WizIQ Launches India's First Massive Open Online Course On Vedic Maths

wiz-iqOnline education portal WizIQ has announced the launch of India’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), commencing on October 7, 2013. The course will be offered free of cost and will open the doors of Vedic Math to learners that will enable them perform calculations 10-15 times faster than the normal mathematics.

The online course will be conducted by Gaurav Tekriwal, the Founder and President of Vedic Math Forum India. An educator and a noted TEDx speaker, Gaurav and his associates have presented Vedic Math to many prestigious universities and institutions.

The MOOC will be delivered with the help of high quality videos, documents, tests and 5 live online classes by Gaurav Tekriwal. The live online classes will be delivered via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Learners will have access to all the recordings of these classes and videos. They will also have the opportunity to interact with their peers in the course.

This course, designed for all age groups aims to enable users to calculate faster to improve their academic performance and increase problem solving aptitude. Even the candidates aspiring for standardized tests like Bank PO, IAS, CAT, ISEET, AP Exams will be able to find square roots and cube roots in just 3 seconds, perform multiplications in 5 seconds, learn divisibility rules for every number in the number system, speed up concepts of Geometry, and more with Vedic System.

According to Mr. Tekriwal, by the end of the 5-day course, learners will have a clear understanding of tips and tricks of Vedic Mathematics and, will never solve mathematical problems in the same way again.

Candidates can enroll or find details about the MOOC on its website or they can email to courses@wiziq.com for more information.

Besides this, the course also has a paid certificate track for students and teachers looking to advance their mathematical problem solving techniques.

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