ixigo.com Launches “ixigo PNR status”Application For Android

ixigoTravel search engine ixigo.com has launched an innovative mobile application “ixigo PNR status” that enables automated management of all train and flight trips along-with intelligent alerts and notifications for status changes. This first-of-its-kind intuitive application has been launched for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The app supports Indian Railway (IRCTC) trains and all ex-India flight PNRs and their statuses.

Some key features of ixigo PNR status app are:

  • Automated PNR discovery – This application automatically reads the PNR confirmation SMS sent by the airline or train and uses it to automatically to update its “my trips” list
  • Reviewing PNR status alerts: Once the app reads the sms residing in the same mobile set, it starts sending out regular PNR status alerts (RAC to confirmed, cancellations etc.) on real time basis
  • Sending train and flight delay alerts: Intimates passengers about flight delays and train delays a few hours in advance so that they can plan accordingly
  • Sending flight web check-in alerts – The app alerts users to notify the opening of web check-in for flights
  • Paperless boarding for trains and airplanes: Environmental friendly application takes out the need to print tickets. Specially useful at the airport gate and for showing your PNR confirmation to the TTE on trains
  • Ability to track all trips at one place: Enables easy management of all your trips and PNRs with a single view

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Rajnish Kumar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder, ixigo.com said, “We are breaking new ground with the ixigo PNR status app. It works like magic to read, manage and notify everything important related to one’s flight or train trip. All you need to do is to install the app and ensure you get SMS confirmations for trains and flights on your phone. We’ll take care of the rest!”

[Source: Business Wire India]

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