iPhone 6: It’s Finally In Sight – We Think!

Iphone 6

Don’t tell anyone but rumour has it the iPhone 6 is going into production in China.

Of course you don’t need to tell anyone because the whole world probably now knows. It’s one of the most highly anticipated releases of all time, and it’s expected to finally hit the shelves in mid-September.

September 19th to be precise. And whilst we’re all extremely excited by the release, what do we actually expect? Bloggers, experts, and well pretty much everyone have conflicting stories as to what’s going to be going on inside the next-gen Apple.

We’ve seen plenty of mock-ups, and heard plenty more rumours, so we think it’s about time to give a conclusive round-up to figure out exactly what we’re going to get this autumn.

Two Sizes

It seems pretty certain that Apple is going to tap into the phablet market, managing to squeeze a size in between the iPhone and iPad Mini. A 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch device is expected to drop, competing with the larger phones such as the Samsung Galaxy range, as we continually ask our devices to do more and more for us.

Improved Battery Life

If there’s been one criticism of Apple’s range over the last few years, it’s the battery life. Draining quicker than a sieve, it’s been impossible to spend hours on the likes of Football Manager or long sessions in Royal Vegas Canada, but with a new A8 processor, expecting to focus more on being more efficient than the A7 rather than faster we could see the problem finally solved.

Shock Proof Housing

Smashing your phone running down stairs or in a bar after one too many in the pub could be a thing of the past with liquidmetal and sapphire casing. And it’ll be certainly welcomed. Although that’s not all Apple may have up their sleeve. The California based brand is also exploring other ways to toughen up their devices, which could find their way into the 6.

A shock-absorbing bit of kit is also being discussed to be put into the next iPhone’s insides to reduce damage and keep their devices crack free.

The iWatch

Talked about more than a twerking Miley Cyrus, the iWatch is hot on the agenda and could see its release coincide with the next-gen iPhone. Wearable technology has already been introduced by Samsung and a host of other brands so Apple will want to try and corner the market sooner rather than later.

Whilst experts are suggesting it will work as a standalone device, plenty will be encouraged to sync up with smartphones and tablets, with the 6 the likely partner to walk hand in hand with it. Whether they will both come out at the same time, it’s unsure, but one thing is for certain; September can’t come around quick enough.

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