DGM India Announces the Launch of dgStream – The first-of-its kind video and content ad network

dgm-indiaDGM India today announced the launch of first-of-its kind video and content ad network, dgStream. dgStream will operate as a Video Supply Side Platform (SSP) that reaches and monetizes relevant audiences across 10,000+ websites. dgStream would run on DGM’s proprietary technology to deliver high impact video ads along with relevant video content.

Speaking on the launch, Anurag Gupta, MD, DGM India said, “Video is undoubtedly the next frontier in digital advertising. Users are consuming more and more video content on the internet. As per Comscore, March 2013 data users in India are consuming 431 minutes of Video every month and this is only slated to grow exponentially in times to come. dgStream is planning to leverage this opportunity by supplying content along with video ads to a large number of websites affiliated with dgm. We have collaborated with online content providers to source relevant video content across genres such as Bollywood, Music, Travel, News & Regional, Devotional etc. and provide it to our publisher partners along with relevant video ads in order to enhance viewer engagement.”

The benefits from dgStream are three-fold: the viewers benefit from topical/relevant video content served to them even when they are not actively seeking it, the advertisers benefit from an expanded video ad universe, as ad placement will be content driven and not website driven, the publishers benefit from availability of relevant video content across genres and deriving revenues from the same.

dgStream would enable an advertiser to reach audiences across websites and across platforms such as web, mobile, tablets, smartphones etc. and measure the impact/ROI by assessing the video ad views, clicks and interaction with their ads. DGM would also offer creative optimization and solutions to its clients to maximize deliveries. DGM’s cutting-edge technology enables clients to add additional ad specs such as location maps, product video and product feature display etc.

DGM’s proprietary technology is hosted on the cloud to generate faster response time. The ad server resides on Amazon and the delivery system works from Amazon CloudFront which allows to automatically route end users to the closest available location, thus ensuring the fastest delivery of content without any drop outs.


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