Slots game industry goes mobile, sees exciting growth around the world

The online and mobile slots game  industry has seen tremendous growth in last few years. Despite a minor hiccup in 2009 when the global economy suffered, the Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry has fared well in the past five years. Strong growth will continue as more casinos open in China and other Asian countries. Established markets have reached maturity and have less room for revenue growth, new markets will open up and increase access to gaming activities.

The Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry has a low level of market share concentration. In 2014, the top four players account for an estimated 14.0% of industry revenue. This is mainly due to the geographically diverse nature of the industry, as well as the increasingly diverse range of products that have come to market with the introduction of online gambling. Within certain locals – for example in Macau and Singapore – the industry is concentrated among just a few players, mainly due to the strict regulatory framework the industry is governed by. Industry concentration is increasing, particularly among mega-casino operators that have been successful in expanding into Macau where the industry is growing quickly.

With the growth of smart phones; more and more app developers are now making slot games on mobile, this industry is definitely booming and accessing and playing the games on mobile is definitely going to explode. The user experience has also become much better on mobiles and the playing time has also increased manifold. The industry sees lot of growth potential around the world.

Another opportunity of growth for slots game is going Social. With FB,Twitter growing fast across the world, playing on social networks will see lot of engagement.

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