Moto 360 2nd Generation – Sleeker and Smarter Watch of this Generation

Moto 360 2

The primary purpose of watches has always been to tell the time. Watches have now become smart since they now house little computers within them. They were used as a fashion statement too. The demand for smartwatches has not really caught up wind. That might change with the second generation Moto 360 which has looks and features that are just incredible to own.

With its boxy designs and gears, it looks tremendously attractive and expected to be quite handy in many ways. It does feel great to have a smaller device on your hand and without any hassle. The trends are on for wider smartwatches and hence the retro feel of the Moto 360 is something to root for.

The Colour Options and its External Attributes

Moto 360 2 Color

With the new Moto 360 2, one can pick from three bezel colors of silver, gold or black. One can even buy two types of straps – leather and steel. One can add multiple watch band colors since they are easy to strap.

  • It is super light and is not of extreme size.
  • Although the size is average for most, those with small wrists, might feel that the Moto 360’s size to be a deterrent.
  • In comparison though, Moto 360 2 offers special models for men of 46 mm and a 42 mm one that is gender neutral.

Motorola now sports a circular watch face and the “flat tyre” impression to make it trendier. Because of this dual design, it looks like the real watches.

Battery Performance, Display and Processor

The battery performance with a timeline of 1.5 days without using ambient display deserves a special bonus point. It is polished and flexible too for accommodating swipes and taps with multiple uses. Android Wear smartwatches like this model support Wi-Fi. One should switch off Bluetooth all day or else the smartwatch would not work for longer periods of time.

It also has a Gorilla Glass display and is IP67 certified which means it can survive in dust and water too. The company has given importance to its durability. Beneath the watch they have fitted a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad processor and 4 GB of storage space.

Android Wear in Moto 360

It runs on Android Wear OS which is compatible with iPhone too. Android Wear is genuinely useful to many buyers. As the fast paced world demands our responses in a trice, one can pick up or dismiss or even ignore a call with just a swipe on the wrist.

Tap on a widget to view last calls, missed calls, notifications, and feeds. It also shows us the weather so far and keeps a close check on how many steps we have taken, or how many pulses are beating to check on the heart rate. With the feature of “hangouts “in its improved version, sending messages now is too simple.

Some of the apps which are available for download are Moto Body that helps monitor heart rate, the number of steps walked and calories burned by oneself. With music apps, music is quite easy to download and played without use of a smartphone everywhere.

The Charging Process and Commands

The charging process of this smartwatch is impressive as it can be easily charged wirelessly with the help of a dock. You can select the color of the charging display in dock mode through the Moto Connect app. It is a rather cute piece of hardware and the visual signifying that the Moto 360 2 is charging looks futuristic.

Moto 360 2nd gen runs on a Snapdragon 400 where the dual microphones are quite attentive and ready to listen to basic commands.

The Final Verdict

Motorola has churned out a gem of the smartwatch and one can now say that the quality of the smartwatch display is getting to match Apple and Samsung screens which are nearly the best in the market. The backlit LCD is not easy to use for starters but the neat and tidy bundled accessory really lets users to build charging with the night slumber.

But one should ponder upon whether this updated device is really relevant as we are in 2016. Maybe this is the right smartwatch and might prove to be better every day. It has its best product till date and nothing has delivered in the modern age and its edge-to-edge look like the Moto has pulled up with more style to the smartwatch.

With a 320mAh battery in the smartwatch, about 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage space, Moto 360 2 is the second generation of a lesser priced version.

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