UCWeb Releases UC Browser version 3.1 for Windows Phone

uc-browserMobile internet software and services UCWeb today released UC Browser 3.1 for Windows Phone with a bunch of enhancements. UC Browser has risen to become the No.1 browser on WP store, receiving over 11,000 highly rated reviews from Indian users alone. Now, the latest version is available for download on the WP Store (for both WP8 and 7.x).

UC Browser’s unique features make it the most popular alternative to default IE browser on Windows Phones. This latest update comes with multiple enhancements including easy-to-use interface and cloud acceleration technology as well as a number of advanced features like sharing, smart download, speed mode, multi-tabs management, UI customization, to name a few.

Commenting on the occasion, Kenny Ye, Managing Director of UCWeb India, said “A dedicated WP team was set up for early R&D and right after Nokia unveiled Lumia 800 as early as 2011, UC browser version 1.0 for WP was successfully released. We are proud to say that we deliver the best browsing experience on WP platform.”

Some key highlights of UC Browser for WP are:

  • Allows greater sharing: UC Browser enables you to share images via ANY apps on your Windows Phone that support photo-sharing. Long press on any image you come across, and select “Share Image” to experience the lovely fun of sharing!
  • Allows you to enjoy music while browsing: This feature makes playing downloaded music while browsing possible, even though the screen is locked.
  • Provides a great user experience: UC Browser is fast and easy to use. Its cloud acceleration and data compression technology, reduces data consumption and loads web content much faster. It supports more Gestures than IE does, for instance, swipe right to go back a page or left to go forward instantly without refreshing the web content – the simple gestures not only save your time and data, but also deliver great interactive experience. The action bar provides quick access to Multi-tab Management and Homepage, which also satisfies your appetite for speed and convenience.
  • Smart Download: With Smart Download feature you can download files of various formats, and pause and resume the downloads as per requirement. In other words, it turns your cell phone into a smart and powerful download tool.
  • Allows Multi-tab Management : While IE browser allows only a maximum of 6 tabs, the UC Browser can open up to 9 tabs at the same time, with the ability of swiping to close.
  • Highly Customizable : You can personalize the Speed Dial, pick a Font for webpages, as well as change the background and skin by selecting pictures from UC Theme Center or your storage. It also offers flexible browsing modes to cater for individual preferences and different environments.

Additionally, the Night Mode feature can reduce the screen brightness and ensure your eyes don’t hurt; Speed Mode lets you surf at super speed without waiting, and Incognito Browsing allows you browse in stealth without being recorded. By entering Visit as PC mode, you can experience the full features of webpages as if on a PC. On the contrary, Text-only Browsing strips annoying content like ads, images,etc., and turn your phone into a complete e-reader.

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