest app store available for TVs.

Samsung SMART TV offers an easy–to-use Smart Hub that opens up content from Apps, the internet and other access points to the TV. Using the ‘Search All’ function, consumers can search for content on not just the television, but across the internet and on any connected storage, PC or mobile device within the home network.

Users can also chat about the latest must-watch show through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk. The ‘Social TV‘ function will allow them to simultaneously watch shows on split screen whilst chatting with friends. Additionally, Samsung’s SMART TVs allow viewers to easily browse the internet while watching TV on a service that is optimized for TV.

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