India's Cell Phone Market is driven by India made phones

India’s cell phone market has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years. With cheap Chinese handsets (Smart phones) entering the Indian market has eaten up the market share from Samsung,NOKIA. Some of the best cell phones in India have been launched by the rising star Indian brands like Micromax, Karbonn, LAVA & Intex. The Indian consumers are now getting more inclined towards buying the cheap Indian cell phone brands as compared to the global brands like Samsung, Apple , Blackberry, Nokia.

Some of the latest handsets introduced in the Indian market today by top Indian cell phone manufacturer Micromax is the Canvas series and Titanium series by Karbonn. Samsung had launched their top of the line S4 series and Apple’s Iphone 5S recently competes with the Indian brands. This year Micromax and Karbonn are planning to introduce a number of low cost smart phones, which will definitely take the market in a big way.

From a promotion and branding perspective the Indian brands are giving their international counterparts a run for their money by bringing in some top celebrities to drive the brands. Micromax recently signed up Hollywood super star Hugh Jackman as their brand ambassador. With this Indian brands are projecting themselves as a global brand and not cheap phone brands.

Micromax and Karbonn are planning to start manufacturing their devices in India in the recent future. Indian consumers aren’t aware of a drawback to purchasing Indian phones. The Indian phones unfortunately works only in India and the Indian sub-continent, if a user is roaming  internationally in locations such as US ,Europe or Middle East, these phones won’t work. Indian handset OEM’s should try and solve this issue soon, as then eventually their handsets can be sold overseas. With time we will see a lot of focus on building the devices within India and not import the parts from China, which increases the duty of the imported parts and is passed on to the consumers.

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