5 Golden Rules for a Good Website Design

Rules for a Good Website Design

A well designed website can be a great sales tool for small businesses. Many small companies don’t realize the importance of a user-friendly website. It’s crucial for small businesses to keep up with shifts in consumer behaviour and developments on the technology front. There’s a lot to consider when building a website, but here are a few of the golden rules of good web design every website development company should follow.

1. Mobile friendly

Your website should be built for mobile. Most of the search is happening through mobile and it’s only going to increase. This is even more important now, as Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than sites that are not optimized for smartphones. The key is to have responsive design, which means the site detects the visitor’s screen size whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop and changes the layout accordingly. With over 20% of Google searches now done on a mobile, it’s increasingly important that sites are responsive on mobile devices.

2. User experience

Whether someone is visiting your website from a mobile device or a desktop, the website should communicate the messaging as clearly and quickly as possible. To accomplish that an effective homepage that also serves as a one-stop shop, so the user finds whatever he or she came to look for in a matter of seconds. Every page should be linked to every other page to make sure the user is never lost and always has somewhere to go. Your website should be user-centric; tailored to meet the needs of those who visit it and presented in a way that is appropriate to them. Web design should first and foremost be concerned with enhancing the user experience.

3. Design

One of the essentials of search engine optimization is to make sure your website is clear about the products and services you offer. Use and repeat keywords that your clients are more likely to search and that are relevant in your content. A website that’s fast to load is also good for SEO and for the customer experience. All the images on the website should be optimized and they shouldn’t be big in size. If your site is slow, users will leave your site and go somewhere else. Many small business owners think there’s a magic formula for SEO, or that you have to somehow “trick” Google, but that’s not the case. The reality is, if you’re doing what’s best for the user, then Google is going to love you, because Google is all about a good user experience. One common mistake people often make when doing web design is using a heading and title structure because of the way it looks, rather than how it’s supposed to function.

4. Color schemes

You have to be very careful while choosing the colors for your website. Pick just 2 colors, in addition to black or dark gray for your text and white for your background. The primary color you choose will show up in your logo, banner, headlines, links, and design elements; while the secondary color should be used for the things you want to really stand out, eg buttons like add to cart, buy now, instant access, get started. Use your secondary color sparingly so as not to dilute its punch. Choose colors that represent your company personality and appeal to your target audience or at least won’t turn them off.

5. Removing barriers

Often when you click on a site, and before you can blink, you’re being asked for your name and email address so that they can send you daily updates on everything. These unwanted pop-ups can feel rather like you’re getting mugged on the internet. It’s more polite to ask whether people want to buy what you’re selling, rather than pushing it down their throats. Some larger sites that have been tried and tested might be able to get away with it, but for smaller sites an intrusive pop-up is not a good idea.

To conclude,

Your website is the first impression that many consumers will have of your company. Use the above mentioned tips to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Darshan Patel is a Lead SEO Analyst & Storyteller at Nimblechapps – The coolest game development company and iPhone application company. He believes in using a variety of strategy to create business’s online presence that delight and deliver.

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