Mobile Devices Driving the Growth Of

olxMobile devices has been the key driver for the growth of online free classified portal, according to a company statement. The website crossed 500 million page views in July, 2013. The mobile traffic for the website has grown from just 5 per cent of overall traffic in January 2012 to now 52 per cent of overall traffic in July 2013. Besides this, as per the statement, OLX mobile apps have exceeded 3.2 million app downloads in India, and is amongst the top ranked and rated apps across all mobile app stores.

Commenting on this, CEO Amarjit Batra said,”We have penetrated not only the big towns but all the small towns too. All over India … it’s gratifying to have been able to have built such a loyal base of users and strong brand equity across all India in a short span of two years. Our market developments efforts over the last two years have paid off handsomely, with our brand awareness and recall being almost four times of our closest competitor.”

Amongst all the countries that OLX is present in, OLX India has been one of the best performing sites. The company, backed by South Africa-based multinational media company Naspers, claimed that it has taken a winning position in India online classifieds with 60 per cent market share.

Some of the top categories on comprise of personal used goods like mobiles, computers, electronics, furniture, general household goods, cars and bikes, accounting for around 70 per cent of the new ads being listed. Whats more, around 92 per cent of sellers in these categories are individuals.

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