CES 2016 : What can One Expect to Witness During the Event

CES 2016

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is expected to be a hotspot for introducing new technologies in the realm of robotics, wearables, and even IoT.

Several technologists descend to CES in January to check out meaningful breakthrough tech innovations. The event is produced by the Consumer Technology Association, and 20,000 new products are expected to appear at the 2016 show. More than 3,600 exhibitors lined up at the preview event held in New York recently.

The robotics exhibit space will have 22 exhibitors, while automotive exhibits have increased by 25% for the next year, with 100 companies and nine automakers exhibiting their innovations.

Here are some products that will take the floor at CES 2016 as per the latest updates:

1) LifeSite

LifeSite provides secure storage for personal information through its Vault. The Web-based tool and app will help users to store sensitive data including financial records, legal documents, contacts and passwords. The data will be protected by permission-based sharing and document encryption. It also has secure storage solutions and options for the enterprise.

2) Quell

Quell, from NeuroMetrix, is a wearable band that can provide drug-free pain relief with the help of a new technology called wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS). Those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, and Sciatica will find the gadget useful.

The band helps in stimulating sensory nerves that carry pulses to the brain, triggering a natural response blocking all pain signals within the body. Therapy sessions are also provided on an hourly basis. The band can be connected to the smartphone for tracking therapy sessions, its control features, sleep quality monitoring, and to store data on HealthCloud.

3) IonVR

IonVR is a terrific mobile virtual reality headset that depends on the smartphone for its display. The screen size should exceed 4.5 inches and should be based on the iOS or Android platform only.

It runs on MotionSync Technology that addresses virtual reality sickness with a seamless virtual reality experience. It includes a modular system to connect to the phone and the modules can be replaced when connecting to new devices.

The gadget also has gaming, entertainment, and live sports options as part of its applications showcase. There are enterprise apps for medical, PR, and real estate too.

4) Adidas SmartRun

Adidas revealed its SmartRun watch along with its Smart Ball gadget. The SmartRun retails for $300, which helps runners with real-time coaching through its miCoach training plans. It also has a continuous heart rate monitor, efficient GPS for recording the running speed and distance, complete workout review, wireless music player, and the like. It boasts of about eight hours of battery life in normal use and four hours of battery life with the continuous coaching and music in the background.

The Smart Ball on the other hand is a soccer ball that includes integrated sensors that tracks the speed, spin, the shot trajectory, and its exact strike point. This gadget will be helpful for soccer coaches and players in the long run.

5) Sengled

Sengled uses “smart” light bulbs for making a connected home.

Every Sengled bulb has varying functionality within it. The Snap light bulb includes wireless HD camera for outdoor monitoring with ability to transfer videos to the cloud. The Boost bulb provides WiFi along with LED light to add connectivity. The Voice bulb on the other hand responds to your voice, notes appointments and sets reminders. One can send alerts if it detects smoke or a crying baby.

6) Skulpt

Skulpt creates fitness devices for monitoring muscle health through a technology called Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM). It measures electrical current flow in diverse directions and assesses muscle condition along with overall body fat percentage. One can view body “heat map” through the tool’s mobile app.

7) Oree

Oree is making tech tools that look natural. They are not like the average tech tools as it builds keyboards, useful wireless chargers, smartphone cases for different phones, and trackpads made of natural materials. It also makes other tech products, made of wood and leather.

8) Caseta

Caseta is a smart home devices company that lets users to remote control their smart homes with mobile devices. Its remote controls can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop for controlling light intensity. The Pico remote has a “favorite” button for recording and storing a favorite light setting. There are dimmable LEDs and other light bulbs available from the company too.

9) Klaxoon

Klaxoon provides a new means of communications for several and diverse groups of people, in the workplace especially. The cross-platform tool is compatible with different mobile platforms too. It helps in making group communications more interactive. One can boost engagement through activities such as surveys, challenges, quizzes, or live messaging. One can even launch a survey to determine the message of the content and the number of people who agree with it.

It can control group activity of about 40 participants. One can access group content remotely without connecting to the web. With Klaxoon Cloud, nearly 1,000 participants can connect at a time.

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