The Indian Digital Advertising Landscape – An Infographic by SVG Media

svg-mediaIn an attempt to demystify the complex structure of the digital advertising industry in India, SVG Media has created and released the Indian digital advertising landscape. The landscape maps the digital advertising industry in India, its layers of operations, players in each category, the flow of funds and services.

Inspired by LUMAscape (developed by the LUMA Partners globally), the Indian landscape pictorially represents the digital advertising eco-system and gives a bird’s eye view of the leading players and the service providers.  It carefully maps a few players in each segment of the digital advertising industry such as:  agencies (360 degree solutions provider, creative, SEO, search, social and mobile), Demand-Side Platforms, Retargeting networks, measurement and analytics firms, search/social and email marketing platforms, ad-exchanges, Data Management Platforms, Data suppliers and aggregators, ad- networks (horizontal, rich media, mobile, performance, vertical representation), Publishers (vertical, social and horizontal), Supply Side Platforms, publisher tools, ad-servers etc.

The Indian digital advertising landscape is intended to serve as a reference point for those trying to comprehend the jargon associated with the digital advertising world and ad technology. Every category in the Indian digital advertising landscape has been mapped as per its relevance to India in order to give an indicative overview of the industry.
svg media


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