UC Browser Releases Version 9.3 for Android Platform

uc-browserYesterday UCWeb unveiled UC Browser 9.3 for Android Platform. The latest UC Browser comes with Smart Download capability in addition to new add-ons, multiple features and easy to use interface.  UC Browser 9.3 for Android aims at relieving users from all the anxiety and situation of seeing a mobile download process get interrupted and restarted all over again. With the new Smart Download capability of UC Browser V9.3, users can expect a seamless and faster download experience.

Highlights of UC Browser 9.3 for Android

Smart Reconnection : You no longer have to check your downloads every minute just in case it gets interrupted. Smart Reconnection automatically resumes interrupted download tasks, providing you with a seamless downloading experience.

Smart Preview: To make sure that the correct files are being downloaded, UC Browser is now equipped with Smart Preview that allows you to get a sneak peek of videos even while the download is still in progress.

Smart Manager: With a new and improved download manager, UC Browser provides you with a more user-friendly interface that makes file organization as easy as one, two, three! This advanced technology, backed with an improved user interface, is made to solve common issues that you encounter while downloading such as intermittent internet connection and mislabelled files.

In addition, UC Browser 9.3 for Android also launched several new add-ons for users to enhance their browser.

QR Code Generator:  With the QR Code Generator, you can create a QR Code for the URL you are visiting, and share it with friends instantly via social networks.

Gestures: This feature allows you to customize gestures to trigger particular actions. Additionally, you can add your favorite site addresses as gestures and draw these gestures to visit these sites instantly.

Browse Faster: The Browse Faster add-on can clean up your phone memory and make browsing faster with just one click.

Private Bookmarks: Private Bookmarks is a bookmark folder which no one can access unless they know the password. It is a safe box for your personal stuff.

UC Browser 9.3 for Android also comes with upgraded Facebook Uploader and Translator which are already among the most downloaded add-ons.

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