Mobile Game Review: Bingo Find -The Words

Bingo Find

A newer way to enjoy bingo

In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that two bingo halls have closed each month since 2007, according to a report by the UK Bingo Association. It also added that the land-based card game lost more than half of its five million players in just five years. The decline in the number of attendees at bingo halls was something that was expected by the public. However, nobody expected it to decrease that fast. Many operators think that what accelerated traditional bingo’s downfall is the surge of its online counterparts.
With the availability of the game on mobile devices, there’s no need for players to travel to bingo halls. Right in their homes, they can play their favorite games and win cash prizes. Younger players also get fascinated by online bingo because of the great graphics and social features. Aside from these factors, what makes online bingo an instant hit is the wide selection of game types. The game developers’ ability to put an interesting twist to the century-old card game is what gives online bingo an edge over
traditional games. One of the upcoming games that doesn’t follow the usual bingo gameplay but was still able to attract a solid number of players successfully is BingoFind: The Words.

Instead of using numbered cards, this title uses words. If the usual bingo games rely on luck, at BingoFind: The Words, your grammar and vocabulary will be put to the test. BingoFind: The Words is a word puzzle game that requires players to search as many words as they can on a bingo card filled with different letters. Letters are displayed on different grid sizes to make the game more challenging. Although BingoFind: The Words does not offer real-money games, its mind-enhancing nature is enough to keep players coming back. In fact, you can challenge your buddies at to test their vocabulary skills and bingo prowess at the same time. Players who want to learn more words will definitely have a great time from playing this game. Bingo enthusiasts can download BingoFind: The Words on Google Play for free. Bingo Find: The Words is just one of many bingo versions that reinvented the game. Still, this doesn’t mean that online bingo is more fun than its land-based counterparts. Traditional bingo halls can still attract players, all they need to do is add fun variation to their games, just like what Bingo F­ind did.

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