Big Bazaar Direct powered by Iksula goes live in 5 new cities

iksulaIksula  an e-commerce solutions provider that offers high quality and cost effective  solutions  exclusively  to  online  retailers  (B2C  and  B2B) has become the exclusive technology partner of Future Group for Big Bazaar Direct which is going live in five cities tomorrow i.e 5th Septembe,r  the new retail format launched by Future Group to provide the end customer with a personal shopping experience..  Iksula has  designed  and developed a scalable and robust technology platform to power B2C websites of Future Group and also Big Bazaar Direct platform.

Along with the Future Group’s B2C websites, Iksula has also designed and developed the Big Bazaar Direct Android application. This Android application will enable the Big Bazaar Direct franchises to book pre-paid orders for customers via mobile or even a tablet. As technology partner,

Iksula has also proposed to fulfil the needs of this project by performing tasks like consulting, ecommerce platform installation, configuration and enhancements, centralized order, catalog and customer management, SAP integration as well as support and maintenance.

Talking about the robust technology platform that Iksula has developed, Somokanta Sharma, Head of Technology at Iksula says, “It was an entirely new concept, no similar case study ever existed so everything  from  the  conceptualisation  phase  to  implementation  was  a  thorough  and  cautious approach. We did a pilot launch in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra which was a great learning experience for us. Both tactical & business unknown aspect were identified and quickly filled in. Based on the outcome, we are confident on going PAN India.”

The Big Bazaar Direct initiative will empower a network of franchises which includes individuals and grocery stores to sign up and make a deposit that will get reflected in their e-wallet. The franchises will be able to use this e-wallet money to book orders for the end customer in exchange for cash. The franchise will be able to earn a commission for every booked item which will be delivered at the customer’s doorstep by Big Bazaar. This initiative will prove to be a source of additional  income  for  the  franchise.  The  Future  Group  has  also  implemented  a  multi-site architecture  which  will  empower  its  B2C  e-commerce  stores  such  as,,, and so on. This will enable Future Group to add more new stores with minimal effort.

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