Oombrella – The New Connected Umbrella in the Block


Well, let us begin with some common experiences that almost every one of us has been through. How many times you forgot to take your umbrella or just catch the umbrella when getting off the bus? Yes, we all forget umbrella when the rain stops and we also forget umbrella sometimes even though there is strong prediction of rain in the weather report.

Oombrella, the new digital umbrella has come up to take care of these silly forgetting that often make people wet from the sudden downpour. There are number of ways Oombrella will help you stay connected as well. After digital pants, backpack, smart watch (it’s pretty old already, nah?), it is the turn of our good old umbrella to go digital.

It is hip to use Oombrella, says the Kickstarter

While things are increasingly connected these days, a connected umbrella is not a surprise in that sense. Oombrella offers a digitally equipped parasol allowing alerts for rain or so to say, weather condition in its entirety. It also reminds you when you have left it behind or about to do so. Sounds impressive? Ok, it does not come cheap as far as the price tag in Kickstarter is concerned which is $75 (€64) presently. The French entrepreneur behind this connected umbrella Clement Guillot and many backers so far found impressive enough to grab worldwide attention. Many who laid their hands on the Oombrella for the first time found it really charming and thoroughly interesting. While connected tech will only grow allowing more gadgets and useful objects sharing information, Oombrella shows a way how daily life objects can be put into the digital context.

You are always updated for the upcoming rain


There would hardly be a person who did not wet in the rain just because he or she could not determine the chances of downpour. Thanks to Oombrella now we all can rightly predict and never need to be intimidated. Oombrella is already backed by a weather platform named Wezzoo that has more than 200,000 users on its fold. Oombrella and this weather app belong to the same company. This weather app is capable to give you warning for the upcoming rain about 15 minutes prior to it. Oombrella is nothing but the connected umbrella that will work in collaboration with this weather app on your smartphone. While until today the app used to send you warning messages about rain so that you can grab the umbrella before going out, with the new Oombrella it would be even easier.

We have already learned from the team behind Oombrella that it will send notification messages via a smartphone app. Moreover, it has been announced that those who buy an Oombrella will be allowed to access Wezzoo which will serve as the user community of the connected umbrella. This will also allow Wezzoo Members real time sharing of hyper-local weather information. This will have another implication for many users. If the community gets bigger in an area, users can get accurate and precise weather reporting and predictions.

It is your friend in all weather conditions

Besides giving you alert on rain or giving you alarm message on forgetting your umbrella, it does quite a few things. It is no less than a mini weather station that can accurately predict all weather conditions with sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity and light. These sensors can communicate with the connected smartphone app through Bluetooth LE allowing a wide variety of functions. Oombrella thanks to these sensors can collect all weather data on the move corresponding to temperature, pressure and light.

Moreover, it has an overhead screw allowing you to attach a GoPro lens for 360 degree photography. The new connected umbrella has been built robust to take care of very windy conditions. As per the company, the Kevlar made ribs of Oombrella can even withstand extremely harsh rainstorms, snowstorms and even hailstorms. Coming packed with a waterproof UV resistant canopy, ergonomic handle and ultra tough ribs, the umbrella can be the perfect accompany in harsh weather conditions.

Forgetting your Oombrella in the restaurant is practically impossible

Thanks to this connected umbrella you practically cannot leave behind in public places. The “forget me not” feature of Oombrella will ensure this by sending you notification when you leave the umbrella behind. With the in-built GPS tracker inside it readily realizes that the owner of the umbrella left it behind and sends push messages automatically so that you can come back and grab it. Moreover, as the umbrella remains connected through the robust Wezzoo community, the lost Oombrellas are easily found by tallying the last-seen data with the location data of the Wezzoo community. Besides GPS tracker the connected community of the app will prevent losing your umbrella wherever you are.

Style, material and price

Oombrella is offered in classic style with about 3.1 feet length and a curved handle. There is also a Portable version with 0.8 feet length and straight handle. The Oombrella capsule, the tiny digital device that is behind the connectedness of the umbrella can also be bought separately. So, it shows by installing the capsule in your regular umbrella you can practically convert it into a smart umbrella similar to Oombrella.

Oombrella material-wise offers solid things to worth the price. The Kevlar ribs ensure optimum wind resistance and there is tough yet fashionably shiny canopy. On top of the umbrella there is a camera screw to work as a pole for your GoPro lens or just as selfie pole. While weather resistant umbrellas in the market costs somewhere around $30 the price Oombrella seem to take the price for he connected capsule attached inside which can be bought separately for only €29. An early-bird price for the product is set at €59 ($66). Oombrella comes in three different designs, respectively as white, black and shiny. With solid specs, strength and robust connectivity features Oombrella seems to go a long way as the only properly connected umbrella on earth.

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