Digital Advertising Strategy A Must For Every Brand Today

The history of advertising dates back to 4000BC with rock art paintings. In the last few decades major advertising was focussed on print, billboards, TV and now with internet speeds becoming faster and access mediums increasing, advertising focus has moved to the digital medium. More and more advertisers are today moving into the online medium. It makes sense with trillions of websites , billions of mobile devices , huge volumes of emails getting exchanged, target audiences are continuously accessing these mediums makes it even for attractive for advertisers.

If you are serious about advertising online today , you should look at an agency or an advertising network where you will get lot of opportunities to reach out to your target audience. It is not only about the reach but also cost wise it is much more cheaper as compared to a print , TV or a radio advertisement. Also from a footfall’s perspective online advertising generates much more footfalls then any medium and also it is not limited to any geography.

So for every brand or organization today online advertising strategy is a must. What are the various options for an advertiser today in the online space ? Well there are many . An advertiser can look at using display ads, Google ads, search marketing strategy, email advertising, affiliate marketing and then social media advertising. With Facebook dominating the social space, the CTR response is much higher. If you are planning to do a video based advertising campaign then Youtube is the best site. Twitter advertising in the form of 140 character Tweets is also gaining popularity today. Mobile advertising in the form of banner adverts, or in-app advertising has also gained lot of traction in recent years with lot of smart phones and tablets in the market and more and more users are moving online through their phones.

Eventually it is all about the Return on Investment (ROI) and today Online advertising is the best cost effective medium for every advertiser.

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